>Why I will not vote for BSP ever!

>I have been living in this house for five years now and just the thought of having to give it up is depressing. The thought of having to give it up to a government that hopes to build a future on the foundation of destruction isn’t depressing; it’s downright annoying. The government wants to acquire our home because they need a parking space for government vehicles! And we, who live in this 100-year old house spread over an area of 60,000 sq feet, must make peace with the idea of having our house blown up by a dynamite (there’s no other way they can break down these walls), to have the trees planted with love and tended to with affection uprooted, to have the garden filled with brick and mortar – so that the government officials and their sundry visitors have a place to park their cars.

And no, we aren’t expected to be emotional about a house. We cannot smart from the idea of abdicating a lifestyle we built over the years for a parking lot to a government building that came up much after this house was built. We are not even taking into account the financial setback that the acquisition is going to cause us. But it’s pathetic that we cannot bring up the fact that a sprawling BSP party office has been built not 100 yards away by acquiring many such bungalows as ours. And that space cannot be utilised for parking. Why? Because the statues of reverend Kanshiram and Mayawati are installed within its precincts that is not even open to all their worshippers.

I’ve talked about this before on this blog but I glossed over the details because they seemed irrelevant then. I do now feel the need to point out how unfair this government is, how destructive and I can say that without citing the example of my own house. It’s sad that the tax-payers money in this state is being misused to destroy and built irrelevant buildings that serve no purpose for the public at large.

“Why don’t you go to the court,” people ask. That’s because even though the High Court in UP can discern between right and wrong, the Supreme Court has decided that the judiciary should not intervene in the working of the executive. The SC does not think that the working of the executive cannot be viewed in a vacuum and that the executive must work not for itself but for the people whose money it takes home as salary. The SC also does not think anything of alterations in the Master Plan of a city that very conveniently do away with a city’s Green Belt.

And well, who are we to fight a case against a popularly elected government in the apex court and it’s decision to exploit the green cover to erect her own statue when the powerful Sahara conglomerate had to withdraw their case against the same government?

The rural populace that brought Mayawati into a full majority in UP might also not be able to explain why her party deserves to be in power. I’m still trying figure out how all the schemes in Ambedkar’s name have benefited the Dalits who make up her vote bank. Even Mulayam Singh knows better than to turn the capital of a state into a mammoth graveyard of structures.

In the last year and a half since this government came to power, the city has been turned to rubble, the trees lining the roads uprooted for “development” of exactly what we have no idea, houses and colonies acquired to give wings to unreasonable dreams of Behenji. You see, people are not half as important as ugly structures of concrete for our CM. A three-tier parking lot at a rally ground (which will be used by none other than the political parties) costing a whopping Rs.300 crore is being built at the cost of rendering people homeless. A slum near a nullah was razed to ground because its stench suddenly became unbearable for the second-in-command in her party the day the party came into power. The green patches in the city have turned into an ugly patchwork of sandstones. And that the beloved sandstones which cannot be replaced by anything prettier at least, have sent the pollution level in the city soaring to unprecedented levels. None of that matters. And hopefully, the people who voted for her will remain unaffected by the pollution.

You see, it’s almost fashionable to trash the BJP as an unsecular party. But what will I do with my faith if I don’t have a house to live in? And what will I do with projected improvement in law and order when that law does not work for a common person like me? I’d gladly vote Mulayam Singh back into power because he runs a government, however unruly, not an autocracy.

PS: I have provided lots of newspaper links so that you know these are not just opinions, these are facts reported by the media.


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  1. >Ohhh shit! That totally bites… I know it’s hard to leave behind one’s home that one has loved and lived in for so long. And it is a huge financial setback, dealing with the government.My family suffered too, with hundreds of acres of our farmlands (and thus our entire wealth) acquired by the government, and even the little remaining being taken away in the name of development.And one can come to terms with sacrifice for the sake of development…But in the case of Mayawati, and all the evidence that you’ve presented completely validates how unfair it is.Mayawati is possibly the worst woman in the country, at the moment.

