>Pink Weekend


A photo essay on our latest weekend trip to Jaipur
We took the train from Lucknow to Jaipur on Thursday and as is usually the case with all our trips, our train was delayed. So instead of arriving in Jaipur at the scheduled time of 11: oo am, we reached a good four and a half hours late! We made the most of that time by playing scrabble on the way and when we crossed Agra we caught a glimpse of the Taj Mahal. That faint structure in the picture, yes, the one that’s barely visible is Taj Mahal. It appeared much clearer to the naked eye than the camera could capture.

Instead of checking in at the hotel, which was some 25 kms from the main city, we first stopped at the busy Jauhari Bazar which is a must-visit for all tourists. And all tourists do visit it for various reasons.

For one, the Hawa Mahal is situated right in the middle of this busy market place. For those who don’t already know this, the Hawa Mahal isn’t actually a palace; it’s just the facade of a palace. If you happen to take a peek at what’s behind, you’ll find squalid slums!

It’s a tiny window into the rich world of Rajasthani art and architecture. I was quite fascinated by these lamp posts that lined the dividers on the road.

The market follows a standardised pattern of signages and you won’t find the facade of the building crowded with signboards of all shapes, sizes and colours. Talking of colour, the orange colour of this building is what people refer to as pink. But if you ask me, it isn’t pink at all!

Of course, the shopping in Jauhari Bazar is supposed to be a tourist’s delight. You’ll get everything here: from bandhini sarees and kohlapuris to mojaris and bangles. My friend totally flipped for the colourful mojaris and picked about half a dozen of them!

They are lots of typically Rajasthani things to choose from as well like fancy embroidered umbrellas and multi-huded puppets.

The LMB -one of the most famous eateries in Jaipur – is also located in Jauhari. While the delectable kachauris that we snacked on did not make for such a great photo-op, this pile of phirni sure did!

By the time we reached the hotel, it was dark and the illuminated hotel facade looked rather impressive.

We were staying at Hotel Shiv Vilas and loved the grandeur of the place.

We spent most of our time relaxing in the pool since relax is what we had gone to do!

We had been a tad worried about the weather in Jaipur before leaving Lucknow, apprehensive that it would be too hot there to move out at all. But the Sun was holidaying too and the weather was perfect. There were dark clouds overhead that sprinkled light showers on us intermittently but never to spoil any of our plans!

We spent the afternoon of August 15 on the terrace attached to our room and enjoyed the view from there.

We decided to have dinner at Rambagh Palace that evening. On our way, we stopped to get ourselves clicked at the Jal Mahal – a palace in the middle of water.

I could go on and on about Taj Rambagh Palace, but I’m going to save that up for another post, another blog! For now, I will leave you with an image of moi in the royal washroom of the hotel!


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  1. >Been there myself. Pink colour was a let down..Saw many peacocks.Write more about local colour, what to find…Five star service is the same..decor may be diffeent..Do they serve fresh juice?

  2. >@hitchwriter: Thanks! This was my third trip to Jaipur :)@Blue Mist: There's no way you cannot love Jaipur. It's a traveller's paradise!@Anon: I will if you stop commenting as Anonymous πŸ™‚ Deal?

  3. >Thanks..good memorable pictures..this post brought to my mind my trip to the areas like Rajasthan, Delhi, Chandigarh and Agra, etc..I too would be writing a post on the same topic..

  4. >Well… you reminded me of my trip to Jaipur.. I have been there twice.. and loved every bit of it.. Jaipur is a traveller's as well as shopper's paradise.. There is so much to click in that city that you can never get tired of clicking..

  5. >Oh.. D.. I was there a week before you.. Jaipur is just lovely isnt it!!! The Taj Rambagh Palace.. is simply outstanding.. !! Did you go to Chowki Dhaani.. The food there was lovely.. I'll go back to Jaipur for sure.. and do the whole of Rajasthan.. with just my husband and leave my kids behind.. ;-)And just for this reason.. I wish I was living in India.. Makes all these places so accessible!

