>Lost and Found

>Who? Me, of course! And there’s only one way to explain the long hiatus I took from blogging (my longest ever, I think) – an update post.

  • To cut a very long story short, I was caught in a social whirlwind. Between two weddings – my cousin’s and my very good friend’s, I lost track of my life! So instead of celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary on the 9th of this month, we were attending my cousin’s engagement in the day and our friend Nutsy’s cocktail at night. Why should I be complaining? The first half of the day I spent with my family and the second half with friends! Oh, and somewhere in-between I fit in an hour of dance practice for Nutsy’s sangeet ceremony. And oh again, I managed to cut four cakes as well that day, my favourite being the tiramisu cake I had ordered 🙂 And I assume by the sixth anniversary, gifts are mostly redundant, as was the case with us!

  • What else have I been upto? Well, a lot of dressing up, every single one of the last six days. Vanity is a flaw I admit to. I love looking good! And love getting compliments! And I want to know if there’s anyone who doesn’t! Weddings are such an opportune time to indulge in all this vanity without looking vain – one of the reasons why I can’t understand the case against the big fat Indian wedding. I wore a turqoise gota patti saree on one day, a creme georgette saree with badla work and brocade blouse on another, a Benarsi silk in shot colours on still another day.
  • But everything can’t be hunky dory. Nutsy’s cocktail was supposed to be an all youngsters’ thing – by youngsters we’ve now begun to mean people in their late 20s and early 30s – times change and how! Anyway, so I was saying it was supposed to be this rocking dance and daru party but somehow, a whole lot of oldies managed to gatecrash the party. No, they were invited there actually and it wasn’t till they left that the ‘youngsters’ let their hair down. Yours truly was the first on the dance floor!
  • My cousin’s wedding was such a fun family re-union! We’re a bunch of crazy people who love doing crazy stuff and it works out perfectly when we’re all together. Which is precisely why staying up all night for the pheras was so much fun! The groom’s father seemed a tad upset with all our giggling that so often broke into raucous laughter, but did we care?! Not a bit, especially since our moms were all part of the mischief. It runs in the family, this funniness, you know!
  • And you want to know how did our dance go? Fantabulous! We were four of us up on the stage doing our little desi gig and trust me, it wasn’t all that easy to hop, skip and jump in tune while wearing a pavada, which, you should know, I’m mentioning, because it was in gorgeous colours of fuchsia, turquoise and green.
  • So what have I learnt from this week of weddings? That there are some people even in India who are super punctual! The baraat at both the weddings reached so much on time that the guests were a little shocked. And let me add very proudly that I was on time for all the occasions!
  • The day reception for Nutsy’s wedding was such a great photo-op: the natural light, the lovely colours, the lazy winter afternoon. Perfect!
  • I wish I could share some pics I clicked and I clicked plenty on all the days! Of course, lugging around the camera in a saree at a wedding wasn’t all going to be easy, so I left mine behind for Nutsy’s wedding. But I had such a craving for my camera when I saw people clicking around me that I called for it from home! Am glad my photo fancy isn’t yet over.
  • I promise to go visit all my blogger friends on their blogs as soon as I go back to work 😀 It’s been a week since I went to office, you see.
  • And a big ‘thank you’ to everyone for their concern. I think I’ve finally bounced back. And if you want to know how, let me tell you it always helps to have a little conversation with God.

And I almost forgot to share this with you: I got interviewed! Yay! Please go read me here.


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  1. >I had so been missing reading your posts, your writing, so glad to have you back, and happier to know you have bounced back post depression. You must have really enjoyed the past week, the last time I had so much fun was ages and ages ago at my mama's wedding. And would indeed love to see some pics of these fun events, atleast the gorgeous outfits you have described…. pliss b kind 2 show!! PS – Mail them, if you can't put them up here, but pliss pliss 2 sho.

  2. >Oh..you are back, and how! :)Those colors and the dancing you mention makes me jealous. I wanna go get invited to some grand wedding now :(Anyways..why not post some pics gal? Very very keen to see those awesome sounding sarees ( of course the one wearing them too) 😀

  3. >@Goofy: That's a warm welcome! Thank you! And yeah, I'll try to post some pics.@alwayshappykya: I, on the contrary, am planning to retire from active public life 😉 Will try and post some pics soon.@Purely Narcotic: I might.@J: Oh yes, totally washed away.

  4. >and here we were.. all wondering about your disappearance.. Glad that you are back and ready to take on everything… The wedding season seems to have taken you in completely.. Good time to have fun with family and friends…and and and… A very happy anniersary to you and the Guy.. Wish you many more years of love… 🙂

  5. >Hey D,I havent commented much till now on your blog but I've been religiously following :-)And now, I just HAD to comment! I was imagining how much fun you must've had with all the dancing and the sarees and all the friends and relatives!Lucky bum you! :)I also read your interview! You rock 🙂 Please keep writing 🙂

  6. >@snippetsnscribbles: It's nice to have readers delurk to leave a comment! Feels good.@Chandni: LOL! So finally there's something I can't say ditto to.@comfortablynam: Yeah, the weddings were timed well!@Quirky Indian: Cheers!

  7. >@IHM: It's good to be back!@UsP: Thank you :)@Monika, Ansh: Thank you! It was very enjoyable indeed.@Nisha: 🙂 Almost famous, it seems 😉

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