>Memories make a place special

>The childhood home
That favourite corner where I crouched in every game of hide and seek.
The cement and alabaster roof that burnt under our feet as we played hop scotch.
That tiny space under the staircase from where I dug out precious treasures flung away by the family.
The aangan where I squatted to suck a juicy mango as a three-year-old.
Nani’s room with Nana’s perfume and talcum powder on the dressing table.
The store room with the chest of drawers with Nani’s toiletries.
The warm sun of a winter afternoon on the garden where we sullied our hands with wet clay.
The balustrade along the staircase which doubled up as my slide.
The window sill in Baba’s room where I sat pretending to read a book before I could read the English alphabet.
The dining room of discussions.

The school where I spend 12 formative years of my life
That tree in the school with its gnarled roots where we sat in to share lunch with friends.
The cool corridors where we lined up, giggled and fell out of line.
The amla tree whose fruit was forbidden by the school mali.
The teak wood benched – polished smooth – on which we bent and prayed in the chapel.
The pink parlour for four-year-olds with a pink tea set that we fought over.
The rotten smell of fish in the Biology lab, the caustic smell of chemicals in the Chemistry Lab.
The comfortable infirmary bed to rest on, on days of stomach cramps.
The water cooler conversations, back-stage bickering.
The dust on the black school shoes as we shuffled out the school gate.
The classroom opposite the canteen where the smell of fresh aloo tikkis wafted in before break time.

Pachpan khambey, lal deewarein of the college years.
The college café and the penny pinching.
Idling away warm winter afternoons in the lush green front lawns.
The warm smiles shared with the spastic boy at the college PCO.
The photocopier boy – expressionless, indispensable – outside the library.
The auditorium packed for a talk by Rajdeep Sardesai.
The gazebo in which the teacher’s voice drifted away into nothingness.
The TV room in the hostel in which we ooh-ed and aah-ed over Hrithik Roshan.
The bathroom that was used always with the door unbolted!
The balcony in which we spend long evening and longer nights when the power snapped.
The room in which we learnt to sleep with lights on because the roomies wanted to study.

The places where we wrote our love story
The walls that I tempted him to cross to come meet me and which he never did.
The roads on which we went for long drives.
The dinner at Hyatt to which I wore the skirt borrowed from a friend.
The pizza place for heart-shaped pizzas and an instant photograph on Valentine’s Day.
The PCO across the college where I could ask him to call me back.
The cyber café that charged thirty rupees for half an hour as I wrote love letters on Hotmail.
The friend’s place where he would drop me off after each date.
The coffee places which smelt of cocoa beans and love.
The Swatch kiosk at the mall from where he bought me a watch
The topmost closet in my room where I hid his cards and gifts.

What places are special for the memories they bring back to you?

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  1. >Beautiful. For me, it is a time-place – when I was 2.5 years old, and the world was perfect. Life has taken so many turns since then, some for better, some for worse, but that is the happiest place in the world for me.

  2. >I agree with Iya. It reminds me of my mom's ancestral place we used to visit once every 3 years, nukkad jamun trees, stealing food from the hostel kitchens, dozing in the classes…sigh!

  3. >@Iya: You like the header? Thank you :)@Perfect Witch: Oh yes, the blissful years of childhood!@Meira: Ancestral homes are so much fun when you're a kid – so much to discover!@Shruti: Thanks!

  4. >Dinner at the Hyatt?Oh la la!That entire section was soooo heart-warming!Sometimes, I'd want you to share some forgettable memories :-< You, and a certain Chandni… You sure you're not her elder sister?

