>Things that should’ve been posts but were not

>I have a zillion half posts in my head. I’ve written them in my head and left them unfinished (in my head) because I don’t think they’re anything more than half posts. In the absence of any full-fledgedpost, I’ve put together a collection of all these unfinished thoughts for you:

1. I should have written about The Guy and my 12th anniversary in the first week of October. Twelve years of being in love, not being married. But considering that both of us almost forgot about it, a post was not happening. I remembered with shock and shame some time in the afternoon that day how we’d both forgotten all about it, but both, the shock and the shame stayed with me for only a moment and we continued to enjoy a lazy holiday, not giving in to Archies’ card propaganda.

2. I should have also told you about all the Diwali shopping I did. I even clicked some pics to put up here but I wanted to click so many more and did not have the time to. The post was thus killed even before it was born! My pre-Diwali shopping had me going to various exhibitions for home décor and Diwali decorations. I picked up some tee-lights, candle stands, lanterns, garden decorations, a funky red kettle, platters, gifts, new curtains for my room and an onyx vase among other things! Here’s a peek at some of the stuff:

3. I should have shared with you some details of all the Diwali bashes I attended, but they were all so similar and I was so not enthused about them, that it seemed like a purposeless post. I could have, in fact, told you about how out of sorts I was on Diwali, how I celebrated the festival so half-heartedly because some part of me just wasn’t able to get into the spirit of things. Worst of all, I had a severe asthma attack at one of the parties forcing me to return home and spend the rest of the night wheezing and sneezing.

4. Nevertheless, I clicked a lot of pics on Diwali because there’s nothing like good times spent with the family. I dressed up in a silk saree and turned on the bling, even though the sexy blouse I was supposed to wear that day wouldn’t zip up. (No, it wasn’t the fat, it was the darned zip!) Anyway, I’m still bringing this quintessential Diwali pic hoping to brighten things up a little bit here.

5. One of the reasons why I’ve been blogging lesser is because I’ve been in very low spirits of late for reasons I cannot discuss here. It’s been not-so nice on most fronts but I’ve decided to bounce back despite all that. Ain’t in me to be down and out for too long!

6. But among the good things is my determination to get back to writing full throttle. Actually, I’ve been writing all this while but now I’ve made up my mind to earn some money out of it too. I’ve started doing customised cards for special occasions apart from continuing to write for print media. And as a lot of you suggested, I’ve started doing academic assignments online and getting back to my love for literature! I’ve also volunteered to do some writing for an NGO and may even be paid for it. I’m happy!

So what’s up with you?


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  1. >Good. hope you bounce back and your endeavors go as planned. All the best :)by the way i loved the first pic of that chotu golden vase kind of thing. Its lovely

  2. >Nice to see a long awaiting post from you… Like the diwali shopping.. where is the pic of the red kettle??? Sexy blouse… oooohhhhh…. too much!!!have you heard this-I cried bcoz I had not shoes, until I saw a man who had no feet… So dont be down for too long… its always upwards from one point!! Super impressed with your idea of writing..

  3. >lovely shopping there D! and yes, am sure you will bounce back stronger and wiser too in most probability! and yeah! as long as you feel the same lauu for Guy no need to fill Archies' coffers! ;)and yayy to writing for money!!! have fun while at it! :)cheers!abha

  4. >Aah! Thanks for saying it was the zipper and not the fat. trust you to attend so many parties and continue to stay in shape! Thanks for the updates D. I am pretty much in zombie land these days, a million reasons, that's all thats up with me.

  5. >@Maria: Thank you. Thatks not a vase, it's a votive.@Patricia: Thank you for saying the "long awaiting post". Feels good to know at least someone was waiting :)@Abha:Cheers to all that!@Goofy: One thing good about the Diwali parties this year was that by mutual consensus, we all decided to forego dinner because after the snacks, there's never really space for dinner.

  6. >The Diwali shopping was wonderful!Sorry, my comment got posted even before I was done!As for the low spirits, I generally feel like that post christmas.. I feel all down and angry with the world!U know writing for a living would be my dream job..Sigh, I wish I can do it sometime soon 🙂

  7. >@Cynic: Mine just remain ideas – they don't even reach the drafting stage!@Quirky Indian: Thank you!@Dee: I wish I could say this is post-Diwali blues but I know I've had them pre-Diwali as well. And writing for a living is a still a far way off. I would starve if I had to live on the money I'm making out of writing just now!

  8. >D : Chanced on your blog first time today. I was a little shocked when I went through a couple of archives – especially the one about not yet being a mother! Here's my deal – married for almost 5 years ( dec I complete the milestone)- not yet a mother! And the same age as you!!! Then the where am I post – About not getting to be the things you thought you would be! It was almost like you are penning down my life!Well written and since I'm new here and no clue about what things were wrong but if I can sense – you have the determination to bounce back! So all the best !

  9. >Hey D,Commenting here…something that I should have been doing long time back.The Diwali Diya clicks were wonderful. Your choice and taste has hardly been less than a 'Wow!' for me so far :)As for the new endeavors, a strong thumbs up and cheer for you girl! While there are many like moi who think they ought to do this, that and many and then leave the aspirations behind to lazily move with the mundane flow…..there are few like you who think, decide and work on the dreams and wishes.So, this is one place where I read and get inspired.Thank you 🙂

  10. >@Minal: 🙂 That's what makes blogging interesting – finding like-minded people all over the world.And thank you for the wishes!@alwayshappykya: Ooh la la! I've never had my blog referred to like that but trust me, it feels nice :)@How do we know: Vanilla flavored?! Thank you!

  11. >Vanilla flavour – My favourite :)And D, whatever it is don't let it get your sprits down. Whatever it is, shall get worked out and shall pass 🙂

  12. >@SMM: I believe that too – that this too shall pass!@Divya: Thank you!@Miss M: Would you believe it, I didn't use it on Diwali?! @J: My mood's on a yo-yo: was better yesterday, am worse today :/ I hope the phase passes very soon – am tired of it.And what's so cool about watermarking pics? 🙂

  13. >you know what D.. I get ideas even in my dreams… Sometimes while bathing, eating, infact any time of the day.. Then I forget… Now I write one or two lines just to remember.. Thats a different things that I dont get enough time to blog so often…

  14. >@Soulmate: Oh yes, I get a lot of ideas at times when I can do nothing with them, especially when I'm in that realm between sleep and consciousness.@Miss M: I just didn't feel like taking them out, I was in such low spirits!I got it from an exhibition in town.@Monika, Ansh: I know, I remember seeing your shopping from Bhutan and thinking the same thing 🙂

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