>Inside my head…

>…you, lurker, have no right to peek! Because YOU don’t dare to share what’s inside YOUR head, probably you’re even ashamed of it.

If you come here to read what D thinks and then judge her for it, SHOO! I don’t want you here.

If you want to say something about what I write, say it to ME. Or remain incognito like lurkers should. And you are only a lurker. Don’t fool yourself you KNOW me. You don’t and don’t want to. If you did, you would de-lurk and talk to me. Not that I want you to.

Edited to add:

Here’s what I found on the postsecret blog. Seems to fit my post perfectly!


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  1. >quite right. judging people silently is just disgusting and outright cowardly. although lurking all this time along with the added bonus of conveying that in an anonymous comment technically makes me something more than a coward, I assure you I lurk because I like what you write. again, apologies for being a non-interacting incognito, if at all that’s an innuendo.

  2. >@Anon: If you like what I write, I think I can excuse you!@Roshni: Well, there’s a name to a lurker :)@Piper: I ain’t famous, just available for judgement :/No progress on the house thing yet, which is better than progress in the wrong direction!@unsung: It’s alright, it’s not you.

  3. >@IHM, Aneri, snippetsnscribbles, GM, Silvara, Monika: No, just that I know some people who read my blog and instead of talking to me about what I write they talk about it to people who know me but don’t read the blog. I don’t get why. I mean if I had to tell them what I think, I would do it. Nobody needs to be my spokesperson. And I don’t need a spokesperson who doesn’t even tell what I write but how they interpret what I write! I know this is a public blog, but respect the privacy I share with my readers, if you know what I meanDid any of that make sense?

  4. >awesome way to get ppl to comment 😛 m gonan try this… jus kiddin ..yea i totally understd how it feels wen someone who never comments on ur blog has actually gone around commentin bout it to ppl! its happened to me .. n i felt surprised rather shocked!

  5. >@IHM: Exactly what I’m trying to say!@sansmerci: To be honest, I was contemplating closing comments for this post. Didn’t know how to do it :/@Ritu: Just a bout of anger. I’m back to myself now 🙂

  6. >I don’t understand why you wrote this one..LMBM you are one of my favourite bloggers and I do like and follow your blog every week…And I normally comment…but henceforth I surely will…

  7. >@M4: Er, what’s good for me?@Avaran: Yeah, really really.@Manish: Oh, don’t worry… it’s not about you at all! And don’t feel compelled to leave a comment till you want to.

  8. >Hey D, I dunno why the updates for my blog dont show up :(( There`s some trouble with my settings. I did try to fix it but I really have no clue. How is it supposed to be done? Any idea?

  9. >IHM brought me here. I do lurk on most blogs that her feed shows…. so not really lurking, but have nothing t “say” and would not always like to put in a “nice post” without any substantive things to add to the conversation.

  10. >@M4: Oh, ok.@Dev: Thank you, but no thank you.@Piper: I’m very bad with all this myself. Perhaps they’d be some tips if you google the problem?@Abha: I don’t think you ever do :)@Alankrita: Get the point.

  11. >:)))this had me smiling. i am a lurker too mostly. i am not much of a ‘commenter’ on any blog unless something really really really moves me. i enjoy your blog, enjoy your writing, and given any chance, i’d tell u just that.as for the lurkers this post is targeted at, well written.

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