>55 Fiction

>She spoke to him, lips unmoving. He smiled back, with love and his eyes. It was the unspoken language they shared, always.

His wife stood there, a mute spectator to what she could see but which remained intangible, always. She chose silence too, but like the lovers’, her eyes – glaring green – gave her in.

And while we are alliterating, let me please add, this is a first for me – for fun and feedback! Be generous with your comments.


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  1. >@IHM: Thank you! And the fun of it is in the challenge of saying what you want to in 55 words only.@Bones: I think that’s meant to be a compliment, so thank you 🙂 And don’t give up without trying. It’s easier than it looks.

  2. >ohhh thats a good one! 🙂 love reading these 55-ers…don think i would ever be able to do one tho! i ramble waaay too much to fit a story in 55 words!! 😉

  3. >@Aneri: Nice, except that since “silence” is used in the next line, it would become repititive, no?@Piper: I thought so too till I got down to writing this… Have you actually tried your hand at it?@Saima: Thank you. Your first time here, I’m guessing… Welcome.@Dewdropdream: In 55 words, I thought it would be challenging.

  4. >@Sunshine: Well, I guess having written professionally with a deadline and word count in mind helped me in this!@Chrysalis: Hopping over to have a look!@SMM: Tell me when you’re done.@I scribble here: Why? You should give it a shot.@Swati: Thank you!

  5. >awesome!said so much..:)like Bones said I am intimidated after having seen such amazing ones from you IHM and Solilo and others…how do you guys say so much in 55 words??:)

  6. >haha, typical of me, I completely ignored the second line. Of course you are right :DBTW, where did you find the keyword for this? Have been wondering about it ever since I saw it on some blogs

  7. >lovely and so many feelings in such few lines…I have to try this too….been reading it in so many blogs.(PS: your tag is almost complete…I more number to go. Damn is was difficult)

  8. >@Abha: Thank you.@Indyeah: We say only that which can be said in 55 words! @Saima: Blogging is mighty addictive. Two years since I started blogging and still can’t de-addict!@Aneri: Keyword as in? I found no keyword… Just started writing. Should I have had a keyword?@A: I’m waiting for both of them now: the tag and the 55 Fiction.

  9. >@Amit: Very good lingerie from you :P@Mampi: Thank you :)@Sindhu: Hey, I haven’t been able to read yours yet. Definitely will.@Prince: Ha! Really?

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