  2. >all this (parking lots) and diamonds too…is this woman’s appetite never sated? But well she showed how much ‘ gumption’ she had when it came to the Taj so why would one expect better sense when it comes to someone’s home. Its confusing…at one stage it was commendable to see a Brahmin-Dalit alliance, but at the expense of good governance?

  3. >My God! Is this for real? Are you seriously moving out of your home for the govt to build a parking lot??? I cant imagine the horror you guys must be going through! I know that going to court is not an option. More than the futility, its the financial drain that most cant handle, not to mention the time frame we`re talking about. But isnt there anything we can do to help,D? Like maybe make this some sort of a public protest over the web or anything? Any petition that can be sent to anybody with all our signatures or something? I dunno how such things work. But isnt there anything we can do to protest?

  4. >@unsung: For me, yes, she is the worst. @aneela: And come to think about it, she has no family to share all the wealth she has amassed. Where will she take all this land and diamonds – to her grave?!And I’ve always scoffed at the Brahmin-Dalit alliance because it makes those don’t fit in either category seem so irrelevant!@Piper: Thanks for the suggestions Piper. But we are trying to talk to the government to give adequate compensation for it at least.Going to the courts should not be an unviable option for me since my father is a HC lawyer and I have a whole battery of lawyers in the family! But since they know all too well the futility of the effort, we have more or less ruled out that option.

  5. >i don t know much about indian politics but i m sorry for u if u have to give up ur house and it s totally not fair, but again why would they (politicians…) care? I d bet if it was her (Mayawati) house i m sure it would be different!Good luckC.

  6. >I read about this before & I know how tough it must be for u all. Even if they were paying a hefty compensation , would it suffice considering the emotional loss of the house that one holds so dear.

  7. >OMG, that is terrible. I am so sorry D that you have to deal with this. It is totally unfair. Do you have a house to move to? Is the government compensating you for this loss?

  8. >this is terrible D!i can still understand having to give land for a project that achieves some kinda greater good! but for a crappy party office?? and letting huge space of land go waste because of statues of these idiots?? thats plain ridiculous!M’s mama also owns a huge space in Lucknow, and an OLD house called Tonk House. its these kinda structures that give city its charachter! we last visited Lucknow in 2007 and was glad that i got to see at least some puraana Lucknow. its beocming all glass facades and mall like every other city under guise of development! how sad is that?!i dunno if its any help, but prayers that something works out for you guys!hugs!abha!

  9. >@Cess: You bet!@Monika: No, it wouldn’t suffice but it would be better than nothing at all!@Chakli: They’re giving us peanuts! We don’t have another house in Lko and buying one that resembles anything like our current one would mean selling off all our assets. Painful and so unnecessary.@Abha: You’re so right. The government does not know of any comparable piece of land that we could shift to and yet they won’t deter from taking away what is rightfully ours.Technically speaking, the acquisition is not for a party office but a parking lot of the government building that houses the CM’s office.

  10. >I have always hated her. The recent News of collecting money for her birthday celebrations – through extortion and killing! The biggest hypocrite ever!!! The best way for her to loose is to have another dalit leader but a more sensible one competing against her …look at the options we have 😦 I prefer Mulayam Singh to her any day. What’s shocking is that you cannot got to the court! Are you sure? There must be some way!!!!!1. Can’t yo get the press involved? The media will love such a story, make enough racket to let them see you are not going to just hand over the house. 2. Maybe someone from her rivals might help, like Mulayam Singh Yadav? Some Congress workers? They will love to expose her party’s weaknesses…no? 3. If nothing else works, then I agree with Abha, prayers do work. This is so upsetting and outrageous, and totally confirms my opinion of her. And do you think she cares for dalits either!!! Such people only care for themselves. Be brave. I am sure if you seriously sat and thought, some way can be found. Best wishes, Hugs -IHM

  11. >Ohhh…I know just how you feel, D !!! Have seen some similar things happen in our family too! Lord – I’m finding it tough to let go of our rented apartment of over 1.5yrs…I know how you feel :(*hugs*

  12. >Sorry no diamonds shiamonds…but yeh award aap ka hua (one each for each avatar)http://golkamra.blogspot.com/2009/01/lest-i-forget.htmlp.s: my husband might ask you for your bank account.

