>All my bags are packed…

>… And they’re really heavy. “What’s new?” The Guy will ask in disdain, used to my stuffed suitcases on any trip I undertake. I cannot travel light, and must pack in everything that I do not really require but just may.

Like right now, my suitcase is being readied for a 4-day trip to Goa and I’ve packed about a dozen tees already. That, apart from capris and skirts and dresses and shorts. I know I don’t need them but what if my clothes get wet on the beach or I need to go clubbing in the evening? And then, you can’t wear the same shoes with shorts that you would with a dress. So I need to carry an assortment of beach footwear. And then the swimwear. And the eyewear. And some flop hats. And because it’s a holiday, there should be some sexy nightwear as well. Of course, that’s apart from the toiletries – and there are plenty of those to be carried as well. There’s hair oil to be carried just in case I need to massage my head, hair spray, serum and whatever else just in case my locks aren’t behaving themselves. There need to be moisturisers and lotions for every weather condition and two kinds of sun block – just in case one doesn’t work. There should be shampoos and soaps for both of us and both of us use different kinds of them.

The Guy, like in all matters else, is just my opposite. He will always carry one item less than is required. While I’ll be carrying a portable iron as well wherever I go, he won’t even carry an extra pair of socks!

On our honeymoon, we actually ended up washing his clothes because he wasn’t carrying enough! And on our way back from our vacation to Australia, my suitcase was so grossly overweight, I would have had to throw a few clothes away had the Customs not been kind to me!
But old habits die hard. Each time I have to pack a bag, I think I’ll be economical with the stuff I carry but can never manage it and end up packing for every impossible situation that may arise during the trip. So I carry clothes for a warm day and I carry clothes for a really cold day. I carry clothes for days with in-between weather. I carry extra clothes just in case I drop something on the ones I’m wearing, or if somebody pushes me into the pool and my clothes get wet or some such bizarre thing happens!

God forbid if I have to go for a wedding out of town. In that case, I carry formals for all kinds of “maybe” situations. What if everyone is wearing very simple clothes, what if they’re wearing very elaborate dresses, what if I feel too uncomfortable in this suit, what if I’m the only one wearing a sari… I think I’m paranoid about not carrying the right stuff and therefore end up with such heavy bags. The situation gets more complicated when I have to carry matching sandals with all my clothes – flats and high-heeled. And the make-up kit gets bloated because of sundry things I may need while getting ready. In all likelihood, I’ll never require them but what if I do and I don’t have them with me? I pack for those kind of situations.

I know, I’m weird. What about you?


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  1. >Oh u r not weird. I know of several women just like you. I used to laugh at them but then this time was my first trip to my in-laws in Delhi for an event & I too carried too much extra stuff. So I can understand now!

  2. >We think too much… we plan for all sorts of situations… so travelling light becomes impossible!Tis ok… You never know when you may need that portable iron… or a head massage! šŸ˜›

  3. >my god, and i thought I was mad!! u are crazy ballistic mad! enjoy your trip to goa though!! :)) *huggggzzzzzzzzzzzi buy clothes if i dont have enough to wear and give ’em away to some charity before flyin away if i wont use ’em again. :/

  4. >I am so much like every other woman.. Always with that extra baggage that I always wonder when I come back: why did i carry so much stuff. I promise I wont next time.. But that next time is always a next time.. That ‘What if’ situation is hard to supress.. Enjoy your trip to Goa…

  5. >i love to carry some extras! i dont have too much make up shoes etc simply ‘coz i dont own that that much. and M keeps too much watch! :Pthese days Cubby’s clothes come back untouched but i just carry so many saying you never know! so has has one bag to himself and hubby n me in another! :phave a super trip!cheers!abha

  6. >@Vinz: Really? I didn’t know.@Stray: Lol! Yeah, all that packing is stressful.@Monika: That makes two of a kind!@Monika, Ansh: Some ocassions just demand extra packing!@Sirop: I didn’t need the portable iron on this trip to Goa at least but the oil did come handy for a nice massage!

  7. >@my space: I think I remember reading a post on your blog about him…@dbum: Oh, so you are the other extreme!@chandni: Good for you… Wish I could be in your shoes.@IHM: Lol! Join the club of weirdos!

  8. >@state of mind: Well, what can I say… I’ll still stick to packing for all kinds of possibilities!@M4: You too? Unbelievable!@Mystic: You seriously think it’s a woman thing? I don’t know.@roop: Hey, I did have a blast in Goa! And was so tempted to buy these really trashy clothes I could have worn nowhere except in Goa. But because I was so over-packed, I had no reason to waste money on all the useless shopping.@Soulmate: Thanks! Am back and had fun!@Nisha: Oh no! You have company darling!@Abha: I shudder to think how I’ll ever travel with so much luggage once I have kids!

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