>Christmas decorations

>The first step to decorating a Christmas tree is shopping for stuff to put up on the tree. And here’s what I bought:
And here’s what they made the 23ft tall Christmas tree look like.

Here’s a picture of all those who helped me put up the lights and decorations:


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  1. >@Annie: Thank you :)@Jira: Yes, fun it was! @snippetsnscribbles: Thank you! My personal favourites are the angel and Santa.@Aneela Z: Lol! The dog’s a sucker for pics. He didn’t help at all – and kept carrying away any balls he found on the ground.@Afaque: Yeah, Christmas is fun, especially when it gets as cold as it has gotten here.

  2. >@Mac: Thank ye :)@GM: Hey, you’re most welcome. Get your tickets booked ASAP!@Hemant: Yeah, we were discussing last night how this might be the tallest Christmas tree to be decorated in Lucknow!And the bit about converting is supposed to be a joke I think. Ha ha!@Devaki: Some comparison, that! Lol.@Monika: You’ll do better, I’m sure.@Dbum: Some drive for something at least πŸ˜›

  3. >Lovely decorations. And how sweet to take a picture of all those who helped you, … err I think one on the left hand corner, must have helped by just spreading a lot of cheer with excited tail wagging πŸ™‚

  4. >@IHM: Yes, after he realised that the decorations were not edible!@Mampi: Without them, I’d have been able to decorate the bottom two branches.@Elixir: I hope so πŸ™‚

  5. >Aww.. D! I’m feeling so good and so bad all at the same time. Good because I love the way the tree has been done and Boozo seems to have helped too! Great job there and may I add, you are a really brave girl. Now, do I need to specify why I’m feeling bad? I had no clue the same thing could give rise to such conflicting emotions.

  6. >@Smita: I know what you mean. I had tears in my eyes at the thought of being forced to give this all up!@Chandni: Thank you!@GM: Thank you! It’s wonderful to be meeting people like you on the blogosphere.

  7. >Christmas is the time to make a wish and new years the time to see it happen all year through…wishing you the same on this christmas and new year. I loved the last picture of all those people who helped you decorate your christmas tree.

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