>Lofty Plans

>This may be our last Christmas in this house. And I can’t leave without decorating this Christmas Tree that occupies pride of place in our garden. Lofty plans, I say, considering that tree is so tall, we’ll probably need a crane for someone to hang decorations on it. But I’m not going without trying!

Ideally, the tree should have been decorated by now. But what am I if not a procrastinator?

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  1. >@Elixir: The decorations are bought – but that, I guess, was the easiest part!@UTP: It’s current affairs in my life.And Merry Christmas to you too!@The Lover: Yes, we need a crane among other things to decorate this tree.@Devaki: I have lazy friends πŸ™‚ And thank you. None of it is my effort.@Sunshine: I accept the compliments on behalf of my family who takes care of making it look so nice!@Monika: Oh wonderful! So there are more people like me with impractical ideas… lol!

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