>What bad times feel like

>Not that you need to know, but I need to tell.

It feels like you’ve been socked in that part of your body which hurts the most and you’ve fallen flat on your face, probably rendered unconscious by the blow. You gasp for breath and close your eyes to the world, just wallowing in the painful sensations and struggling to lose it.

It takes days, even weeks, to get over that sensation, to scramble back to your feet. You’re injured here and wounded there and still reeling from the shock of the attack. And when you stand, you still feel a little dizzy and wait for your breathing to fall back into a comfortable pattern that you’re used to. The view is still hazy as you try to take stock of the situation, get a clearer picture of things and through the blurry-eyed vision, try to regain your composure.

You clear your head and shake away the last vestiges of the blow. You begin to focus. The scrapes and scratches have healed and you decide to move on. Just then it strikes again – another blow – and you’re on your fours, fighting gravity before you fall flat again.

It happens in the middle of a ‘normal’ day, when everything seems fine but is not. It happens when you think you’ve recuperated from the last blow. It happens when you least expect it. It happens when you think you can carry on with life.

That’s what bad times feel like.


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  1. >omg, D! U read my mind today and noone but u could’ve written better. thanks for writing this … and my prayers for you if you’re in need. thanks once again.

  2. >@Chandni & maidinmalaysia: Yeah, it's just the house thing that keeps creeping up everytime we thing we can go on with life normally.@Aneri: Thank you :)@Roop: Really? I hope you fell better too.@Unsung: Darling, the parties continue, for better or for worse!Broom: Thanks!

  3. >really bad haan??? Dont worry this too shall pass…but when it is bad it is BAD and you want to bash every philosphical crap..pray for you..and just for your peace of mind..let it go…

  4. >@my space: Yes, it shall pass, I believe but till it lasts it feels awful!@Devaki: It’s the whole house thing, you know.@IHM: Yeah, it is the house 😦

  5. >dear D,i am trying to hold on to the line of thought that ‘it all happens with a reason’, to keep the negativity at bay, and it seems to be working with me.hope you emerge stronger…

  6. >@Piper: *Hugs back*@Dbum: I’m sure it happens for a reason. But that doesn’t make the pain any less.@Abha: I hope so too :)@Chakli: Thanks a ton!

  7. >but thats not all… when bad times happen happen, you think life is unjust to you.. but thats just a matter of perspective… and wen bad times happen, you think that it is the worst thing that could happen to you.. but that will surely pale in comparison to your next bad time, wenever that comes… so cheer up.. 🙂

  8. >@Monika: Oh, I’m just fine – between two blows you see!@GM: Will do.@Avaran: I actually don’t think life’s being unfair to me. Life is unfair to everybody and nobody.@Me: Awwww… take care!@siropedevanille: Yeah, thank you :)@How do we know: Thank you.

  9. >the words in the first two paras reminded me of the scene in ghajini when she gets hit twice. lol >> Not that you need to know, but I need to tell.i knew i knew it had to be an arian :)very well written (i guess ppl would have said that a lot of times by now but it doesnt hurt to hear it again i guess). and whatever it is thats causing the bad times, kick it in the rear side

  10. >yeah exactly… life’s just as unfair to everybodyelse.. so no point cribbing about itor maybe, if you get a kick out of cribbing (like me), do so, but move on fast… im sure ull b fine

  11. >@Monika, Ansh: They have to disappear. I don’t give them an option :)@theanalogkid: Oh yeah, you could say that a few more times!@Avaran: Cribbing can certainly be cathartic when indulged in in moderation.@Mampi: I believe that “This too shall pass”. Amen.

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