>I’m not a bitch!

>A diet, three ulcers and some scratches. That kind of sums up my life in the last fortnight.

If I were to talk about what’s going on in my life, I could give you a 7-day food chart for the GM diet that I followed diligently and have come out of feeling quite a winner. I’m fitting back into my clothes that had grown uncomfortably tight in the last three months, weighing lesser and feeling lighter. How many kilos have I lost? I don’t care, I’m just feeling good and that’s what matters.

After the good, comes the bad – the three corneal ulcers that had me writhing in pain. And since the darned ulcers weren’t visible to the naked eye, it was left to my imagination to come up with plausible reasons for why my left eyelid had to be prised open like an obstinate new can of preserved-something till I could reach my doctor. And I spend a whole night imagining stuff like going blind before I managed an early morning appointment with the family doctor (the doctor is actually family) who diagnosed the problem for what it was: three ulcers in my left cornea and a few scratches as well. Don’t ask me how I managed that; I’m still clueless but the doctor says it was my lens misbehaving with my eye.

That was last Sunday and I haven’t still fully recovered. Which means that for the last so many days I’m learning to look at myself without kohl in my eyes. I don’t remember having ventured out of my house without my eyes lined with kohl in the last 9 years now! But this time I had to, though I haven’t been to work since then. As for now, the kohl and kajal pencils are out of bounds as are the lenses!

The eye problem meant that I could’t spend long hours on the comp, or watch TV or read books. So I just slept off the red, swollen, watering eye. And in the boring intervals I spend awake, I logged on to the internet to find out what an eye with corneal ulcers looks like. And the images that my dear Google threw up for me convinced me that I was living a dog’s life. Why? Well because the image search only came up with pictures of dogs with corneal ulcers. Not a single human eye with the problem was to be found on the world wide web! The ophthalmologist thankfully has pics to convince me otherwise. I have the doc’s verdict: I’m not a bitch!


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  1. >corneal ulcers…ooo..Hope u feel better girl…Try monthly or daily disposable lenses…They are more hygenic, have less protein build up, and don’t wear them for extended amount of time :)Congrats on fitting into those lean jeans! Thats’ always an achievement for a girl πŸ˜‰

  2. >Take care, girl. Do what the doc says and don’t use lens or kohl. Hope the eye gets better soon.Yay for fitting back into the clothes. I still have to fit into a sexy, body-hugging skirt from my pre-marriage days – it’s my yardstick for my girth and what it shoud be!

  3. >nahee yara in the early days of contact lens this problem would come up…at times if there was a speck of dust and it would scratch your eye (your eye has kind of become immune to foreign objects because of the lens so you dont blink it away)…im hearing of this after a long time, you should take a break from contacts on weekends once things are back to normal yara. I do that now…and experiment with another brand

  4. >Hahaha!Very interesting!So you did the GM diet? Lovely! I was planning to pursue it too… but then I fell ill and lost lots of weight, and am slightly underweight now, so I don’t really need it. :)But you did well! Good job…

  5. >aww, that sounds painful., take care of yourselfand bravo.. on the GM diet, have “planned” to do it several times but its not quite doable for me with the office hours and allthere’s nothing like feeling lighter and fitting into one’s old clothes, really.

  6. >Hey maybe you should take a break from lenses for a while and wear glasses get some nice frame). Otherwise try wearing disposable llenses. And keep a bottle of ‘Blink and Clean’ in your bag so that anytime you feel the slightest discomfort in the eye (because of dust or a strand of hair or your eyes go dry), you can put in a drop or two directly in your eyes. I use it regularly and it does help quite a bit.

  7. >Apart from the pain and discomfort, this must have also been scary!!! I also wear lenses all the time so I can imagine how you must have felt. But do take care D. I avoid wearing lenses when I am on the comp at home, because all the staring at the screen dries up the eyes.Fitting back comfortably into tighter clothes is an occasion to celebrate with new clothes πŸ™‚

  8. >@Jira: I was wearing monthly disposable lenses and a brand new pair of them that I had taken out two days ago. My eyes are just too sensitive to tolerate any kind of intrusion :/@Mystic: Don’t sit on it for too long. Work on it.@Avaran: Where there’s a will, there’s a way!@Aneela: I’ve been using contact lenses for only 4 months now! When the doc saw my eye, he asked me how many years I’ve been using lenses for! Couldn’t beleive when I said 4 months. So it’s not the lenses, it’s my super-sensitive eye!@unsung: The silver lining of falling ill is the weight loss! It’s unhealthy, I know, but it’s weight loss after all :P@SMM: If the doctore allows me to go back to lenses, I will heed that advice. And oh, I have very cool Tag Heur frames for my glasses :)@M4: Lol! Thank you.@Monica: Thank you πŸ™‚

  9. >Take Care girl. Was wondering why you were missing ina ction for such long interval.BTW, the headline and the last line was quite fitting. I loved them. When I had read the headline I thought it would be a post on bitchiness but it was so completely different. LOL!

  10. >Yeh, the lens.. been through that and now find the good ol’ spects more comfy. And the designer frames add to the comfort.Speedy recovery from those ulcers.

  11. >There was a problem with posting comments on my blog. I realised that after a friend told me so. I didn't turn off comments guys, so let the comments flow in!

  12. >Going to Google for any sort of medical diagnosis is the sure-fire of being told that one is going to die very, very soon.Yay for the weight loss, you must have one helluva will-power to hold off for seven days. Hello.

  13. >@sscribles: That was the idea!@J: I did find the lenses very cpmfortable too, but if my eyes aren't taking too them, I can't do much :(@Parul: I had already been diagnosed of ulcers when I went to check the images on Google. Was just curious to know what my ulcers looked like and because I couldn't peep into my own eye, I thougt good ol' Google would come to rescue!But I may still die very, very soon, who knows!

  14. >Btw just realized I never knew about ulcers in the eye. I always thought ulcers were in the tummy and resulted because of improper eating habits

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