>Newer new stuff…


…That I did last month.

Remember my resolution to do new things? Second month into the year and the list of new things that I can mark as ‘Done’ is growing happily and steadily. Here’s how:

  • Sat on a dharna. It was a candlelight march to protest against the atrocities on children in Uttar Pradesh. We accompanied street children who made their point eloquently and passionately.
  • Celebrated Valentine’s Day with street children. I’ve attended many parties but nothing like this one. It was an experience I won’t forget in a hurry.
  • Saw two movies in a single day. Very trivial, ain’t it? I know – people have higher scores than that but for me, this is still the highest. I’d never seen two films in the theatre on a single day. Ideally, I would have liked to watch them back to back but you know how multiplex timings make that so difficult to do. Watched Dev D followed by Delhi 6 and thought the former was better than the latter.
  • Missed a flight. A first for me. Not that I did it deliberately but since it happened to me, I can count the newness of the experience on the list. What say?
  • Went to Goa for the very first time. And loved it. Enough said about that already.
  • Wore a bikini top in public! On the beaches of Goa, of course. That nobody would have looked at me when there were semi-naked goras around made it so much easy to do this!
  • Clicked myself. And did a neat job of it! Do people generally click themselves?
  • Bought myself contact lenses. No big deal, again but for someone’s who’s been contemplating to do that from the last 12 months, it’s no mean thing as well. I entered into an opticals’ shop and walked out wearing my contact lenses instead. Thankfully and contrary to my expectations, my eyes have been behaving themselves and have grown accustomed to the alien on their irises with surprising ease and alacrity!
  • Went for a book reading of Gulzar’s nazms. Not the first time I was going for a book reading or an interaction with an author, but this was certainly the first non-English book/author that I was going to hear. Gulzar was there himself to recite some of his most beautiful ghazals. Loved the language, loved the verses and loved that I was there.

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  1. >Cool!Contact lenses? Do your hands involuntarily adjust the non-existent spectacles?!! I keep doing that till date!! :)Book reading with Gulzar…I wish I were there!

  2. >@M4: 🙂 I do myself proud :)@Jira: No, none of that. I’ve got accustomed to the lenses more easily than anyone I know of! And I’m pleasantly surprised.@Piper: Quite a ‘wow’ experience it was. Jai ho for Gulzar!

  3. >bikini..hmm i wish had the courage for that…Gulzar?? Lucky you..i envy you for that. And I like ur resolution. I think I am going to copy it and will definitely do at least 1 new thing this month!

  4. >@roop: Thank God my blog serves some practical purpose at least!@Mumbai Diva: Thank you! I love the opportunities coming my way.@How do we know: 🙂 Sounds good, doesn’t it?@Monika, Ansh: I used to have a perfect body to carry off a bikini. Now I have remnants of it 😦

  5. >@my space: Me inspiring people?! I’m going to add that to my list of “new things done” for March ;)@Purple Heart: Welcome to my pad :)@Veda: Stop making the lists; just start doing the stuff.@unsung: I’m certainly close to narcisstic.

  6. >i’d give anything for an evening with the poet. he is god.and i think you’re assumption – that semi naked goras (goris?) are preferred to bikini topped indians – is quite baseless, i think.

  7. >@Dbum: Okay, point taken. But semi-naked, gora or no, would always be preferred over bikini top, I guess?@Mystic: And enjoying it 🙂

  8. >Wow, I m jealous of you. You do big stuff and do it so coolly.BTW Gulzar Saab’s voice is a treat in itself, what do you say?YES PEOPLE do click themselveS, generally. People like me !!!

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