  6. >@ani_aset: Thank you! And welcome to my blog :)@Tomz: Post some pics pls… And let me know when you do!@Piper: Thank you mishy! You like?@Soulmate: You're right. On the last two visits I shopped like crazy. This time I just took it easy!@IHM: Yes, the city is colour blind ;)@Patricia: I know! I've been to Chowki Dhaani twice before and skipped it this time. But I luurve that place and could go back any day! And I love my travels in India – what can you not get here?!@colourmesunshine: I like the play on 'D-light'!

  7. >Bah did i ask you how many ETH time you visited ?? huh ?? wonder when will these show off's realise huh !! boasting about their holidays to a guy starved… and worst i cant take any holidays now till January !!!!!!!! 😦 😦

  8. >Another trp! Hmmmphh! You have me so Jealous. Also coz I've never been to Jaipur & so want to go there. Last year we only made it to Jodhpur & were back!I love everything u have captured/ writted abt Jaipur. So gorgeous!!I'll go crazy shopping there!

  9. >Hey, nice pictures. :)By the way, those lamp-posts throughout the Old City, have the sun emblem because the Jaipur royal family belong to the Suryavanshi dynasty. You'll actually see a lot of references to the sun all over Jaipur. In fact, the names of some of the queens have "Prakash" added to it – that too due to them belonging to the Suryavanshi dynasty. πŸ™‚

  10. >@Anamika: πŸ™‚ Thank you!@Rohini: We had more fun than these pics can tell! :)@hitch writer: LOL! Old habits die hard!@Monika, Ansh: And I've never been to Jodhpur and so want to!!!@Aanchal: Enlightening, pun intended!@J: Don't even ask! My husband will disown me if I so much as mention another trip πŸ™‚

  11. >great pics. the shops around LMB (lakshmi mistaan bhandaar) are so colourful and they have the best of everything that is sold in delhi at 5 times the original price. shoppers' paradise and such a visual treat! fresh visions of a much-visited city!

  12. >Beautiful photos. Love seeing them. I love the photo of the mojris, the sun emblem-ed lamp post. I had been to Jaipur as a kid, and these photos did bring back memories.You definitely had a great time D, I can see that. And what about a pic of 'Moi' without the camera next?? he he.So what did you shop for, go on, tell.I hope there are more posts on this trip coming up.

  13. >@ms: Thank you! This time though the stuff at Jauharu Bazar didn't lure me as much as it had the last two times!@Goofy: Thank you πŸ™‚ And where have you been girl?!@denuka: That's a whole lot of responsibility!! Phew!So from anon we go to denuka πŸ™‚ When do we get to the real names?@unsung: Hawa Mahal is such a let down for most people, including me.

  14. >@Peenuts: Not so GRANDDDDD! Just a li'l :)@Unsung: They don't go inside it because they CAN'T go inside it. But normal people want to go inside a place that's called a palace! There are lots of silly people like me :(@JPJ: Thank you sir!

  15. >Oh, of course… Mahal = Palace.Hmm, didn't think of it that way.Would it be better if there were clowns jumping out at you just as you entered, screaming "Surprize! You've been Bamboozled!"?

  16. >@unsung: Now what kind of palace would have clowns?! The one that you would inhabit? :P@Smitha: Thank you! Rajasthan is the quintessential image of Indian colours and culture.

  17. >ok! here i am dying to go to jaipur with no chance of chhutti in near future and now this! hrrmmpppff!! :(is it a surprise a part of my word verification is weep! bah!

  18. >Good one! Gave me a lot of insight on what to expect when i am there at the Pink city….btw, please write more about the hotel u stayed at…

  19. >Been to Jaipur years ago. From what I remember, it is a shoppers paradise and culturally vibrant. Rajasthani cuisine is rich too.Would love to visit again. Glad that you had a 'pink' time πŸ™‚

  20. >@Suchismita: πŸ™‚ I'm a sucker for memories. I hoard them and revisit them whenever possible. @Sangfroid: Precisely!@Manish Raj: You must if you haven't. There's something for everyone there, I think.

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