>Rut race

>Have you realised that the routines we call mundane have the power to take over our lives completely? We sacrifice so much at the altar of these mundane routines: the first casualty is time and everything else just follows suit. Our talents are wasted because we do not have the time to pursue them. Friendships sour because we do not have the time to call. Our passions die because the dull routines of our daily lives have no place for them. We forget we had hobbies because we can’t remember to dabble in them. We forget to help people who can do with our help. Our health suffers because we can’t make time in the business of our humdrum lives for a walk, a workout. And just because something as irrelevant as our routines, which apparently we decide for ourselves, ultimately decide for us what we do with our days!

Thankfully, there’s more to my life than routine because I consciously make an effort to break their monotony with my quirky ways, by taking up new hobbies, for example, or pitching in with a good cause. Of course, work is another story, where quirky doesn’t always work! But usually, the dreariness of the daily schedule is nothing more than a case of inertia: an unwillingness to break a pattern because you’re simply too lazy to do it. It’s a good excuse to cover up for what we have not achieved in life, even though it seems so achievable.

I think women are more prone to being victims of this inertia than men, simply because they’re expected to find satisfaction in the predictability of their daily chores. A fulfilling life for a woman need not be anything more than a day of monotonous activities, according to a large section of the society we inhabit. So a woman must struggle twice as much as a man to rid herself of the burden of a routine which binds her to do sometimes banal activities and prevents her from doing something that can add more meaning to her life or at least a little bit of excitement.

Let me also add that I am not undermining the importance of either a routine or the daily chores that make up that routine. What I am saying is that we can’t let either of them take over our lives. We can’t let them prevent us from doing what we love.

I guess if you’re reading this blog, nine out of ten chances are that you’re a blogger too. And that means you’ve found time to do something you like to do away from the restricting motions of your everyday life. And that’s exactly what I hope more people would be able to do: to not get stuck in the rut of routines because there should be more to life than humdrum!


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  1. >Happening and quite pragmatic topic…I would like to add one more dimension.."All our lives we just struggle between what we want to do and what we have to do. Most of us choose just to ‘be’ rather than to ‘become’.":) :)mahesh

  2. >This post reminded me of having let many of my hobbies go coz i had to start working and do household chores.It's not that i don't have time anymore, it's that I don't find time anymore…sheez how boring have I become! Time to start charcoal sketching again 🙂

  3. >wow!! I was actually writing a post today morning about the same thing, settling into a rut.. And how ever much, we try to move out, do something different and better, it will eventually drag us in!!U know, I have tried doing something different to break out of the monotony, but it always sucks me back in.. Its reached such a state that I have actually begun to crave its comfort and can honestly do this for the rest of my life, because I am so scared that these are the only things I will ever be good at!!

  4. >@Mahesh: I so agree with that quote!@celestialrays: Someone like me, who can't paint or sing to save their lives, are so envious of people like you. If you have a talent, never give it up! @dee: But there is only one life, dee, to do all that you can. Don't let it go waste with a boring routine!

  5. >Daily chores are something that need to be done..whether you like it or not..some take it a bit too seriously…I've seen people getting obsessive about that one speck on the glass or a tiny stain on cushion covers..and I feel very sorry for them…We cultivate hobbies to add that something extra to our lives..to break out of the monotony of our mundane routine and do things that truly inspire and excite us..if we think we dont have time for them, then we should find time anyhow..'se these are the only things that can help us feel content and happy 🙂

  6. >Sometimes life just takes over and we settle into a rut…I use to sketch and draw but since my daughter's birth, this hobby of mine has taken a back seat…Before she was born, my husband and I used to watch a lot of movies in the theatre but now we don't go because we don't have help…2 weeks ago, I went for a late night movie with three other women from my condo – it was great fun…

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  8. >@Varsh: Exactly my point!@moi: Yes, comfort zones can be dangerous sometimes!@Bones: I think child rearing really leaves people with little time for themselves. But I think by and by, it is possible to manage your time within existing restrictions to do something just for yourself.

  9. >I completely agree. I never thought there could be a positive side my wish to not fall into a rut!! But you are absolutely right, we do need a break from routine to make each day more meaningful and fun. Daily routine takes heavy toll on our occasional but necessary activities like hospital visits and outings :(I agree about the benefits of a routine too.

  10. >@Monika: Talents are different from hobbies. And cultivating hobbies sometimes develops talents.@IHM: Yes, discipline is just as important in a routine as innovation.@Roop: All's not well, Roop, not yet.

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