>Better late than never


And that’s why the award acknowledgement and the award giving ceremony is taking place today.

Long, long ago, Unsung Psalm honored me with this award :

Thank you, Unsung, for telling me that my “simplicity advocates humility”. That’s a precious compliment.

According to the rules, I have to pass it on to 6 people. Let’s skip the nominations and get straight to the winners. And the winners are:
1. Piper: Sometimes I cannot tell you how much your words resonate with me. And though I don’t know you at all except for your blog, I wish I could take your pain away.
2. Aneela Z: Still trying to figure out what about your blog, your life, your words touches me so much but something sure does.
3. Finn: Your life is so far removed from mine, yet your blog reflects my mental state of being more often not.
4. Monika, Ansh: For your simplicity and honesty.
5. Devaki’s Jottingsnmusings: Your posts take me on a trip within because they strike a chord with the person I am.

6. IHM: With the kind of variety on your blog there is, it’s difficult for anyone to come back without being touched.

We now move on to the next category. Monika, Ansh (who said these nice things about me: “For her warmth and lovely blog posts that I always look forward to) as well as IHM gave me the Friends award!

Thank you! Let it be known that I’m fiercely loyal as a friend and you can bank on me always if I’m yours. I shall pass this award to: Goofy Mumma, Unsung Psalm, Avaran, Abha, Mystic Margarita, Just A, Devaki, Chandni, Roop, Piper, Aneri masi, Chakli and back to IHM and Monika.


Monika also awarded me the Blogger with a Purpose award:

Thanks babe! I do everyone blogs with a purpose just that some purposes are more evident than others. Like Quirky Indian’s whose tongue-in-cheek look at current affairs is definitely award worthy! And Sraboney, whose blog is thought-provoking in its content, to say the least. Ditto for Chrysalis whose makes us think and question identities and stereotypes. How Do We Know, from whose blog you cannot come back without having learnt something – a philosophy, an idea, a little gem of knowledge. Then there are bloggers like Roop, whose posts always have a purpose – they sometimes will make you laugh, other time they’ll make you think.


Then comes the Lovely Blogger Award from IHM, which, she says, is to be given to “bloggers we get to know through their comments more than through their posts! These amazing commentators, they are the ones without whom there would be little inspiration left to write.” This award is special for me because I do like to leave comments wherever I read a post that gets me thinking. And without the comments, blogging wouldn’t be half as much fun.

No wonder these bloggers are wonderful to have around: Avaran, Chrysalis, SSQuo, Unsung Psalm, Sindhu, Just A, Jira, I scribble here, Piper, Monika Manchanda, Monika,Ansh, GM, Indyeah, SMM, Patricia, Sangfroid, Spontaneous Mini, Soulmate, Abha, IHM, Mampi, DewdropDream, Mumbai Diva, Mystic Margarita, Chakli, Edita, my space and so many others! The new names I see in my comments section these days: Smitha, Ranjish, Solilo, Meira, J, Just Like That, Saima and Eram.

Thank you all for taking out the time to tell me what you think. It makes a difference to the way I blog!


Another one of my fav awards is this one:

I like to think I am essentially a creative person – whether I create with words, pictures, fabrics or even pages (like I used to as a full time journalist). I’ve come across many creative bloggers and I draw inspiration from them: Finn, for her photographs. Roop, the only blogger I know who doesvideo blogging. Sirop deVanille, for her artful spinning of words. Maid in Malaysia, for being so economical and so clever with her words! OJ, for her pics and her poetry. Vineeta, for her excellent work that she shares with us. Archana, for getting me to think about my ideal home again with all her pretty posts!


The next award is really interesting and was bestowed on me by, who else, but IHM again! The Triple Award, I learnt, is for “blogs of attitude and gratitude, a member of a proud sisterhood, and a best friend of all blogs.”

And it’s supposed to be handed over to 10 worthy recipients. Here goes the list of winners: 1. Goofy Mumma 2. DewdropDreams 3. Roop 4. Just Call Me ‘A’ 5. Devaki 6. Mampi 7. IHM 8. Broom 9. Sraboney 10. Chakli


I received this award just by being on IHM’s blog! And I think it makes sense to carry on the tradition and give this award to everyone who is on my blogroll. They are there because I love their blog, right?

Are you prepared with your thank you speeches?


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  1. >Hooray! An award!Thank you very much for the award. Much appreciated. I shall now have to try harder and live up to expectations…..damn the pressure. :-)Cheers,Quirky Indian

  2. >Oh! D you so deserve all the appreciation and awards! Congrats.I take a bow and thank you for bestowing so many awards on me. *Still reeling from the surprise*

  3. >awwww…thank youuu D 🙂 This is my FIRST AWARD ever!! 🙂 🙂 thank you… You know whenever I saw those wonderful awards at so many blogs I wanted to have one of my own too…and finally 🙂 Thank you soo much!! *hugs*

  4. >OMG that's twice for me! 😀 Very honoured indeed… thank you ever so much! It's a real pleasure knowing you D!I have to put up my latesht awards… will do so soon-ish 🙂 Thanks again!

