>Some days, you just NEED to be out!

>This is what a week that I began on the I’ll-stay-at-home note ended up as:

Monday: I was invited to judge an event for the Direct Marketing firm Amway. They were having a Mr. and Mrs. Amway contest and said it wouldn’t take more than 2 hours. I reached the venue punctually at 5:00 pm and knew right from the onset of the programme that with 20 couple contestants, there was no way I was going home before eight. I was so wrong! The programme ended at 10:00 pm! Five hours of judging that left me ravenous for good food. The Guy and I ended up going out for dinner that night, but more out of necessity than anything else.

Tuesday: Was supposed to be a stay-at-home for sure. The Guy and I had gone to check out stuff at a furniture shop in the evening and were supposed to be back in an hour and a half. But Destiny had other plans for us. My sister received an award that day for her contribution to the cause of street children and my nephew wanted to celebrate it with an outing. My parents were roped in without a hitch and there was no way we could have refused. Nay?

Wednesday: My friend M had planned a dinner at her place for our newly-wed friends (eight months into a marriage is still newly-wed!). It was a well arranged but informal gathering that we thoroughly enjoyed.

Thursday: The only day this last week that we were home! The Guy and I have been fasting on Thursdays for Sai Baba. Thankfully, unlike the past few Thursdays, there were no invitations this time and we spent the evening constructively by eating healthy and staying at home.

Friday: Technically, we did spend this day at home but with friends coming over for dinner, it didn’t quite feel like what a day at home feels like. It was a dinner, I thoroughly enjoyed hosting! I had planned a sizzler party because with only six people to feed, I could do justice to the idea. I wish I had pictures to show you how much pains I took to lay the table, but there was just no time for clicking! But please let me describe the details and feel good. The starters included, sunken submarines, galawat kebabs (outsourced), paneer fingers and corn salad followed by vegetarian and non-vegetarian sizzlers. I added a slight drama by printing out tiny menus for everyone and I can show you at least what they looked like.

My friends loved the idea though I was fully prepared to have it laughed at. I was doing it for fun anyway!

Saturday: Two more freelance bylines for me! A friend of mine and colleague also made her freelance debut in the same issue of the same newspaper. And that was cause enough for us to get together for dinner! Actually, it was a long overdue dinner: my friend and her husband have also recently launched their own placement consultancy and that’s quite a big deal that we wanted to celebrate! Finally managed to do it this Saturday.

Sunday: No reprieve on Sunday either because it’s the weekend – the official outing day. I stepped out of home at 11:30 in the morning and returned at 10:00 in the night! A hawan to welcome the latest addition to our family – my pretty li’l niece – at my parents’ place was followed by lunch. We went shopping for The Guy after that. In the evening, we went for Kaminey with our friends and decided to try out a new eating place with Awadhi cuisine thereafter. Came home and had another couple drop in for coffee and discussion.

All of this happened in a week I was intending to spend at home 🙂 But tell me, which one of those things could I have avoided?

Cross-posting this over here to revive my party blog.

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  1. >What a fun filled week D. Good your sit at home didn't work out lol! And the menus are so so cute. I did something similar last Christmas but no pics :(. I envy all your kebab eating. I want sizzler too! And yes, the tiny menu cards as well 🙂

  2. >Well… sounds like a fun week to me! Anyway, next time don't plan to be at home and I am sure you will definitely end up being at home all time! so it will be compensated! 😀

  3. >Touchwood for that! Lucky girl, having so many friends, and so much of fun. And a menu for a dinenr at home, you really take pains to entertain your guests don't you girl. And please tell me, did you prepare sizzlers at home? If yes, you simply have to tell me how!

  4. >@Monika, Ansh: Because the weekend before this was super hectic. And I was so exhausted I wanted to just sit at home and relax!@hitchwriter: 🙂 Actually, I'm not!@A: Oh yes, you can envy me all the time for the kebabs. I love 'em too!@Rohini: Yeah, some Murphy's law this must be!@Soulmate: 🙂 Yes, it was a super super week. Just like any other!

  5. >@How do we know: Guilt!@Piper: Relaxed? This was super hectic! But yeah, totally de-stressing hectic :D@Dil se: 🙂 Just to be home sometimes!

  6. >@Goofy: Sorry 😦 I missed replying to your comment :(I do love doing something off-beat when I entertain at home, but off-beat in a nice way! When I have guests coming over, I'm very very difficult to handle because I want everything to be as perfect as it can be! Yes, yes, we prepared the sizzlers at home. My MIL did, actually! And it's super easy 🙂 I'll tell you how.

  7. >and life is what happens when you are busy making plans no?The cross-over post should have more pics, at the very least, the table laid out if not the food.KPP and ADIT??

  8. >@Solilo: Thank you :)@unsung: Thank you, on behalf of my sister.@Narcotics: Totally! ;)@J: KPP and Adit – initials and names of friends.I wish I had pics to show you, but as I said, had no time to click 'em.

  9. >sizzlers? SIZZLERS? and MENU's? You domestic goddess, you! DO you want to adopt me by any chance? I can only manage inadvertent sizzlers – the type that happen when vegetables and the pan spontaneously combust. sigh

  10. >None! And why did you think of staying at home?! Have fun!!! Love the menus idea… photographs would have been great!Agree with Cynic in Wonderland, I too thought you sound like a sizzling domestic goddess 🙂

  11. >@Cynic in wonderland: domestic goddess and me? You have to be kidding!@Manish: Ok, no more avoiding. I'm going to go full throttle now!@IHM: I would have loved to show off with pics… Next time!

  12. >I love those rare weekends when I stay at home and putter around or laze around reading a book. I envy you get a whole week like this.And your week does sound fun – how was the judging? And congratulations to your sister.

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