>Vote for…

>your favourite header and make things easy for me. It’s probably irrelavant for you (is it?) but obviously not to me. And since I can’t make up my mind about which header is best suited for this blog, I’m going to go by popular choice.

#1: The first one literally was the first one I made myself! It’s about who I am and what I like to do. Decode the images and you’ll know what I’m talking about

#2: Just a little bit of creativity. Used a picture I clicked on my trip to Agra to make this one.

#3: And another one from another picture I clicked on the same trip.

#4: And here’s the one that’s not been put up yet. It’s about a few of my favourite things.

So now you take your pick on which one you prefer and help a very confused me.
UPDATED TO ADD: And the voting results choose Option 1. Option 2 lost by a very, very narrow margine of 1%. Here are the stats:
Option 1: 38%
Option 2: 37%
Option 3: 7%
Option 4: 16%
Thank you for helping me out!

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  1. >For me its either the first or the last. If I HAVE TO pick between the two, I would go with the 1 st because I prefer the dark, rich colours on that.Blue is your favourite colour isn't it?

  2. >I voted for the 4th option because even before I saw the poll and this post..as soon as I saw this new header..it just told me categorically and in no uncertain terms that "Let me be me"..clear, sharp, no fuss!

  3. >The first one is very very you! facets of those pics show in your writing….(tho' i've only been reading u for a short while now)But i love the second one too. – that play of light and shadow is exquisite. Mellow, warm and gracious, I like the tagline too. Makes a cosy little corner for introspection..I don't much like the third one, u already know why 😀 and the fourth one is a lesser version of the first. The first one is bold and attractive, the fourth looks a little watered down and plain…

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