>Out in my garden…

>This is what the flowers look like…

Even the mango trees are flowering

Last but not the least, the strawberries in our garden:


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  1. >@DeeplyDip: Yes, I do think it’s beautiful!@nimis540: I also love the strawberries the best.@M4: I’m glad!@GM: I have no role to play in the blooming of these flowers. I just admire them.@my space: There’s something about the colours that’s uplifting, right?@Dbum: And what lovely strokes!@Monika: No darling, I do nothing of the sort. I just look at the flowers and feel happy 🙂

  2. >The flowers are gorgeous, and you have a lovely garden … And this is a beautiful time of the year there ..(Rashtrapati Bhawan gardens in Delhi are also on display around now, no?)… will LOVE to see more pictures!!And you are using your camera … :)More pictures please!!!

  3. >wow! ur garden is gorgeous!!! its actually something like what ive always dreamt of having in my own house…sadly ive always lived in apts so never had a good garden per say…but this is beautiful!! 🙂 kudos!!

  4. >@Abha: Thank you :)@unsung: They’re my favouritest fruit!@Piper: Feel-good describes it well.@Jira: Lol! It’s nothing compared to the botanical garden.@Aneri: It’s huge-ish though not exactly huge!@Roop: I’ve been gorging on strawberries these days.@IHM: Yes, I am using my camera nice and good :)@Sunshine: That’s one reason why we do not want to move into an apartment.

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