>When we can’t blog…

>We scribble. Anywhere. Inside magazines if we can’t find any place better. On my 6-hour train journey from Lucknow to Benaras, here’s the use I put my pen to. Not all of it is legible, but if you click on the pics, you’ll get a better view.


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  1. >I love your hand-writing. Very neat and tidy and beautiful. And yes, I do this scribbling business all the time! And I am trying to get some writing work I can do for free just to get my foot in the door!

  2. >I LOVE YOUR HANDWRITING!!! I really treasure good-handwriting and people who possess good penmanship.Okay, funny thought, but your handwriting makes me wonder if we know each other… it’s very familiar!And God! You really are so creative… photos of your doodles… that is ingenious!

  3. >@Aneri: I love my handwriting too 🙂 @sscribbles: It was the first time I did this and yes, ’twas fun.@DewdropDream: *Bow and smiles* Thank you!

  4. >Others have pointed it out already:))love your handwriting:)And will ne off to Luckhnow and Banaras in a week for wddings in the family..will be scribbling my heart away:))

  5. >ur addiction to blog is turning into a mania!!!and everyone who shares this with u will definitely try this magazine thing while travelling! trendsetter, hmm?? 😉

  6. >Nice handwriting!! When I scribble no one can read.. not even me!!! At work.. I have this habbit of writing or scribbling my thoughts on post-its… End of the week.. I have a pile.. that I have to clear out… PS – that number tag is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done!!

  7. >@Indyeah: Oh excellent! We must meet up!@Nisha: I wasn’t just scribbling for the blog you know, but if that’s setting a trend, I don’t mind :D@Patricia: Not so tough… You’ve got to stop proctrastinating

  8. >I didnt even read what you wrote cuz I don’t want to cuz I am in love. I am in love with your writing and I can’t get past the aesthetics. Is there anything you do that I can’t fall in love with? :!

  9. >@Roop: Really? Now that’s making me fall in love with you :)The handwriting is a result of my convent education :P@Kazarelth: I can’t write a blog post on my phone, though I do check comments and leave some on others’ blogs through it.

  10. >Firstly, Beautiful Handwriting!Secondly, Nice space you’ve got here. Came blog-hopping. will stay :-)And although I too enjoy writing but let my books / magazines remain clean 😛

  11. >@IHM: As I said, I have my school to thank for the cursive writing practice!@Sangfroid: Welcome here! I very rarely do something like this with my books, but magazines aren’t as sacrosanct.

  12. >oh i keep a notebook with me werever i go this time bcos typically i realised i needed to write when i had the time and moreover when a thought or a feeling omes out in the crude form…. and anyway, sitting in front of th comp i never manage t find inspration to write these days…. (but i will… i intend t blog quite reguarly from now on)

  13. >Hey this is a very creative post and also, dude your handwriting is really nice, mine is the like small ant piles :)I may use this idea for a future post. Thanks great post .

  14. >You have a beautiful hand writing D. Lovely posts. This is the first time I’m visiting your blog and I loved it so much that I’m now your follower.Sampoorna.

  15. >@Avaran: I do too – carry a notebook, that is. But on this particular occasion I was so rushed I forgot to pack in any writing material in my hand baggage.And I’ll be looking forward to reading more of your posts!@Chirag: I’ll be flattered if you do something like this too. Let me know when to check your blog for it.@Sampoorna: Yay! I love compliments :)@Swati: Thank you!

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  17. >@Charmed Ones: Yes, this is the fate of blog addicts :)@Anon: That was well put.@flygye12: :/ I don’t know what to say except that may be she too had teachers who insisted on perfecting our cursive writing!

  18. >So you are truly obsessed (with blogging)!!! I’m visiting after a long time and surprised to see you don’t have many updates either. Been busy?

  19. >@Arya: I like people like you who like people like me :)@Devaki: Hey, where have you been? I posted about 10 posts last month – not enough? :(@A: Thank you for the advance wishes 😀

  20. >This is such a unique post!You actually wrote with a pen on paper! I was smiling the entire time. :)I do this too…In fact that’s how some blog posts take shape, as bullet points on a piece of paper or on a post-it! And of course ur handwriting is lovely.

  21. >hmm your birthday was yesterday right…17th? i wanted to wish you on the 17th..my system calendar got a little screwed up. hence the early wishes :). I hope i didn’t screw up again :D. happy birthday?

  22. >@Jira: Despite the computers, I still love the feel of pen on paper.@A: You didn’t screw up. My birthday is very much today 🙂 Thank you!

  23. >Clear writing! Nice. I tend to spend my time writing my thoughts backwards whenever I have spare paper and a pen handy. I’m obsessive. I know, weird.

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