>An Indian Summer

>The flowers of amaltash
Yellow like the lilt
Of the ‘l’ before the ‘t’
When the tongue touches the lip.

The red of the Gulmohurs
Against a faint blue sky,
The unripe mangoes –
Pompous, pregnant, poised.

The koel’s coo-coo
Through the dust-laden Loo.
The wet smell of the khus-khus
In air cooled rooms.

The hot pink
And the papery peach
On brittle branches
Of bougainvillea trees.

The fragrant white
Of jasmine buds,
Strung together,
Wound so tight.

The glazed green
Of pruned kochias,
Like blobs of a colour
Tamed with the scissor.

The purple-stains
Of faalsey on my tongue,
The ochre of bel
And the pink of watermelon.

My freckles blush
A darker brown
In the spring of my affair
With an Indian summer.


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  1. >So nicely you have brought out the beautiful colors of summers.. The colors which go missing in winters.. Something like this, makes you love summers, even though its 42 degrees outside and impossible to step out… 🙂

  2. >pompous, pregnant, poised…..papery peach…u caught summers in its true colours!! Zamaana hua ye shabd sune…kochiya and phaalsey…i want them right now! Stomp! wld u believe ki bambai mein faalsey nahi miltey( badi jaddo jehad karni padti hai…lukhnau ki tarah nahi jagah jagah thelo par dher lage ho …)

  3. >oh you’ve described the summer so well… I am in love with the Indian Summer now… and am sure can put up with the heat…. Mangoes- pompous and pregnant… and pink of watermelon… how apt!! Well done yet again!

  4. >@Mac: Spring it isn’t, but summer does have its fair share of colours.@Mumbai Diva: I didn’t have to find them, they were right there before me!@my space: I keep telling you, Lucknow is a whole lot better tham your Bombau :/@alankrita: Oh, why do you say that? Isn’t it as nice?@Patricia: You’re so generous with your compliments, thank you!@M4: Thank you!

  5. >@Simplyme: Thank you!@I scribble here: I’m actually surprised so many people love summers. I thought it was only me!@IHM: Well, thank you then.

  6. >The koel’s coo-cooThrough the dust-laden Loo.The wet smell of the khus-khusIn air cooled rooms………..Thats the best about summers…every morning I wake upto the coos of this koel…and I start my morning on a musical note..You indeed have captured the summers well.

  7. >anything concerned with lucknow fascinates me. recently read a novel by MM Kaye and she describes lucknow just as your poem gives out. though summer is almost the same in punjab too, but somehow i associated your poem with uttar pradesh.very well penned-almost splashed all the colors in front of eyes.

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