>I don’t blame you God…

>…For the way my life has shaped up.

I have always shied away from writing about my religion or philosophy because I think I have none. I’m a child of the chaos that surrounds me: I believe in the rationale of science but I also believe in things that are beyond any rationale. I believe in karma, but I’m not sure I know how to distinguish between retribution for my actions in this life or the past.

I live by only one tenet: my faith in God. My God exists outside of my religion. He does not judge me if I eat non-vegetarian food or if I do not light a diya before him in the morning. He does not punish me if I do not fast, if I do not visit a temple or if I do not know the Hanuman Chalisa by heart. When I err, I confess to him and he forgives me if I ask him to.

And I, in turn, never blame God for what seems to be going wrong with my life. I never doubt he has my best interests in mind even when he takes something away from me. I cannot ask him for anything because I think he’s given me so much and he knows what I want. I do not think he gives us a tough time because he wants us to suffer but because he wants us to remember what we may have forgotten.

It helps me tide over the worst times because I know there’s someone looking out for me. If that makes life happier for me, why should I spend agonising hours doubting whether he exists or not? And why should I wonder if God exists in human form or as an intangible energy in the universe? It doesn’t matter to me at all.

My God loves me and I love him back. What’s your God like?

On an aside: I talk of God as “He” primarily because of conditioning but I don’t really care for gender issues there either.


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  1. >i think i completely agree with u!! every word!! except maybe the whining part…coz yea i do tend to whine sometimes…ok mayb a lot of times! but at the end of everything i do realize that whatever happens, happens for a reason and maybe i just cant see that reason now.. 🙂

  2. >@Sampoorna: Great (wo)men think alike…@Artnavy: You need to tell that to you MIL too? I tell her this all the time!@Sunshine: Oh, I whine too. I feel sad too. But like you said, it’s easier to bounce back when you know there’s probably some good in this that I can’t see now.

  3. >Beautifully written and I do agree. Though I pray primarily to the female deities, or Shakti, when I close my eyes, the God I see before me is formless, shapeless, genderless. It is strength and comfort and love all merged together in the purest form.

  4. >Well written D… I completely agree with you!! I beleive strongly in just doing the right thing and not harming anyone. And if I do have something… which can be of help to others.. I might as well lend that helping hand!! Also.. the second para sounds just like my husband!! He has used those words.. but a million times!

  5. >@M4: You say it better than I could have.@Patricia: So he’s an optimist like me.@GM: Better or not, happier definietly.@Dewdrop: I like your God 🙂 He’s so cute when you talk to him like that!@tearsndreams: We do? We do!

  6. >beautiful! and I think we all agreebut since you asked..for me it is ganpati bapa moriya..i mean ganpu is just too cute to be a God god…he’s more like a buddy :)the buddy u run to last minute just before the exams…or the one u say thanks to when u have passed ur exams 🙂

  7. >My God exists only when I say “Oh My God!”. Umm. And as for philosophy, it’s “whether a situation is good or bad in the long run depends on how you handle it”. I love saying “The universe is conspiring against me!” whenever things go wrong, but I kinda don’t buy that myself 😛

  8. >@Trauma Queen: Somehow, I’ve never been able to develop an affiliation with any one diety.@Sangfroid: Good for us!@Suki: You sound like a border-line case of atheism. Are you?

  9. >I agree with you D. My thoughts are more or less the same, except that I am conditioned to automatically make a silent wish when I am crossing a Mandir at times. It’s conditioning I guess.You wrote this so well D 🙂

  10. >ha, i consider myself extremely religious, but still my concept of God agrees with you in almost every point…. except, I do ask God for stuff… like, the ideal Job, the ideal partner… peace at home, love in general, and the strength to be good… i ask Him because I know He knows better than me… but yeah, that doesnt mean selfish asking.. see, i think all that God really wants from us is this.. i would explain all outward shows of religiousness as, ‘failing to impress God, we’re trying to convince our fellow men that we are religious’….and yeah, i think ill write a post abt my religious beliefs sometime soon….

