>Do Sweat the Small Stuff…


…some of it, sometimes at least because:

…You can’t make yourself so comfortable in someone’s office that you rest all your weight on the glass-topped table and break the glass into two!
That’s what three boys did to a table in my office.

…You can’t not tell your guests what is the occasion for the party while sending out invites if it is as grand as a 50th wedding anniversary!
Yes, I went to a party without knowing it was being thrown to celebrate someone’s anniversary, forget about it being the golden one!

…You can’t stare at the girl sitting at the office reception so hard that you walk into the glass door with a loud thud and a bang!
That happened in my office again. I didn’t know whether to be scared for the door or the poor fella’s head.

…When you butt into a conversation with your two cents, you give away how you’ve been eavesdropping on someone. I’m still deciding which was ruder – the eavesdropping or the butting in!

…An ill-fitting bra under a tight t-shirt is not flattering at all!
How can they not get it?

…When you think something’s passing you by, it will hit you right in the face!
Like the damn recession! (Actually, that could be Murphy’s Law)

…If you spend too much time playing Monopoly, you’ll want more than before to go to Trafalgar Square!
And the swine of a swine flu will not make it easier for you!

What’s the small stuff you’d rather people sweat over?


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  1. >Agree with GM. Stop asking personal questions. Also, when you say we will meet at a particular time, show up on time…or atleast only a few minutes late, not an hour!

  2. >just because you went to meet someone in a different city does not gives you the right to drag them to an expensive restaurant and expect them to pay as well, without shamlessly even offering to pay… Did I make some sense or was that confusing to understand?

  3. >dirty/torn panties under lowrise jeanunhemmed petticoats that don't match the sareeflipflops with kanjivaramschewing your food with mouth wide open, and also trying to hold a conversationnot sure if the last is really small stuff!

  4. >@GM: Yeah, tell me about it. I did a whole post on it!@Mampi: They really were funny!@Shilpa: Yes, being punctual is really small stuff for a lot of people!@Soulmate: LOL! Poor you!@ummon: Yes, what's with the flip flops and the kanjeevarams? Just don't get it.

  5. >My latest one is this…Asking someone to ask around if there are job openings, when they do send you leads, you sit on it for two weeks, doing nothing. Really gets to me! Felt like a fool forwarding leads to this particular person.And yes, being late! How can people not respect time!!!

  6. >Asking a women "When's the baby due"Hello!! she may have already delivered the baby Just because you don't see the baby with her doesn't mean it's still inside:-)

  7. >@Aneri: Oh well, if someone thinks a job is small stuff, what can you do!!@Dil se: Who would that be more embarrassing for – the mother or the inquirer! :P@Piper: Yeah, I recently got asked by a 7-yr-old why I'm married and don't have a baby yet 😀 Beat that!

  8. >Giving cheap gifts. Don't gift if you don't want to!!Plonking your dirty feet on my new white sofa! Sure, make yourself comfortable but make sure you are presentable first. :(And my pet peeve, just did a post on this! Dogs not on leash jumping on you and the owner insisting, 'My dog is soooo friendly, she never bites!' Maybe, but can you get her off me please?Actually, I have too many to list, so I'll stop here.

  9. >walking into a glass door with a thud and a bang could happen in case the glass is over-clean too! I had a bleeding nose once. And I wasn't staring at any female then 😐

  10. >:):) been there, seen that!! :):) One 'curious' relative asked me anxiously if 'all was ok' b/w the G and me, because we didnt have kids yet! So I pressed my eyes closed for minute and with a complacent,knowing smile said,"All ok. Believe me, all is OK. Do you want the details??" She beat a hasty retreat!! ha ha! Loved reading this post,D..

  11. >@Monika, Ansh: And may I add to that, that if you're replying someone you've never seen, don't assume it's a man! I have emails addressing and stupid SMSes addressing me Mr.D! Weird.@Devaki: Oh yes, how could I forget the cheap gifts! And go on, list some more for us please.@Sangfroid: Well, it would be a great ad for the glass then! But the door in my office has a huge steel handle to pull it with. How can someone not see it!@Piper: Yeah, but coming from a 7-yr-old is just too much!

  12. >D, I am smiling at your post and then comments thinking 'been there..thought so'. "…An ill-fitting bra under a tight t-shirt is not flattering at all!How can they not get it?"I have seen it couple of times and it is NOT."…When you butt into a conversation with your two cents, you give away how you've been eavesdropping on someone. I'm still deciding which was ruder – the eavesdropping or the butting in!"Seriously!People need to stop asking personal questions like 'have baby already…your clock is ticking away', 'have two kids don't be lazy'….so on.

  13. >parents thinking its 'cute' when the child is trying to spit on u, or pasting a gum on ur hair.. arrghhh!and lol@the glass door, has happened in my office as well! only, i secretly yay-ed cus it was this bitchiest woman who bumped against the door

  14. >lol on the glass thud one…i remember long back my college days me and my friend were walking on the road and this guy driving and looking back staring us and there we saw him going right in the ditch with his scooter… cant tell u how much we laughed

  15. >@A: Unwanted help, eh?@Solilo: I know… we've all been through this, haven't we?!@I scribble here: What?! I am very firm with rude and misbehaved kids. Can't imagine someone doing that to me!As for the background, well darling, I'm just as technologically challenged if not more than you! But this background is really easy to do. On the top left corner of the blog page is the link to the website which provides these backgrounds. They're the easiest thing to spruce up your blog!@monikamanchanda: Lol! Can imagine how funny that must have been!

  16. >the glass incidents are maha filmy!!it REALLY happened??well i have a long long list but will put the top 31.Black bra under light or white shirt/Kurta.2.Passing on cheap, torn/ broken things as gifts! My daughter got a chipped vase and a pen stand with paint peeling off on her bday…Grrrrrr3.Dirty nails.and i absolutely agree with flip flops on Kanjeevarams..yeeksP.S. luv the wall paper

  17. >Really liked this one – "You can't stare at the girl sitting at the office reception so hard that you walk into the glass door with a loud thud and a bang!"..happened to me too, the only difference being that i was watching a Table Tennis match

  18. >@my space: Yes, those were for real, I promise.And what's the with bad gifts? Just because you wrap it in coloured paper doesn't mean you can hide the damages!@I scribble here: See, I told you 🙂 And now I'm coming over to check what yours looks like…@peenuts: Where was the screen placed for you to walk into a glass?

  19. >Had posted earlier and then we had one of the famous powercuts and my comment disappeared just as I clicked on the 'publish' link. My pet peeves (I have a huge list) which I can remember at this moment:* Visible bra straps* People not using basic courtsey* People who come and finish off half my lunch when I'm eating and when I take a bite from theirs, they say 'Are if you eat my lunch what will I eat?'* Oversmart a***holes* People who constantly want favours* Parents who don't teach their kids basic manners etc* People who think my dog phobia is just a way of attracting attention and tell me to 'grow up' or think its a big joke to frighten me by plonking dogs on my lap

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