>When I fell in love with a wobbly-kneed Uncle

>Miracles do happen. If I can wake up at 5 o’clock and go for a morning walk, there’s no reason to not believe that.

Having said that, let me get to the point of the post. Hear out this conversation I had with a wobbly-kneed uncle on the walk. I’d just satten – I know there’s no word like that, but I think there should be! Okay, so I’d just satten myself down on a bench to catch my breath after a 3.5 km walk when a friendly octagenarian Uncle started chatting with me.

Uncle: Tired?

Me: Ji uncle. (Yes, Uncle).

Uncle: Roz aati ho beta?

Me: Not really uncle.

Uncle: Achcha, chuttiyan ho gayi na… (Okay, the vacations have started now…)

Me: *Keep mum and smile*

Uncle: Kahan padh rahi ho beta?

Me: *Look sheepishly* I’m working Uncle.

Uncle: *Wide-eyed, jaw dropping, pupils popping out* Achcha?! *Looks at me disbelievingly* Lagta nahin hai! Tum 16-17 saal se zyaada ki nahin lagti ho… Kamaal ho gaya! (You don’t look older than a 16-17 year old. Wonderful)
*That’s the point I fell in love with him!*

Me: *Smile ear to ear*

Uncle: Bahut achchi baat hai beta, bahut well maintained ho! Kahan kaam kar rahi ho? (Very good. You’ve maintained yourself very well. So where do you work?)

Me: ABC (I just tell him the name of my company. Didn’t have the heart to tell him I actually run my own business. Was afraid his eyes may just fall off their sockets).

Uncle: Very good, very good!

Me: *Getting up with renewed energy, an extra spring in my step and ready to sprint to the next 1.5 km mark* Thank you Uncle!

Now you tell me, if being judged some 15 years younger than what I am is not healthy for my ego, what is? Could Santoor (remember that ‘Meri twacha se meri umra ka pata hi nahin chalta’ ad for the soap?) want me for their next commercial?!


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  1. >Lol……..& I would have fallen in love too with this uncle.But really, seeing u do look so young in the picture of your birthday(whatever was visible). Well done girl. Hamein bhi raaz batao?

  2. >@R: Shame on you for asking a woman’s age! πŸ™‚ 29.@Monika, Ansh: It’s in the genes, darling!@unsung: Me too, though I must admit at the risk of sounding totally immodest, that this hasn’t happened with me for the first time.

  3. >Hehe, dude I got asked for ID when buying alcohol… it was funny and annoying at the same time. And um yes, it’s a regular occurence (the mistaken age, not alcohol buying :P) … still, I hope I look as young as you do when I am the age you are now!

  4. >uncleji ki aankhen….??? Ha ha!! Don`t kick me yet..i was jus saying ki badi parkhi nazar hain ji uncleji ki! Honestly , u do look much younger…and now u may pls return the same compliment to me..

  5. >ha ha ha!good one! i am sure after that u had a wonderful day πŸ™‚ 5 am morning jogs??!! am i the only one waking up at 8 am to leave for office at 8.30?? damn!! what is this world coming to… *sigh*:)

  6. >So are you like…going to the park everyday now?you know…lying in wait for the said uncle…and getting another such compliment?:Dbut seriously that is awesome :))will we see you in an ad soon?

  7. >me too!!! (for falling in love with this uncle) Good on you for having beautiful skin that makes you look so young πŸ™‚

  8. >usually its my kiddy friends that ask me which class im studying… i usually say something like 13th standard or something… so far, no wobbly kneed uncle has taken me for that young… perhaps because id have more grey hair than him…. πŸ™‚

  9. >wait, u jus said u walk 5 kms? no wonder you looked 10 years younger… gosh.. i can barely scramble thru 2 kms (im normally too lazy to even try that much) but then wats th point.. all u need to do is get some fresh air, and be fit… i think 1km will do that well enough… or dont u think so?

  10. >@GM: Definitely!@DewdropDream: Yeah, it’s fun when you’re 29 and look younger than most 20-year-olds!@my space: Yes, of course! You do look much younger than your age ;)@M4: Hahaha! Let me have a baby, then I’ll be better suited to applying for the ad.@Rose: Like I said, it happens with me all the time, so I don’t need to bump into this Uncle again ;)@Perakath: I love them when they come up with such stuff!

  11. >@Saima: I did say it was a miracle – me waking up at 5! I usually wake up at 9:30 pm to reach office at 11:00! @Indyeah: Hahahaha! I like surprises better.@Me: Thank you.@Avaran: I’ve just been walking the 5km walk for 3 days… And since I don’t find it overly tiresome, I think I can continue with that. 1km?? Too less. It’s like warm-up!

  12. >:Di am obviously jealous since i looked older than i was even in school (Idamn dad’s broad structure!).but this is indeed a kick! πŸ˜€ good for ya i say!cheers!abha

  13. >Miss Beautiful Skin or shall I say Miss Guess My Age :-PI’m getting to believe that you could be bestowed with many such titles!!Good Going! Keep up the good walk .. err I mean the good work πŸ™‚

  14. >@Abha: In school, I used to look older too. But then I just stopped aging visibly… time stopped!@Sangfroid: Hahaha!@Soulmate: LOL! Seriously, none at all.@Sirop: Hehehe… thanks πŸ˜›

  15. >DI can relate to ur delight. I was told I dont look like I have 2 kids or am married. But what takes some of the fun away is my hubby looks even younger…being the lean mean machine that he is, he is mistaken for a high school or college student. Very tough to keep up with that Boo hoo hoo.

  16. >@How do we know: πŸ™‚ Thank you hai ji!@Chrysalis: Oooooohh! No such problem here. The Guy is often blamed foe cradle snatching actually ;)@Formerly sansmerci: I do that too!

  17. >walking? i thought u went running/jogging… πŸ™‚ hmm and well, and it turns out that what i thought was 2 kms of running was actually 3 kms to and fro… though i run barely half of it interspersed with long periods of slow walkking

  18. >@simplyme: LOL!@Avaran: I try to run/jog in bits and patches, but for most part it’s brisk walking.@A: And in my head, I’m still a baby!

  19. >yea, that should make anyone beam and rightly so.. “once upon a time” i used to hear that too, no more :/and hey u run ur own business, wow, i wonder how it is to have no boss.. sigh

  20. >yea, that should make anyone beam and rightly so.. “once upon a time” i used to hear that too, no more :/and hey u run ur own business, wow, i wonder how it is to have no boss.. sigh

  21. >@DewDropdream: Finall! I shall be there in a minute to read it.@Ankita: Er, the uncles are happy with me or I am happy with the uncles?@I scribble here: To have no boss feels rather nice!

  22. >Ha, ha..laughed at meri twacha..I use this line too…who wud not fall for this uncle..am envious..send him over…maybe I would then be able to justify all the spending on..Olay, Elizabeth Arden etc.etc.

  23. >@Nisha: Ha! You’re just jealous… see me in my work out gear and you won’t dispute the compliment!@Poonam J: I know! Will send him across as soon as I find him again.

  24. >Congratulations! Why did you’ve to write that last paragraph that way? “Santoor girl, eh?” was to be my line. :(Sweet post.Take care.

  25. >sure, the uncle went home happy too, i hope.he was also working in some public relations deptt earlier, before retiring i mean.pooch lena un seybut it sure is a good inspiring chat to help u sail through 1.5 kms. it is encouragement like this that keeps us going.

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