>The Greatest Love of All: Self-Love

>When you’re done with sending pink chhadis and they’re done with reacting to it, we can do this: celebrate February 14 as Self-Love Day as this blogger has suggested.

Why I’m doing this is simple enough: if there’s anything I truly love, it’s myself. And I couldn’t resist the temptation to indulge in a little public display of self-love. Also, because I know there are lots of people out there who don’t love themselves enough, that I think this is such a great idea. It’s important we learn to love who we are. When we look around too much for love and approval and such stuff, we make ourselves miserable because we don’t always find what we’re looking for and where we’re looking for it.

Finn says this better than I can and though I just did a post on how much I want The Guy and me to spend a typical pink and pretty Valentine’s Day, now I think I’ll spend the day loving myself.

Here’s what I’m expected to do: I have to put down one thing that I love about myself and get you, dear blogger, to write one thing that you love about me. Easy? So here goes:

What I love about myself is my positivity. My optimism has made life so much easier for me than what it would have been. It makes me see the silver lining in the clouds and that silver lining is a lot when your sky is full of clouds. I love myself for being able to sustain that optimism even when I’m surrounded by negativity.

Now your turn. Tell me what you think is lovable about me. Also tell me, what’s lovable about you.


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  1. >Hey I LOVE this!!! What do I love about you … I love the fact that you like to be YOU … I like it that you truly understand what that means. One more thing I notice is you seem to know your mind. I love that too. I love it that you are a true feminist. And all this was confirmed when I read your comment on Roop’s blog about Pink Chaddi campaign. Now about me… what do I love about me? lol Everything D! hehe hehe šŸ™‚ But, well almost everything. We are not very particular …I think I love that I am generally very happy with life. Yup that’s something I love a lot.

  2. >I love your outlook towards life D. You are positive, passionate and most importantly a thinker. Most people go about life without realising what they are doing or why, so someone like you who thinks is quite a rarity!What I love about myself is my passion. I think and feel with passion, never ever passively.

  3. >It’s a novel concept! What I love about you is that you don’t allow societal pressures or irrational traditions/expectations get in the way of who you are. That you are true to yourself – that’s difficult when one has to juggle many hats and roles.What I love about myself is that I am very passionate about the people and issues that are close to my heart.

  4. >Thank you guys!@IHM: I think if you know how to be happy in life, everything else becomes inconsequential.@GM: Passionate people are so much more interesting to be with than passive people!@Mystic: I try not to let the pressures alter the person I am, but I don’t know how much I succeed. And like I said, passionate people are so much more interesting to have around than anyone else.

  5. >What I like about you is that you are a woman of reason, with some great insights on certain issues, and you express your ideas so very well šŸ™‚ What I like about myself is that I am very versatile, loyal and passionate.

  6. >babe…what I like about you is that u seem so much like me!!! No really, and also through that I give away what I like about me…my chilled out attituted, my positivity…and I see the same in you. So I declare both of us rockstars!

  7. >@Chakli: If you ask me, it’s just about having faith in God. @Hilly: Like I said, I loved the idea!@Thought Safari: I’m glad there’s something here to bring a smile to your face.@Jira: A woman of reason! Wow! I like that :)@Chandni: Hahaha! Talk about a mutual admiration society šŸ™‚

  8. >hey great concept! What I love about you is the fact that you really come across as someone who knows one`s mind. You`re pretty clear about what exactly you want out of life. What do i love about myself? err…lemme think…umm..*Piper continues to scratch her head*…umm.. really and truly cant seem to think of anything šŸ˜¦ I guess I`ve always been so unsure of myself D. Maybe this is a good time to start thinking about the good in me šŸ™‚

  9. >hey, i thought and thought and this is what I`ve come up with. The thing i like about me is that I can sing. And I can sing well I suppose. Does that count? šŸ™‚

  10. >@Monika: Totally! Life is a party, sometimes fun, sometimes boring!@Unsung: Really? You think that? I’m so pleasantly surprised! Thank you.

  11. >This is such a great idea D. I love your positive attitude.Hope some it brushes on to me too :)I need to learn to love myself too. I love the fact that I care about others. I care enough to get deeply, emotionally involved even with people I might not know too well. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  12. >koool idea, mate! šŸ™‚ I love the fact that you’re making people do this exercise! I love how you keep yourself happy and value your friends. I also love how u know to have a good time n not take yourself seriously. I like how u are a hard worker with focused ideas and clarity of thought. There’s much more but I’m typing on iPhone n this is tiring ;).About me … hmmmm I like that I have a good control over my emotions now after years of work on myself.

  13. >What I love about myself.. Read on my blog.. šŸ™‚ Incidentally, it was a day that I also declared to love myself… Something I like about you as I read through your blog – your feminism and how you stand by it.. Great going..

  14. >@Monika: But be careful because when you get so emotionally involved with people you’re likely to hurt yourself.@Roop: Ooh! I love you :)@Soulmate: And I shall hop over immediately!

  15. >see, i used to think im a very positive person… in fact everyone who knows me also wud attest to tht fact… but faced with a real crisis, one that saps the whole life out of me – one that i went through th last to weks – im afraid i come out as anything but positive or self-motivated…. anyways… an btw, th crisis was just a job search in a market wer absolutely nobody is hiring… in mumbai, mind you!so wat do i love aout me? my smile… hmmm i guess so..and you, your sincerity! i think its quite obvious even knowing you for like about 2 years i think! whoa thats long!

  16. >I love the bluntness and clarity in your writing.Well, I am positive and energetic in general-thats what I love about myself.(I am a tad late for the response to the post, but then, one is never too late to love.)

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