>Ek, do, teen…


I picked this number tag from Finn’s blog, modified it a little to add pics and would now like to tag some of my new blogger friends so that I can to get to know them a little better. They are:

1. Dewdropdream
2. Loz
3. Bones
4. Chrysalis
5. Patricia
6. How do we know
7. Mampi
8. Mumbai Diva
9. Soulmate
10. Just Call Me ‘A’

Of course, any of you who would like to tell about your life in numbers, I’m waiting to listen.

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  1. >This is too cute…I was planning to write some weird facts about myslef.U made it easier for me …although lots of weird stuff will still be left to cover. Thanks for tagging me, I am honored.

  2. >@Piper: Go ahead, do it!@Aneri: Yeah, only 3 years and some 8 years ago.@Chrysalis: This is a fun way to tell weird things about yourself :)@A: It’s seems simple enough but when you get down to thinking about it, it takes a while.@Dewdropdream: I’ll wait to see it.@Bones: Just picked randomly from a free photos site.

  3. >@Monika, Ansh: Just some Photoshopping :)@Mumbai Diva: I did like Finn’s too even without the pics, but I thought my blog was looking so texty, wanted to add some colour. So thought of the pics.

  4. >Your 1-10 looks really cool… Moreover, it has been presented very well.. But what are we supposed to write against the numbers 1-10.. Are there any specific questions to be answered

  5. >@sscribbles: That was the intention. Thanks!@Soulmate: No specifications at all. Whatever you wish to count the number of in your life…@IHM: Thank you πŸ™‚

  6. >wow!! nice tag! Thanks so much! I’m touched!! I’m guessing it will take a while to think of 10 numbers…. The easiest is ‘zero’ kilos i’ve lost since starting my forever fitness plan!!!Please dont laugh!!

  7. >@Indyeah: Thanks!@Patricia: I’ll wait to see how you do this tag – I’m sure it’s going to be very creative :)@How do we know: Let me know when you’re done.

  8. >@Ramby: My, my! I’m touched with your sincerity πŸ™‚ Just don’t expect something like this from you.@Beth: And I love what you did with that tag!@Finn: Your first comment here, is it? πŸ™‚ Thanks for dropping a line. And those eight kilos, they were shed eight years back!

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