>I should be in a live-in relationship…

>…because I did not take on my husband’s surname.

No please, don’t ask me an explanation for such convoluted logic. Ask Manyata (not-yet-legally) Dutt. Not only has she supported her husband’s sexist remarks , she’s gone ahead and made some stupid ones of her own. Like this:

“Having married a man who takes care of all my needs, I’d like to accept his name with full honour and take charge of his home and accept his family as my family. If you can’t accept your husband’s name and family then why marry? Go in for a live-in relationship.”

Really Manyata? So marriage is all about the man’s family and his surname? And what about the woman and her family?

And what does she mean by “a man who takes care of all my needs”. A husband is a provider and therefore you should take on his surname – is that it? She talks as if she and her husband live not in this world but in a vacuum. Has she never heard of women who earn? And who are capable of taking care of their own needs? Or that there are women can manage more than the home?

And by this logic, is it that a woman whose husband cannot provide for her should not change her surname? Say yes, Manyata, please do, because then there would be so many more women retaining their maiden name.

Also, please tell me I’ve got this right: that if it were not for Sanjay Dutt’s surname, she would have had a live-in relationship with him. The only reason we should marry is because we want to take on our husband’s surnames? Yeah, right!

“His home,” she says. The woman lives either in her father’s home or in his husband’s home. Care to answer, where exactly is “her home”?!

Please, someone explain to me the imbalances in a marriage.
Manyata, please don’t volunteer.


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  1. >now this whole sanjay-manyata thing is like strange, it feels as if some gawar illiterate people are taking may be they will have better thoughts than them…its strange & shameful to see the young people of this generation behave like thisPS: the font size increase does work

  2. >Gosh! Sometimes women are the worst MCPs!!Is marriage some kind of trade? The husband ‘provides’, ‘takes care’ etc..And the wife respects and serves him!! Why are people still living in stone age?

  3. >@unsung: Hmmm… I’ll say that to you next time you’re hyperventilating about some gay issuess!@Monika: It is so sad, isn’t it?@Jira: For Manyata, yes, that’s what it is. You said it better than me.

  4. >This Sanjay-Manyata saga is going on and on.. I think, they have latched on to sure-shot publicity source – and ARE NOT planning on giving it up! How many of us even knew Manyata a few days ago – now everbody is dying for a soundbyte out of her! And even better – when they campaign – they are going to stand for ‘Bharatiya Sankriti’ and look how much we value tradtions , blah blah blah – just to get the votes in Lucknow!!!!

  5. >@Ansh’s Monika: I think she is!@Smitha: I don’t what it is that people see when they go voting but a stand on women’s surnames should not be one of them.@Mampi: It’s difficult to ignore the crap she comes up with.@OJ: Persian Gulf? The Arabian Sea would be closer!

  6. >you know…the day i read all this i knew u would be very angry!and rightly so…these people are mad. this dutt couple is all over the news saying all kinda silly things…uff..i cant stand this manyata!

  7. >I commented elsewhere – Gandhari blindfolded herself since her hubby was blind, Manyata killed her intelligence because her hubby is dumb. It’s an old parampara πŸ˜›

  8. >@snippetsnscribbles: Oh well, I’m not beginning on why men have such deranged ideas, but yes women can be the worst chauvinists!@OJ: Oops, sorry for the suggestion.@Nisha: My stand on this is very well known to everyone who knows me πŸ™‚ And hey, I couldn’t care less about my secret ballot. I only wish I’d find someone vote-worthy before the elections!@Ritu: I think you’re sullying Gandhari’s image by comparing her to Manyata πŸ˜‰

  9. >@Chandni: Oh no! We should all kill her.@How do we know: Yes, of course, just as immature as Sanjay Dutt was when he helped out some people involved in terror activities!@IHM: I had that hunch too!

  10. >Mannayata is such a wannabe…where was she few years go.. pole dancing and now talking about being bhartya nari stuff..Sanju is the real loser here.now that he is out of legal issues.. he does not seem to care of his sisters and wants no control.whereas before he let them take care of his life..what a shame, poor Sunil Dutt soul must be dying thousand deaths

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