>In which I do nothing.

>This is one of the rare days that must be blogged about.

I’m tucked into bed with a warm blanket wrapped around my legs, the laptop before me, with nothing to do. What’s so rare about it? Well, it’s in the middle of a working day, and I am all by myself! It’s been such a long time since I wanted to be home, not wanting to run away, not wanting to seek refuge in some inane activity elsewhere. And to have gotten it in my way feels nice: without guilt, without explanations, without the kohl around my eyes, without even getting out of my tracks.

I took the day off from work to do just this. Don’t remember the last time I took an off to do nothing. Be by myself, to be more precise. I lounged and slept and slept some more. I would have liked to read a nice book, but preferred somehow to sleep. No regrets.

I’m a very social person but sometimes I find conversations tedious and people boring. I’m quite a talker if you’ve invited me to a party or I’m hanging around with friends or people I want to be with. But if talking is something you expect me to do, I clam up. If conversation is something I must create to fill up a long pause, I prefer silence. But with work and family, there’s hardly an opportunity to do that without offending someone or the other. So when this rare opportunity presented itself to me, I grabbed it.

I wish there were more days to be myself.


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  1. >I was trying to imagine what I would have done, had I taken such a day break..I would have gone out in a public transport, would have spent some time in a crowded street or tourist spot, would have eaten at some roadside restaurant,..and would have watched sunset from a hill or beach..It’s like roaming around without a purpose..to be in the crowd..nearer to life..and perhaps to myself..

  2. >Sounds amazingly cosy. I used to do that almost every single Saturday when I was working. How did you mange to be alone, I always got the feeling you live in a joint family.The solitude feels so amazingly wonderful sometimes.

  3. >Oh D you should read about this new job offer. To be an ” Island caretaker” for Australia’s Hamilton Island… the salary is AUD 150, 000, they are offering rent free accomodation, for a six month stint feeding the fish. It sounds like a dream…and I think they would welcome you to blog about it. Go read up on it.

  4. >@unsung: And to not hear them at all…@Manish: I do that oft times, just go out on the streets and wander aimlessly but this day I wanted to be indoors and enjoy the solitude.@aneri: Right, a twin I’d like to hear more from!@GM: Everyone was away for a weekend jaunt.@A: Will do!@How do we know: 🙂 Thank you.@Avaran: Probably not. But right now I could go on a six-month sabbatical.@Aneela: I did read about it actually (whose blog was it on now?). It sounds too good to be true!@Piper: *Hug back* I hope so too 🙂

  5. >hey, I wish I could do the same. I am inspired by you and coming week am surely going to take a day off to do nothing. But with a toddler in tow, I guess this will remain merely a dream 😦

  6. >perfect perfect day!may you get em whenever you want D!there are times, when M goes for short trips and i am happy to do my own thing and find my own space! ofcos now there is Cubby to fill it up, but i still manage it every now and then! :)cheers!abha

  7. >oh, i can identify – some people just can’t enjoy those silent conversations – they force words even if they don’t come otherwise.solitude is a good thing for the social animal. glad you got your day.happy new year to you 🙂

  8. >@Abha: There must be times when you must want me-time away from Cubby too? No?@JPJ: I used to, a long long time ago.@Monika: Try it.@Dbum: You got it right, solitude is especially good for a social animal like me.

  9. >D – oh yes! 🙂 and i am not the type who goes on guilt trips if i want it! i let my maid take care of him while i put my feet up! :)i do it rarely and ofcos there are always parlour visits!cheers!abha

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