  13. >oh… just yesterday i was remarking that all the democracy bashers should think of the alternative,,, atleast we have a right to live life our way… i think i must change that to ‘most of us, i.e. the people who arent unfortunate to become victims of our democracy, have a right to live our lives our way!’ i hope i didn sound irrelevant! but enough has been said about our politicians… and to think that precious breath and time is being wasted… and to what end? but yeah, the thought of her becoming a PM gives me the scares!

  14. >@IHM: Thanks for the wishes. I’ll answer your suggestions point-wise.1. No, I can’t go to press because Mayawati loves to make enemies. And I can’t afford to make either the govt or Behenji my enemy.2. Why would any political party help us? We are not Dalit or Brahman, we are not Yadav or Thakur. We are not even Muslims. We are upper caste Hindus who are supposed to be the privileged lot in India! 3. Yes, prayers are the only option.

  15. >@snippetsnscribbles: Exactly! It’s so difficult to part with your home, especially if it’s the kind you won’t be able to build in a hurry.@Aneela: Thank you 🙂 And btw, pls tell your husband I only take rewards in cash! Lol!@Avaran: I don’t know if this is a democracy or a sham of a democracy!

  16. >#IHM… i digress from th topic…. but yr last point had me thinking… “if nothing else works, then prayer….” i guess thast our problem these days.. we dont try prayer till we run out of other options!

  17. >@Avaran No lol … What I meant was “God helps those who help themselves.” Prayers without effort won’t get results, and prayers should only be depended on after you have done everything you can.

  18. >Muskuraiye ki aap lucknow mein hain!!!The line sounds so cheesy na ?? It is a sad situation..imagine HC lawyers have opined that its a case not worth fighting…aam aadmi ki toh pit jaye is sheher mein..I have no concrete solution..i agree with ur viewpoint..but let me tell u from experience (in lko against land mafia) ki Sach ki jeet hoti hain…par bahut mushkil se..you will have to brave a very very tough fight, else jus let go..ps…will pray for peace for u..

  19. >@Avaran & IHM: I like this. Pls carry on :)@my space: The case you're talking about was for a property in which people were not living. And it was a legal battle against people who were not very politically strong. This, on the other hand, is the sarkar raj we're talking about.

  20. >It’s sad to see what these politicians are turning our country into. No matter how small or how big, a home is a home. And no amount of money can be enough to replace the loss of home. The courts are all a sham anyway. And you’re right, since you ain’t any of those special interest groups, no politician will bother take up your cause. It’s such a shame, really.

  21. >My blood boiled as I read this! I’m sorry I don’t have any words of solace to offer you…only more anger and emotional outbursts on your behalf!The government is supposed to protect us. It doesn’t. It just bites us in the ass and throws us down a flight of stairs!

  22. >You are not asked to just give up the house, but the place you call ‘home’. This must really be hard and I can only imagine how irksome it can be. I wish that the next house you find gives you as much happiness as this one!A few years ago I stayed in lucknow (Aliganj) for a short time. I used to love the big houses there! I remember seeing some of my dream houses! This is indeed sad.

  23. >@Ramby: I shudder to think that it’s not just a state but an entire nation that’s held to ransom by these politicians.@Mampi: This UP behenji will be too tough to fight in any akhada!@Abha: Exactly! Forget the protection, they even take away what’s rightfully ours!@Jira: You lived in Lucknow? Then you should know, we live a kilometre away from Hazratganj, which means this is prime property.

  24. >hey your neighbourhood is going to get maha interesting (what with Sanju Baba moving in)…thats ALL you needed eh!! Im really feeling bad for you now.Jaadu ki jhappi, D?

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