>A plate full of memories

>Purely Narcotic tagged me to do this very interesting tag about food memories: Five memorable meals ever eaten: It could be anything that makes the meal memorable – the food, the place, the place you were in your life when you ate, the company, the weather, the ambiance – heck, the guy who served the food!”. Considering that I have such a large storehouse of memories, it wouldn’t be difficult to dig out some that are associated with food.

And the first one that comes to mind is of Sakhawat’s kebab and biryani. A lot of you may have heard of Tundey kebabs from Lucknow, but Sakhawat’s kebabs are far better than even Tundey’s! And I happened to have spent a substantial part of my life in a house that was located right opposite Sakhawat’s shop. The evenings at home were characterised by the smell of the kebabs wafting into the house. And it coincided with Dad’s returning from the court. Now, my Dad isn’t a foodie, but he had a weakness for these kebabs. He would come back home and steal me away for a quick bite of kebab and roomali roti and the day’s specialty. It was a great time for us father-daughter to bond and also great food to bond over!

When I was in college, I couldn’t get over the taste of palak paneer that my Mom made: simple, delectable and flavoured with mother’s love! The first meal at home after I returned from hostel had to be palak paneer. Nothing less, nothing more. I know the recipe by heart but I can’t come close to mom’s cooking!

Another palak paneer memory is from Cairns, Australia where I tasted the most amazing Indian food out of home. Surprising but true, the Indian restaurants there whip up better food than most restaurants in India! Or perhaps it tastes better because you’re so far from home. Imagine sitting in an open-air restaurant near the lagoon in Cairns and enjoying palak paneer and naan. It’s the best of both the worlds! I can’t quite forget what that meal tasted like.

And them there are the innumerable club sandwiches that I have had with The Guy. When I started dating him, I was already in love with them – the sandwiches, that is. And he would unfailingly get them packed from The Taj here in Lucknow. I still savour the sandwiches simply because of the memories they bring back of our dates!

My latest food memory isn’t of a food at all – it’s of coffee: cold coffee. It’s a memory that’s in the making. I don’t know how it became part of our routine, but there’s hardly been a day in the last two years when The Guy and I have not had cold coffee together in the morning. We aren’t breakfast people, but coffee is just as good. Some days, I have cold coffee just because I love the time we spend together gulping our mug-fuls and talking of the day ahead. I look forward to those five minutes as the most precious moments of the day.

So what’s your fave food memory? You can answer them, but I’d like to tag:
1. Maid in Malaysia because I’ve read so many of her payasam tales, I know she’ll have lots of food memories to share.
2. Chandni, because her tweets convince me she’s a foodie!
3. Goofy Mumma, who is quite fond of cooking, I guess.
4. Monika Manchanda, because if she can think of starting a food blog, she must have lots to share from her meal memoirs
5. Broom Box, because of the lovely food photography I’ve seen on her blog.


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  1. >Aaaha so your Dad's a lawyer too :PMy first meal after returning home…come and read it. I am stealing this tag :PPS: I am posting this comment as SMM since its crazy to try and post with a WP id – keeps getting rejected so looks like you got your wish 🙂

  2. >oh this is a very interesting tag… would love to do it my only problem would be selecting 5 in huge ones i have… my memories have food as an important ingredient 😀

  3. >@Broom: Oh, get well soon!@How do we know: What about yours?@Soulmate: Yours too? 🙂 What's with moms and palak paneer!@SMM: Yay!! And I'd be more than glad to read about your meal memoirs.@Monika: But I'm sure you can do it, eh?

  4. >This post makes me hungrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy!!!I haven't heard of tundey kebabs, except for this chicken tangdi that kinda rhymes close. And then there's the whole turkish influence… donner, adana and the likes I indulge in once in a while.And coffee.. oh yea, that and tea is kinda becoming a memory in the making for moi too :DMy fav food memory…. She cooks I eat, and it's delicious. But her dolmades and stuffed pepper with minced meat and rice toooootallly make me go buuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrppp!!!Excuse me.

  5. >My Diwali time food memory is of eating too many gulaab jamuns and drinking the syrup also and then being very sick!!Another time we decided to make gulkand, so we collected rose petals, put them in a filthy metal pot and added god alone knows what to it, my sister (the piglet) couldn't resist tasting it and she still hates rose fragrance… My mother's gajar halwa is a favorite memory… what is this D, dinner is done and now reading and thinking about food memories has me hungry again!!!

  6. >@Chandni: Am waiting.@Abha: Me too!!!@IHM: LOL! The gulab jamun syrup?? You must have a very very sweet tooth to even try it!@hitch writer: It's an appetiser of a post!

  7. >Very interesting post. Loved the bit about palak paneer, its my favorite too.Well, my all time favorite is Murgh Malai kabab. There's a small restaurant near my home where we go and it serves the best tasting Murgh Malai kababs. My whole family loves their spread. We can binge for ages. The cost is so reasonable and the service is excellent. It's naturally crowded with families all the time but its a place where I go to unwind.

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