  5. >OH MY GOD!! I'm Smiling all over! Thank You Thank You.I love all the awards you've passed on to me and I really love the "I’m fiercely loyal as a friend and you can bank on me always if I’m yours" and I have my name on that list. Friendship means a lot to me and I give in friendship as much as I expect, so it's really nice to get this :)Hurray to Sisterhood. That is the awesome-most award I've seen around the blogs. Thank You for it.I totally agree…comments creates a bond and blogging is boring without that connection.Thank YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUWill put these up right away and pass them on in good time 🙂

  6. >A short and sweet(apne munh mithu miya) speech:1. Was not expecting a Blogger with a Purpose Award but hey loving it. So thanks D and for the 2 bonus awards..dont you know how to make someone happy and how..2. Thanks for giving a suggested reading list by giving out the awards to all the deserving bloggers….will have fun checking out all of their blogs.Seriously thanks a ton for this. Means a lot to me.

  7. >Oh la! It's been ever so long!Thanks so much babe… You were one of the first people to land up on my blog, when I started it over a year ago… and aren't I glad!Having people such as you have really enabled me to sustain the entire Blogging affair. Else, I usually lose interest in a matter of months!I'm very dependent on your blog to keep me in touch with the world beyond Gay Rights and Gay Issues, which is what my own blog pretty much confined my online presence to, so I'm thankful for that!The "Friends" award really means so very very much! Thank you for that :')

  8. >Thank you so much, D! Totally delighted and honoured!Congratulations for your awards! You so deserve it! I just want to add that I really really enjoy your posts!

  9. >@Quirky Indian: Yes, you’d better live up to the award now!@Meira: Don’t know about people, do know about generous IHM, Monica and Unsung Psalm!@GM: Why the surprise? You deserve all of them :)@Saima: I know, the firsts of anything are special!@Devaki: Oh, you are those emotional celebrities who get all excited and forget their speech 😉 I get it!@DewdropDream: I shall wait for the award ceremony at your blog.@chandni: You’ve plenty to flaunt already! :)@Reveda: Thank you!

  10. >@A: I truly meant all of that.@Aneela: Did I not put your name on the comments wala award? $#!T. You get that one too babe.@Chrysalis: And another award for you for the most structured thank-you speech!@Unsung: You’re always welcome @Monika, Ansh: Two ke badle two!@IHM: So true, that bit about the love that comes with these awards. What goes around, comes around, eh?@JLT: It’s definitely thoughtful business. But for thinking people, it should be easy.@Smitha: Thank you Smitha! I enjoy your comments too.

  11. >Yay… I get an award… Thankoooooo so much… This gives me a reason good enough to take out that much needed time to blog regularly, which I really really want to, but havent been able to..

  12. >Thanks a lot D :)absolutely delighted with the award :)))and yes I do love your posts:)specially since they do resonate with me most of the time:)infact make that ALL the time:)((hugs)) now off to discover some other bloggers you have mentioned and whom I dont know:)))

  13. >Awww… Thank you thank you! I got two-two awards :PThank you so much D! This means a lot to me! So, let's continue writing and sharing the love!

  14. >@OJ: You’re welcome.@Soulmate: Yes, you better get back to blogging now!@monikamanchanda: Thank you and you’re welcome!@Devaki: No, no, he’s not so eloquent!@Finn: Exactly what I wanted to tell you :)@maidinmalaysia: And how do we say “you’re welcome” Malaysian style?@Mystic Margarita: Thanks so much.@Indyeah: That’s another plus for the awards ceremonies – you get to know so many interesting bloggers.@Sirop: Let’s!@Piper: You deserve it babe!@Broom: Spread the cheer 🙂

  15. >Congratulations to you D, for all these awards. You deserve every one of them.And thank you for mine! Multiple awards…woohoo! this is huge! There you go, that's my thank you speech. 🙂

  16. >Oh well! What can I say … I am humbled and honored. Thanks for the award. I feel like a celebrity for once :-)Your blog is addictive and you are brilliant with penning down your thoughts. More often than not, your posts make helluva sense. I love this space of yours!!Cheers.

  17. >@maidinmalaysia: ok, lah! Like that?@Chakli: That was an economical speech – no wasting words :)@Sangfroid: Thank you! I love how giving these awards gets me so many compliments for my blog :)@J: This is all the comment I got from you 😦

  18. >Thank you D! I am glad you remembered me and my blog. But I am not a new commentor on me-letmebe.blogspot.com. One of my first comments was on your birthday post when you wanted to postpone it. Yaad aaya? 🙂

  19. >@Sraboney: No problem!@Manish Raj: Hey, you've been totally off blogging for so long – you just resurfaced now! Not fair!@Eram: I stand corrected.

  20. >awwwwwwwwnot onenot twobut THREEE!!!! WEEEEEEEEE!!! AND yet I am late to the party!!!!! how could i!! I am sorry. You do know that i've been off the comp lately. Just post through phone and log off before someone screams at me for not 'spending time with them'. but thank you, thank you, thank you … for all three of them 'respectively'. Need I say I'm honored? :)thanks for making me smile. u be rockin' ji!!! :))

  21. >Hey.. Thank you.. i saw this the last time came visiting.. but took some time to take it in.. yes.. am now ready with the Thank you speech.. and it says.. Thank you!! 🙂 liked the words that accompany the citation..

  22. >@Solilo: You're welcome!@Roop: I know you're busy partying in Kenneda! But like the title of the post says, better late than never :)@How do we know: Ha! That's quite a speech! We're floored 🙂

  23. >@I scribble here: yay!! thankyou thankyou :D*D does a birdy dance*:)@Avaran: Well, it's nice to be busy in a way you want to be!@Aneri: What's this post called? Better late than never 🙂

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