One reason why I’ve been so, so tired ever since I came back from Goa is that I have been partying relentlessly ever since. Here’s a day-to-day update of how I’ve been there, done that.

We returned from Goa on Feb 25, gave ourselves time on the 26th to unpack and prepare for our next trip to Bombay.

  • February 27 was the birthday party of a friend’s one-year-old. Like all first birthdays these days, this one didn’t look like a kiddie party either. It was a cross between a kid’s party and a cocktail. So there was a magic show and a tatoo guy for the kids, and there was an elaborate bar and dinner for the elders. Since I had been involved in pre-party discussions and had even written the invitation, I was a tad disappointed with the decorations for what was supposed to be a theme party.
  • February 28 was Sam’s pre-wedding bash and was it fun! Had had a haircut that day, wore a hot purple silk dress and was already getting heady over the compliments. And then I downed 4 sambuca shots, 2 kamikazes and 1 vodka shot! That, when I’d gone to the party thinking I’d stay away from the drinks. But the barman was too cute and I couldn’t say no to him! The first six shots made me very, very happy but the last one just took me away. It was one crazy night. Came home after wrapping up the party at about 5 in the morning!
    The next day was the Haldi ceremony for Sam. A sunny Sunday afternoon affair where we played Holi with haldi. That’s how it’s meant to be in Bong weddings. Most of us had a huge hangover from last night and hid our blood-shot eyes with fancy glares. I thought this was the most fun Haldi ceremony we’d ever attended.
  • We left for Bombay the next day – all six of us – T and Api, M and KP, The Guy and me. After an uncomfortable flight, we reached Bombay with a mind to party all night. Unluckily, it was a Monday and the party scene in Bombay was pretty dead. Yet, we managed our li’l bit by first splurging at a place in Phoenix Mills called Shiro’s with very Zen-type decor and very bad food and then heading to Bade Miyan. Both of them fell short of our expectations. But that wasn’t the end of the night. We came back home to KP’s chacha’s place where our drama queens – T and M – refused to let us sleep because they had some drama lined up for the night!
  • Anyway, March 3 was Sam’s engagement and sangeet. We had checked into the five-star hotel where the wedding was being hosted in the morning. The sangeet by his family wasn’t a well-rehearsed affair but since all of them were having so much fun on stage during their impromptu stuff, that the audience couldn’t help but enjoy with them! Things winded up early there, but no one was in a hurry to leave. So we moved to the disc in the hotel where The Guy got so sloshed, he couldn’t hold himself up! Never seen M so drunk before. T and Api were way beyond happy. But I wasn’t quite there that day. The 28th party was still too recent for me!
  • March 4 was the wedding – an early baraat, followed by the wedding rituals followed by the celebrity reception. So Amitabh Bachchan turned up. So did Jackie Shroff, Dharmendra, Jeetendra, Urmila, Diana Hayden, Dia Mirza, Viveik Oberoi with daddy Suresh, Sonu Nigam, Kapil Dev, Sourav Ganguly, Zulfi Sayed, Manisha Koirala, Gul Panag… long list!
  • We returned home on March 5, stayed home on the 6th and were ready to party again by the 7th. That was the day for the wedding reception in Lucknow. It was a sombre affair, that is, till the guests left. But since The Guy and I are in a habit of wrapping up parties before going home, we headed with Trish and Soo (Sam’s bro) to his pad where he played some excellent music and had everyone – tired and exhausted – getting back on to the dance floor. Managed to be back home by 4:30!
  • March 8 was another very formal party, very not-fun that we just could not miss. Unbelievably, we got out of our house at 9:30 pm, bought flowers on the way, reached the venue, had our dinner and were back by 10:30 pm! Unbelievable!
  • March 9 was spend at a Holi bash at a club. It’s an annual feature at the club and I love it for the excellent folk songs that are sung there. Enjoyed the good music and good food, though got a little peeved off at some friends’ unfriendly behaviour there.

Of course, Holi is round the corner and we’re expecting lots more partying this week 🙂 Hold on for more colourful details.


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  1. >@Moi: Yeah. We already have plans in place for tonight and tomorrow :)@Abha: It can be tiring. But I guess I’m addicted.@How do we know: Lol! I don’t know when we’ll tire of partying as such.

  2. >damn lucknow reminds me once again that melbourne is nothing but an urban pind.p.s: lucknow waley hain, no wonder you felt that bade miya was a disappointment…for folks like me it was manna from the heavens.

  3. >@Monika: That’s what The Guy and I keep telling ourselves – once we have a baby, we’ll need to slow down. So might as well enjoy now!@Piper: Busy indeed!@A: Sounds like a good idea! Which reminds me I still haven’t got my hands on the pics of that party. And I believe they’re pretty crazy!@Aneela: Of course Melbourne just a silly little pind! And really, once you’re hooked to Lucknow food, you have high standards to be beaten.

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