>Planning for our 25th Wedding Anniversary

>We must be growing old. Yesterday The Guy had a meeting with a life insurance agent and came back home to tell me about the different schemes that made most sense for where we were in life right now.

Now, my contribution to most discussions on financial planning is minimal – the max I can do is understand what’s being told to me. I think the side of my brain that deals with money management must’ve been paralysed at birth, because numbers and figures make no sense to me at all.

Anyway, I digress. So The Guy was explaining different insurance plans to me, highlighting their pros and cons for the numerically-challenged wife. We both agreed on one of the insurance policies which would mature after 20 years and make us quite rich if we paid our premium on time. I was trying to think like a grown up, like how that money could be used to take care of our child’s education or medical expenses and other such stuff twenty years hence when The Guy reminded me how we’ll be celebrating our 25th anniversary the year we get this handsome amount of money! I thought he was pointing out the coincidence or some such thing but that’s not what he had in mind. “So we can use the money to go for a world tour to celebrate our anniversary!” he clarified.

I couldn’t stop laughing. You see, people go in for life insurance for various reasons: to save tax, to save up for a later time in life, for an emergency perhaps, but we’re different! We save up for an extravagant holiday! I still can’t stop smiling.

Maybe, we won’t use that money for a holiday after all. But just the thought is exhilarating to be planning not for the necessities of life but the luxuries. On normal days, we’re struggling so hard to be there that we have no time to indulge in the little fantasies of our mind. And then comes across a thought like this and you feel like you’ve been set free!

The world trip will happen in good time, but for now, we’re settling for a four-day break in the hills with friends.

Be good and be back πŸ™‚


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  1. >hahaha.. this is definitely a different take on insurance. Well, it ain't never too early to start planning a world tour ;)Bon voyage.

  2. >I think its a lovely reason to take out an insurance πŸ™‚ You are right, we spend so much time thinking about the little everyday things – that we do need a fabulous break and what better occassion than the 25th anniversary!

  3. >@J: Of course not, 20 years ain't a wee bit early! :)@Monika, Ansh: Hmm…that was so tongue-in-cheek! Well, since you ask for it, I'll get back nice pics, blur 'em and put them up here :)@Monikamanchanda: Oh no, I hope I haven't given anyone the wrong ideas! Don't want the pati people to come whining to me ;)@Smitha: I hope he meant it enough πŸ™‚

  4. >thats a very misleading title..i almost fell off my chair..LOL on the post..we are equally crazy. We have even contemplated taking personal loan to go on an exotic holiday, thank god for better judgement prevailed..

  5. >@chandni: Guess we were posting comments at the same time!@Iya: But it's fairly common to take a personal loan for a vacation. My opinion on the matter though is that yes, if you didn't take the loan, better sense did prevail on both of you :)@I scribble here: Well, I don't know how wise that is! But heck, who said we were wise πŸ˜€

  6. >Well I connected to that part the most…I shut off as soon as 'he' explains all the figures and money stuff. And despite the fact that consider myself an above average intelligent person.

  7. >A: You did that last year? As in go for an insurance to save up for a holiday? πŸ™‚ Great minds think alike!@Swaram: I'm back and had a great time there!@unsung: I think you're referring to you and your sister planning the 25th wedding anniv celebrations for your parents (?) But I don't think I'd expect anyone to plan my 25th anniv bash for me. I would love to do it by ourselves!@SMM: Yeah, exactly!@my space: Of course yes! You're invited already :)@Indyeah: I guess you mean The Guy when you say the boy?Thank you.@JLT: Oh yes, that's a brilliant thought. And now I'm hating for having put it up for free here. Could've sold my idea to the ad people ;)@Tina: Lots of them. You would know, being the commerce student and all πŸ˜‰

  8. >@How do we know: Yay! Thank you.@Mampi: About the four days, yes, we had a good time. About the 25 years hence, I'm sure we'll have an even better time! Thank you.@Meira: Thank you, for all of it.@Piper: Had a fair share of fun and am back now.@Chrysalis: Intelligence has nothing to do with it! I'm sure I'm above-average intelligent too.@rayshma: Yay! And let us know whether you will go for a holiday with it or not.

  9. >Not fair, your blog updates are not showing on my blog roll. why why oh why? See I missed this post earlier.Anyways, I hope you do enjoy the world tour for your 25th!! And isn't it fun to save up for something fun, than in anticipation of problems. good going, say I!

  10. >@GM: Hey, sort out whatever the problem is with my updated posts not showing up on your blog soon enough!@Purely Narcotic: πŸ™‚ It is a blessing indeed!@masood: Welcome to my space.

  11. >another financiallly challenged femme eh? sounds familiar. you know an anniversary is something tangible – grown up children and retirement is not ( tho the latter seems quite appealing) therefore, makes sense to plan for that i say.

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