Photo object: Jackfruit on a tree in my backyard
Camera: Nikon D60
Photographer: D


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  1. >@Patricia: Thank you. What’s the sighing for?@Monika: Thank you!@SMM: I know. Tried to think of another title, but this one seemed so apt.@Avaran: Fruit (?)

  2. >@I scribble here: 🙂 Not yet.@Saima, Stone, Geeta: Thanks.@Solilo: Like I said, I couldn’t think of a more suitable title for the photograph, ironically.@Rose, Mystic, Chrysalis, Perakath: Thank you.

  3. >Totally agree. No other title would have been as apt as this one. Nice composition. With that D60 SLR, you can actually do lots of experiments.. How I wish for a SLR… Need to save…

  4. >@IHM: Please do! I love photo posts.@Soulmate: I got it as a gift from my mum on my birthday!@J: Really? Where else?@unsung: Hahaha! Never know :)@lostonthestreet: We have this amazing jackfruit biryani at our place! Wish you could try that some time.

  5. >thats a unique perspective..dont think i could have thought of it:)PS:-was totally engrossed in your previous post..had and have no clue what to say

  6. >@Avaran: Ha ha! As opposed to nothing. Just by itself.@Monika, Ansh: That’s some encouragement, thank you! Heading over to your blog now to collect my award :)@Indyeah: I though of beehive too but preferred ‘pregnant’. And that’s not unimaginative at all.

  7. >oh btw, yr lucky with th jackfruits, i mus say… th ones in kerala decided to come in late this year, and now with the monsoons having set in already, theres no hope of getting good fruit this time round!

  8. >@Sindhu: Thanks!@Avaran: Really? Another reason for you to come to Lucknow!@Sampoorna: Thank you!@Mama Mia: 🙂 Thanks!@Finn: I really wanted you to have a look at it, what with you being a photographer and all. Am so glad you saw this and like it 🙂

  9. >@A: Thank you. And yes, I have been trying my hand at the new camera!@Anon: And you seem to have no sense of humour.Btw, my post was not childless. It bore a lot of fruit 😛

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