>And this too shall pass.

>But when?

When can I stop pretending that I’m happy?
When can I start living my life like it’s mine?
When can I start being myself again?
When can I start believing in optimism again?


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  1. >D,These are phases – God's way of testing us – he only tests those whom he believes have the strength to overcome. So keep the faith – it will pass!

  2. >These 'low' times do indeed pass.and you know that already, don't you? :)Tight {{Hugs}} and hearty pat on the shoulder to you girl.By now, I hope you are already out of it and smiling..genuinely.

  3. >Whoa…sometime or the other in our lives we ask these questions. It is good, and important.And as you've said yourself…this too shall pass…Can i hug you too???? ((((hug))))

  4. >tight japhees, D! never ever feel alone. always remember that there's many of us with many of our problems … all of us have to live through our demons one way or other … we have to live for those who love us … we have to be happy for their sake … all of us do … never ever think, "why me?" cuz there isn't a worse feeling than feeling alone when in a crisis. take care, darl. all will be well soon. even if it doesn't get well, i am sure you will bounce back sooner than later. you are tough. you will fight back! much luv.

  5. >i wish i had ur phone no. i would have called you. But heres the answer : NOW is a very gud time. The minute u stop pretending, u realise that your friends will accept u anyway, and the rest of the population.. doesnt matter.. 🙂 Lemme know if u want to exchange notes. i m at kijaana@gmail.com

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