• Yes, I am, after my friend T, dancing with all her might on the dance floor, stepped on my foot with her three-inch high heel! My left foot is all swollen and blue now, a not-so pretty return gift for throwing a surprise party for her along with my friend M.
  • So you want the party details now? Oh well, I wouldn’t like to blow my own trumpet, but yes, the party was super successful! T was amply surprised, nay, shocked and the guests were all such sweethearts to be as excited as M and I were to host this bash for her. She showered us with enough praise in return to make it all seem worth it, if you know what I mean.
  • So why am I writing in bullets? Blame it on Twitter that has me talking in 140 characters these days and wanting to write blog posts like this.
  • I was contemplating VRS (Voluntary Retirement Scheme) after taking a week-long hiatus from work. Sitting at home and doing nothing for some time seemed idyllic and I thought I could make my peace with sleeping in the day and partying at night! But then I got bullied into getting back to writing. Honestly, I like such bullying that makes me do what I like to. So I’m back to doing (or trying to) what I know best, but as a freelancer yet, which is fine. So say yay!
  • May happened to be the first month this year that I did not venture out of town. In January, we went for a weekend getaway to our ancestral house in a small town near Lucknow, Feb saw us heading to Goa, March to Mumbai, April to Benaras and May nowhere! If things go as planned, I won’t be making the same complaints about June! Holiday plans will be revealed when finalised. Greedy me also already wondering about July!
  • I will be vying for my husband’s attention all over again, beginning today. And that just when I thought I’d have him to myself. Hate that the IPL and the T20 World Cup could not have been planned a little more apart to give us non-cricket crazy people enough of a reprieve!

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  1. >Hope your foot is better now! …and hope you have great vacations in June and July!And I also will learn to communicate in 107 characters :)… twittering is teaching us to say more with less!

  2. >Hope your foot gets better soon..Have great vacations….Enjoy T20 for now and pray for India :)PS:-there is a problem with submitting comments on blogspot blogs..this is the third time I am trying..

  3. >FINALLY I CAN COMMENT. I've been trying for a week to leave a comment on your previous post without any luck. The comment box just won't open. Sigh! So hope your eye problem is ok now.you seem to be injuring one body part after another :). now don't go do anything else that will spoil the vacation you've lined up.pics of the party?? where? post post post.

  4. >@IHM: First time in two years that I'm encountering problems with comments on blogspot.And you are already tweeting, so the learning process is well begun!@indyeahforever: My foot is already better, thank you! As for the comments, I apologise on Blogspot's behalf :(@A: And I was wondering all along where everyone had disappeared… Then GM pointed out how I needed to allow comments on my blog, which really took me aback because I had never closed comments. Was a technical snag, did some troubleshooting and it's working! Thank God!Party pics? On my party blog soon!@Chrysalis: Thankfully, it's not so painful. And planning for holidays is just as much fun as going for one, don't you think?@unsung: šŸ™‚ Yeah, right! Now I can't wish I had a gay man for a husband, can I?@Solilo: Me too! It makes it easier to say random stuff coherently.

  5. >this comment problem is there with most blogspot blogs..it happened with three of my friends blogs too..PS:-good reason to shift to WP no?:Dthen I can comment easily :DPPS:-just write Indyeah or Indy and it'll do šŸ™‚

  6. >Do line up your holiday plans for June July Aug and so…o on but don't line up your body parts for injuries…Anyways stay healthy and enjoy your holidays šŸ˜€

  7. >Oh my a 3 inch heel was it? Ouch, even thinking of it hurts. Hope you are well soon. And where are you going holidaying? take me along. I see need a break. Good to see the comments sections working again. A lot of people ofcourse, blamed Blogger's technical snag on you! he he he.

  8. >@Indyeah: Oh, you are the same Indyeah that I knew? I thought this was someone new!WP doesn't work for me because I'd have to change my display name for that. Can't stop being D, you know!@Geeta: That was sweet, thank you. @GM: A lot of people left this comment on one of my posts – "Kuch toh log kahenge, longon a kaam hai kehna…" Time for me to say that too!@Chandni: Pliss to tell also what you want in that proper posy? šŸ™‚

  9. ># Let the foot rest.# Were you ever an event manager? :-P# Twitter is not 107, it is 140 :-)# Will have a peek into what you like to do :-)# Traveling during monsoons is fun!# Please don't complain about T20 although the hatred is … well, somewhat genuine šŸ˜›

  10. >@Sangfroid: Thanks for pointing out the error. Made the correction :)@Sindhu: Thank you. Got my byline back in the paper today after a break of 2 years! And am loving it!

  11. >You travel every month? I am soooo jealous! Hope your foot is healing well. If not then there's an excuse for taking another week off for doing nothing.

  12. >I've realised that it helps to like sports (or pretend to). What with the cricket and tennis and formula 1 and football all vying for the husband's attention šŸ˜€

  13. >@Chakli: The monthly holidays just happened, but after you've spent the first quarter of the year like that, you do begin to expect more from the rest of it!And I wish a bruise was a valid reason to take off from work ;)@Meira: Lol! I used to like cricket actually till the overkill from The Guy's side! Even now, I don't mind a match but my life can't revolve around it.@J: Pray, nothing!

  14. >Yay!!Its great that you are back to writing, and of course that your party was super!!! You werent as quick on your feet it seems to avoid that nail poke (read, heel stab) Ouch!!!

  15. >1. Ouch! hope your foot`s ok now!2. Feels great to be reading your posts again D!3. I love pointer posts! :)4. Hey, you watching the T20 series?? šŸ™‚

  16. >@SSQuo: To err is human, no? :(@Piper: Hey Piper, first of all a warm hug and welcome back šŸ™‚ Missed you here!My foot is now ok and I'm only following who's winning and who's losing in the T20 World Cup.@Mystic: Just fine now, thank you šŸ™‚

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