>Four cakes and an Anniversary

>We turned five yesterday – as a married couple, that is. And yes, we are that ancient – as a couple, that is.

The day was celebrated with the cutting of four cakes.

The first one was cut in the train at midnight on the way back home from Delhi.

The second one came from the teachers at The Guy’s school – our favourite chocolate truffle cake – with the wrong spelling!

The third one was a gift from a neighbour.

And the fourth – the one we ordered ourselves – was a delicious chocolate almond cake that I gorged on!


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  1. >u were in delhi??and u didn’t get in touch??Don’t talk to me.But then, its ur anniversary…so happy anniversary!4 cakes sound like a great way to celebrate 🙂

  2. >@Abha: Last time we cut 7 cakes, so I was waiting for the rest of the three to turn up… LoL.. Thanks for the wishes!@Unsung: 55? Are you kidding me? How old would I be when our wedding’s that old?!@Avaran: Was in Delhi for the weekend.Yes, The Guy has a school – go hunt the archives for the post about it.And hey, thanks!@Chandni: 😦 Don’t be angry. I was there for a wedding… Had no time for myself… Whatever little there was left of it after the wedding gaan bajana, I had to spend it buying pretty shoes :)And thanks a ton.@Snippetsnscribbles: Thank you!@Tina: Ok, first things first: are you “my” Tina or just random Tina… you would know what I’m talking about if you are our Tina.Anyway, thank you. And yeah, December is a busy month. Today’s was my mom’s anniv and tomorrow is my sister’s :)And no, there was more to the celebrations than the four cakes 🙂

  3. >Bahut bahut mubarak…to survive 5 years and still have a sense of humour is wonderful!!Umm between you and Chandni (your posts about cake, chocs and croissants) you have me waiting for Melbourne to wake up so I can get some nice gooey cake.

  4. >a very happy anniversary… wish you many more to come and much happiness in the years to come.. 4 cakes sounds fun… best would be to cut as many number of cakes as the number of anniversary…

  5. >@Mac & A & Lover: Thank you!@Ramby: You mean the leftover cake? Nope, we finished that the next day :)@Aneela: Lol! Your cravings could be for reasons other than my cakes and Chandni's croissants :)@Avaran: And I thought you READ my blog! Tch tch!

  6. >Happy fifth Anniversary – five is really so ancient :)))Four cakes sounds so scrumptious … no photographs to torture us some more! 🙂 Wish you many, many more such cakes and equally fabulous anniversaries )

  7. >@Avaran: Go read my profile.@IHM: That was tongue in cheek, no?@Roop, Wynsters, Sunshine: Thank you people :)@Silvara: I think diamonds are the best way to celebrate ;)@Devaki: Like I said, I kept hoping it would turn up from somewhere, but didn’t 😦

  8. >congrats for the 5 yrs… we are running 5th 🙂 and the cakes i am heading for a pastry shop right away… patties and croissants… and then cakes and no there is nothing else to the cravings ;-)wishing u many many many more anniversaries

  9. >@Monika: Oh well, it’s just the season!@sansmerci: We were on the train from Delhi to Lucknow.@GM: Thank you :)@DeeplyDip: Thank you 🙂

  10. >Happy Anniversary! 🙂 And yes, as Mamma-Mia says, may the cakes never stop coming!A hilarious incident happened involving The Baby and cake the other day. He ordered cake for his father’s birthday, and when asked what was to be written on it, promptly stated “Happy Birthday Mom”!!! Thankfully I remembered that it was his dad’s birthday 😛

  11. >@Suki: Lol! So much for being a good son ;)@Tina: Hehehehehe! What else could I have said? You got the message, didn’t you? And I got it’s you, didn’t I?

  12. >Happy Anniversary!! Sorry the wishes come a bit late. Hope you had a fabulous day. What am I thinking? Four cakes in one day – of course you had a fabulous day!

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