>My unwritten New Year resolution


… Will be written down in a few seconds!

It’s too late for a New Year resolution, you say. We’re already one month into 2009! But I’m not making this resolution now, I’m just disclosing it now.

My unwritten New Year resolution for 2009 is to do new things. I don’t believe in new year resolutions because I rarely remember them beyond the first week of the year. And this resolve to do new things is not bound by dates, months or years. It’s just something I want to do for the rest of my life. I’ve lived more than a quarter of my life and if I still haven’t done so many things I need to begin now. I don’t want to do life altering things, but if my life alters, I’ll be willing to accept that.

I’ve adopted an attitude that will hopefully last me longer than this past month. I hope so because this attitude makes me happy. It satisfies that urge within me to do different things. I’m easily bored and I need to do things out of the box to keep my spirit alive. I feel alive right now.

The whole of last month I did very small, very new things:

  • I went to a flower show after more than two decades. I clicked pictures of roses there and I love the pictures more than I loved the roses.
  • I clicked pictures at a handicrafts mela because I loved the colours of all things there.
  • I shopped at a second-hand goods market I would be ashamed to enter.
  • I went to The Guy’s ancestral home for a holiday with my friends.
  • I started a new blog.
  • I arranged a sisters-only coffee meet.
  • I bought kites, I bought a doll.
  • I drank a full bottle of Choya (a Japanese liqueur) by myself.
  • I slept in the sun after a long, long time.
  • I loved winters, like I’ve never loved them before.

I feel like I lived life.

If well begun is half-done, then I hope January would have set the tone for the rest of the year for me.


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  1. >Ithink we are so alike in thismanner. I get bored eaily too. Got to try something different all the time! But that makes me jack of all trades and master of none :)Boy! Look at your jan activity list! i’m jealous! :p

  2. >Ah-so, Isn’t “Choya” actually a brand; thought the form of alcohol is called “Umeshu”? Its the Jap version of cider.U can drink a ton of that stuff and never get knocked out!

  3. >@Piper: Touch wood!@Jira: This has to be the best Jan for me ever!@GM: Thank you for the wishes.@IHM: Do them NOW. You won’t regret it.@Stray: You know more about it than I do. I’m still figuring out what exactly it is. So Umeshu it is. And considering that it has 14% alcohol (more than wine) it’s surprising how it doesn’t leave you feeling knocked out but only slightly buzzed.

  4. >Wine knocks u out?! Seriously?!U must the only person I know who possibly gets knocked out with wine! Solution – party way harder! After all, practice does make more perfect.

  5. >wow…that is such a feel good post…..i get bored easily too….and i get restless…i usually go do something different with my hair….the most extreme thing that I have done bacause of boredom was to get a 3rd hole pierce in my ear.i love the line…”I don’t want to do life altering things, but if my life alters, I’ll be willing to accept that.”wishing you lots more of fun time doing new things 🙂

  6. >@Stray: a). I didn’t say wine knocks me out. But it does make me happy. b). I don’t drink to get knocked out. c). I don’t think partying harder = getting knocked out.@A: It’s been a feel-good month.@Chandni: I hope so too.

  7. >That's a great resolution D & something we all should adopt in our lives. Would give our lives new meaning. Loved the activities u mentioned. Hope u are able to continue to do such interesting new things all the time.

  8. >In this post I like the line in whch you said “I don’t want to do life altering things, but if my life alters, I’ll be willing to accept that.”I like to do different things that is why I made career transitions. Those are great resolutions. I hope you will continue to do interesting things…

  9. >@roop: I know you’re saying that tongue in cheek, but it’s ok, I’ll let this pass.@Monika: Yes, I do hope I get enough opportunities to do something new!@Abha: Cheers!@Kishor: I really hope that I will be able to continue doing new stuff when the opportunities present itself to me.

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