>Alphabetically speaking…


A is for Apartment Therapy that I’m OD-ing on these days. My day starts and ends with checking for great home décor ideas there.

B is for all the birthday gifts I’m enjoying: clothes, shoes, clutches… It’s a good life!

C is for my first SLR camera that I also got as a gift from my mum on my birthday. Am loving it!

D is for D or me. How many more people have started calling me D in real life is unbelievable!

E is for excessive – partying, shopping, eating. My life right now.

F is for friends. This year, the family’s been on the back burner as The Guy and I spend all our free time with friends.

G is for guiltless living. I’ve stopped feeling guilty about so many things I used to. It’s fun to live without regrets and guilt.

H is for the heat – too much, too soon!

I is for the indelible ink on my index finger. Which means I voted!

J is for JLT: Life, as it is right now – just like that.

K is for kitsch – the design flavour I’m into these days.

L is for lost – my diamond bracelet and Espirit watch. I don’t know where they vanished from my room!

M is for movies that we aren’t getting to see any of because of the dispute between the multiplex owners and film producers.

N is for ‘No’ – my answer to a job offer from a newspaper. It was a tough decision but I don’t want any half measures now and won’t settle for anything less than what I deserve.

O is for obscure people who have been sending me friend requests on Facebook ever since I changed my profile pic!

P is for photographs. I want to click more of them and get more of mine clicked. I want to frame them, gift them, blog about them.

Q is for questions about my future that are becoming increasingly difficult to avoid.

R is for rumours in the journalistic circles about whether I was or wasn’t taking up the job offer!

S is for status quo on the home front. There’s no news on the home acquisition bit and as they say, no news is good news.

T is for Twitter that I’m still trying to get the hang of.

U is for unwell – how The Guy has been almost the whole of last month.

V is for the verve with which I live my life, most of it at least.

W is for work. It’s peak season for us work-wise and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that all goes well.

X is for xeros, Greek for dry. Just what describes my skin in this weather.

Y is for all the yelling that my domestic help has been getting from me ever since I realised my things were going missing from my room.

Z is for zzzzzz… Enough is not enough for me these days as far as sleeping goes. I blame it on the weather.


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  1. >O hh for your L, S igh for your I (as I couldn’t), and G et well soon wishes for your U ..cute post !! (If I can say that ):) and really kudos to you for such a rich, interesting and delightful blog and for continuing your writing so consistently. After all Mrs Lalchandani wasn’t wrong !! :)Really liked your post I don’t blame you God ! My thoughts exactly.. Keep writing!!

  2. >Interesting post, although the thought occurred to me that you must have tagged someone at the end of it. Was disappointed to see no tags at the end of your post.R

  3. >@M4: 🙂 That’s the best compliment ever!@my space: Not really. More to do with my life than my vocab.@Manisha: Lol@Mrs. Lalchandani :)But Mrs. Negi, who wanted to me to be a lawyer or an IAS would be sorely disappointed.@Patricia: Thank you!@Sampoorna: Well, it wasn’t meant to be a tag as such, but if you want to take it up, please go ahead.

  4. >Guiltless living is something thatll never happen for me as long as im in kerala… im jus waiting for a chance to escape… you do accept all those obscure requests? and hmmm, yeah, twitter was something i discovered right at the time it wa started, but i didnt really enjoy using it! perhaps bcos there werent anyone i knew using it back then… PS: regarding the other post, yeah even i was wondering why i got defensive.. second nature i guess…

  5. >@A: I think we were posting at the same time. It’s been happening too often with me now.Anyhow, I think we need to keep reinventing stuff to make them seem interesting.As for the SLR, nothing that matches up to yours! It’s a simple Nikon D60.@Indyeah: The alphabets made it easy.@Avaran: Then escape to happiness and from Kerala.And no, I don’t accept any of them obscure requests.I still don’t know people who’re very active on Twitter!As for the comment moderation, I removed it quite some time ago. I had activated it in the first place because there was a blogger who was leaving very weird and unnecessary comments. I think the problem is taken care of now, so I can let my guard down.

  6. >I’m sorry D, but err… please change the title. You can say, Life in Letters OR Life as per the Alphabet. Sigh. I’m sorry… It’s not right, this interchanging of Alphabet and Letters. And it’s a very sweet tag and all… so… change it if you’d like. Just letting you know… :$

  7. >Oh no, not that I wanted to take it up……. Usually posts like that end up as tags. So I thought may b you tagged someone at the end……………R

  8. >@Sirop: Done.@Sampoorna: I know you didn’t mean that but I thought I’d ask if you want to take it up as a tag anyway.@Monika: He’a already better, thank you.@Stone: Huh??@SSQuo: LOL… No, maids are hard to come by.@GM: No, I’m not moving to a new house, who said I was? @A: I know what you mean… As I said, am loving it! As for Twitter, D was taken, so I had to go for another name. Will look you up and we can follow each other(?)

  9. >I is for imagination, that you have in loads! You are so calm about the missing diamond bracelet and watch…i would have been so afraid about my mom’s yelling.

  10. >@Chakli: And what else can I do but be calm about it? I’ve raved and ranted to no avail. And my mother never get angry with me for something like this because she knows I don’t do it everyday!@simplyme: Is that the start of a new rumour?@Mystic: 🙂 Yes, this is what I am like for now.

  11. >This was very well done D & I expect no less from u. Your life seems perfect to me. Get well soon wished for your hubby & looking forwrad to pictures from your SLR. 🙂

  12. >@Sindhu: A plus? Yay! @Monika, Ansh: Believe me, it’s a lot less than perfect but whatever it is, I’m glad for it 🙂

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