  5. >Beautiful nostalgic post D.Loved it. Because it brought back a lot of memories for me too.The window Sill in your baba's room?:) that was me too:) reading quietly in a corner of Aaja's room or as you say pretending to..:)the aangan and the garden?ah! me too:)Aaji used to give me little homemade sweets:)the school? yes…though my memories are scattered across many different schools ..but there's common thread in each of them:)The canteen smells?:) *drool* the chemistry lab smelling uh..yuck..:Dwe had a tree that was right beside a dry nallah 🙂 and a lil chowk called badnaam chowk :Dit would considered to be the height of cool to go and sit near the chowk:Dsilly days! crazy days! fun days!:)))they make me grin when I sit down and open my albums:))College memories are almost the seam too though a tad different because I was a day scholar:)always yearned to be in a hostel:)the last one?:)):D:D: still in that stage so will have a lot to add later to my pages:))beautiful post D.touched a lot of chords:)

  6. >@Unsung: The dinner at Hyatt was a really one off thing that The Guy really saved up for!And yes, Chandni could be my sistah from another mothah :P@Goofy: This is so me, the real D too.@Indyeah: Lovely memories, those. Staying away from home during college years helped to make up such a mixed bag of precious memories.

  7. >Well, it was just SO damn romantic! And Hyatt too! What class, I say…My pop won't take me Maa to Hyatt even at their age! I'm sure she's paid more bills at Hyatt than he has :S

  8. >What a lovely Post! Wish I had written this. Maybe will do one for my kiddos sake.Pachpan khambe laal diwarein…thats how my college is described….U went to the same great institution is it? :)Were u in the Residence Hall?

  9. >Oh tht's a lovely post…made me think abuot my childhood memories as well.I went and showed off to my nanaji about my pants which also had pockets in it.I was most excited about them for some reason tht I had pockets and I could stick my hands in them the way my dad did 🙂 Btw love the header 🙂

  10. >@Monika: Thank you! Why don't you share some of the nostalgia with us too?@unsung: Oh, how unromantic!@Chrysalis: Yes, there is only one place with 55 khambein, lal deewarein! You from LSR too? Yay! And no, I wasn't in Res Hall but in a girl's hostel outside college.And thank you for the compliment @header :)@SMM: Cute :)And thanks for the compliment @header.@Divya: Memories work both ways – they can also bind us to the past like nothing else can.

  11. >@Solilo: I don't know how I started off on this nostalgia trip…And yes, there was a show by that name because it was shot in the college I went to but long before I was there:D@Monika: Share some of the nostalgia with us Mons.

  12. >Hey!! Fellow LSR'ite. Great!!! Oh yes the show was much before I went to LSR too but it was a direct reference to it since I think the main character was a Lecturer in a COllege.BTW was in the LSRH…was the VP of the Residence Hall Union…hehehe such great memories …and such crazy incident .. makes for great storytelling 🙂

  13. >Lovely list of memories 🙂 I was with my mum recently and everything has changed so much, my only regret was, the place(s) I grew up in do not exist anymore 😦 Hostel memories are I guess the best of all.. love the cards hidden on the topmost closet 🙂 The school memories are similar to mine! My memories include pestering the teachers for half a mark extra… and yelling so much at a school fete that I has a sore throat next day 🙂

  14. >My hometown – Dehra Dun brings some special memories.. The school I went to, the college.. those early morning walks right in the middle of the road on the way to the college.. When we were kids, I used to go for morning walks with my Nanaji and did a salute to every Army jawan that I came across.. It still amuses me.. Endless memories I have.. 🙂

  15. >@Chrysalis: You were???!!! Which batch? Wait, I need to mail you :)@IHM: Oh yes, the staff room should be added to that list of places!@Piper: Yes, you left a comment here and I was away, so couldn't approve and publish. And now I'm back and have read and published both the comments. @Maria: Miranda House? Apparently, there are lots of similarities between the two but I haven't ever been to Miranda House.@Soulmate: How cute! And anyone who reads your blogs would know Dehradun is an ultra special for you 🙂

  16. >beeyyoottiiful post! totally loved it. should filch it from ya and do my version, tho i doubt i can do it as well! :)whats life without nostalgia is what i always say! :)cheers!abha

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