>Filament and anther…

>And a little bit of pollen. Through my lens.
Click on the pics for a better view.


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  1. >@Doli: Thank you!@Varsh: I love that compliment, thank you! :)@J: 🙂 Thank you for flattering me. Few people do that these days!@Dil se: Thank you!

  2. >beautiful pics !!!! and love the title !! hope things are going well with you.. follow your blog regularly but am too lazy to post comments !! btw where did you start writing again ? went home for sometime and couldn't find you in LT.

  3. >wow.. someone has been doing some serious work with photography, lens, exposure, shutters, but no filter yet.. or is there?? loved the series.. i love it when someone takes the camera this seriously.. i remember laboring over the same subjects.. Photography 101.. 🙂

  4. >@Nu: Thank you. You're effusive with the complimenting and that's nice :)@Manisha: I am freelancing for ToI which means that I write when I have an idea and the time. Apart from that, I was also writing for onlineAnd be a little less lazy and post more comments 🙂 It's always nice to know that your friends are reading you.@How Do We Know: Not so many lens, except the one that came with my camera. And definitely no filters. I fall short of things to capture but never when I'm out with Nature.@Monika: Thanks :)@Soulmate: Yeah, I did! And the results are before you.@Goofy: Thank you. What's up with you?

  5. >I saw and admired this post sometime back … finally getting to comment here now 😦 Amazing shots! I remember the first pics from your garden… when you just bought the camera! These are professional pictures!! Absolutely awesome.

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