  11. >That is such a mature way of looking at God! And probably the best….’My God exists outside of my religion”….I especially loved this 🙂

  12. >@Monika, Ansh: I do that too: just bow my head in reverence in front of a mandir. But if I don’t, I don’t feel I’ve sinned. I’m not superstitious about it either. I just do it because I think that if in the middle of the day I can pause for a second to remember God, that can’t be bad!@Avaran: I know what you mean. I do not undermine religion at all. I believe in my religion too. And the only reason why I do not ask God for anything is because I think God has a plan for all of us and we’re just playing our part in it. @Jira: Yeah, I think one of the few things I’m mature about is my relationship with God 🙂

  13. >hey, a very happy belated birthday, i did read all abt it and tried leaving a comment, but the laptop was darn slow that daybut sounds like u had a super exciting party ! do we get to see pics?and well written post, this one.. but this is one subject which usually leaves me speechless 🙂

  14. >@Lavanya: And not know it!@I scribble here: Well, I have been toying with the idea… still can’t make up my mind.@Vinz: The nomenclature, I think, is irrelevant.

  15. >na tha main to Khuda tha,na hota main to Khuda hota…duboya mujhko hone ne,na hota Main to kya hota…andjaise til mein tel hai, jyon chakmak mein aagtera Sayeen tujh mein hai, jaag sake to jaag…these are the two verses, which came to my mind after i read the blog…good one…lots of introspection and depth…

  16. >@Manish Raj: But what about yours?@Rajnish: Wah! Kya baat hai!@Sindhu: I wonder if God was invented only because we humans needed a supernatural power to believe in…@Monika: Join the club!

  17. >Hi there D,Came over to your space blog hopping. Love your blog and your writing style and this post was really well written. Like most of the other commenters (not sure it this is the right word :)), I agree with your view too. Which is why I get really frustrated and angry when some temples in India insist on certain “dress code” to have “darshan”. Afterall, God is everywhere and within you. Its the faith that’s important and nothing else.Sorry for the long comment.

  18. >Agree with most of your post – very well put across. I know that God exists – I have felt His presence many a times, when no human was around to give me strength, direction or solace. I have seen Him in many different forms basically dependent on my emotions – sometimes in awe-inspiring moments when I stood to admire the majestic hills and snow capped mountains in the North or while flying over the vast expanse of the seas at 100 ft; sometimes I have seen Him in the pure blissful innocent smile of a little child; sometimes in the indescribable beauty of a woman; sometimes in the sounds of silence in a jungle; I too don’t blame Him for “For the way my life has shaped up”. I do believe in Karma and Newton’s third law of motion. I also believe that my God is very personal.

  19. >Hinduism is such a great religion and the depth of it is so much, that unfortunately today’s Hindus find it diffucult to learn its concepts and hardly know what it says. Yes u r right. We cannot blame God because, we do not understand him. We cannot blame God becos we just know our perspective. we cannot blame God becos we never tried to listen to Him.And again yes. God does not want u to say Hanuman Chalisa without faith in your heart and God does not want you to fast without u willingly convincing urself to fast. But, every day atleast for five minutes, just think about Him and nothing else. I am sure it will do wonders in your life. I am sure it will take you to higher level of spiritualism. Just shared what i felt. nothing else.

  20. >@Aparna V: I agree, but there’s a slight paradox in what you say: if God is withinus, why do we need to go to temples?@JPJ: Well said!@Chrysalis: I have read that. And commented on it too.@fieryblaster: This post does not mean that I do not believe in Hinduism. In fact, I think how I look at God is influenced greatly by The Gita. You’re right, it is about faith in what you do. Which is why I fast when I want to and believe in the power of chants. It’s just that I know my God does not judge me if I do or do not do these things.

  21. >My God is a lot like yours. I definitely don’t think there is any retribution for little personal decisions we make in everyday life, but I do hope there is some justice to all those who commit serious crimes, but escape untouched by human hands…. not sure if that happens. Like you, I do feel there is a formless god taking care of me, it does give me strength too.

  22. >D….nice post, I too have always shied away from religion, but only yesterday I did a post on My Religion, My God…Yes, there is a Supreme Power who resides in Temples, Gurudwaras, Church, Masjid etc…but He also resides within me, and around me in Nature. My God, Our God….He is the same.

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