>A different perspective on the terror attacks

>… And totally crap!

Watch Zaid Hamid, a Pakistani security consultant and self-declared strategist defence analyst (according to Wikipedia), analyse the recent Mumbai terror attacks.

If you have the time, do read the comments to the video on You Tube as well. I’m honestly stunned.

So much for the neighbour’s support.

Edited to add on Dec 3:
This isn’t the view that common man in Pakistan ascribes to. Aneela has convinced me of it. And then I came across this post on Omar’s blog. It’s heartfelt and makes me just as emotional as the previous link had.


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  1. >Re embedding a video, from the Youtube page, on the right hand side there is a EMBED button – copy the entire script from there (to its right, in the box).In blogspot, when u’re editing or writing the post, instead of compose button, go to the Edit Html button, and when that page comes up, paste the script which you had copied from youtube.Preview it before you publish the post..And re the video, less said the better.

  2. >Same old story … they do not take responsibility for their citizens running training camps on Paki soil. Whom do we rant against – our netas or their??

  3. >D, but why would you watch TV1…and then a certified psycho like Zaid Hamid to get a perspective on the issue? Neither of them are ‘the’ forums to visit when you want to know what the neighbour is thinking (or not). Watch Dawn News, or even Geo News (which has an equal rep of the good, the bad, and the ugly) to draw any conclusions…Zaib Hamid is the ‘Rakhi Sawant’ of commentators, you get him, listen to him get all delusional and have a good laugh at his expense…no one takes him seriously (not even him!)

  4. >I’m disgusted beyond words….What these pieces of shit don’t seem to BOTHER to consider is that ultimately, those terrorists came from Pakistan, which is known by the confessions of one of the terrorists himself. “Peaceful neighbour” my ASS! This is their cooperation…this is their support! I’m usually a very pieceful person, but after this…I really want to WIPE out Pakistan from the face of this earth!!!!Bloody vermins…

  5. >Such an attitude has been going on for awhile. Its really nothing new, except for the manner in which the Indian media has come under fire across in Pakistan following their coverage of the recent attack.To a very large extent, both countries have been fed misconceptions about the other by their respective governments and media.Within Pakistan, the common man has grown up with the ‘belief’ that RAW is a manipulative organization intent on causing strife between the 2 countries (same as we have grown up believing the sole aim of the ISI is to destabilize neighboring countries). We need to listen to the common Pakistani’s perspective in light of this background and take some of what they say with a pinch of salt.

  6. >@Lover: Yeah! This is so ridiculous.@Aneri: Audacious they are. @Sunshine: I really lost my cool when the interviewer said, “What is the Indian army doing?”@Ritu: Exactly. These terrorists may not be state sponsored, but they’re being allowed to breed on Pak soil! @Monika: That’s what we feel too.@Aneela Z: Frankly, I have no clue which channel in Pakistan would honestly represent the public opinion of the country. So thank you for informing me about the dubious credentials of the guy who makes baseles allegations about how the entire operation was sponsored by the Indian intelligence services!! But he isn’t the only one toeing this line of thought. The other woman who was interviewed is a politician – a representative of the people – and she doesn’t say anything very different. Also, what the Pak govt spokesperson was saying on Times Now yesterday wasn’t very different. I can’t locate any link to it on the internet, but I wish you could have heard how similar he sounded to Zaid Hamid.@Stray: We’ll need more than a pinch of salt to allow something like this not to affect us. There couldn’t have been anything as preposterous as the attacks being engineered by India, America and Israel!

  7. >@Avaran: I wish I could translate all of it for you here. Basically, he’s saying that the entire terrorist operations in Mumbai were engineered by the Indian government and because they are so dumb so as not to be able to execute it with the finesse that the Americans executed 9/11, the whole situation went out of hand. The govt. had told the terrorists – Hindu Zionists – that they would not be killed or harmed, but they couldn’t keep that promise as well.

  8. >Marvi Memon sweet heart? seriously?from PML-Q, the Kings Party circa Musharraf years? and now labeled the PML-Qatil group.Yes, there are a number of people in my part of the world you can pick on…who are pretty verbose at the moment…but as you know the foot in mouth disease is something that strikes all of us at some stage…you would never say that a Patil (S and R) spoke for you did he? For the life of me I dont know why certain spokespersons cant exercise some caution and dignity at the moment. But for every Hamid and Memon there is a sensible soul out there, trust me. And that the shooting off the mouths of my world are criticized.

  9. >Aneela, I’m not judging the opinion of the Pakistani people from what some people have been saying. And you’re right, those who try to speak on behalf of a people don’t even know what they should say and why. However, in India, there is a sense of great disillusionment with the political leadership that resorts to such things. The most banal of Indian channels have people speaking up against the Indian govt for not equipping the commandos with the right battle gear, machinery and so on. We don’t have people lambasting the ISI by making sweeping statements on national television such as this guy does. Even if I realise that he does not speak for the common man in Pakistan, it makes me very angry to have anyone undermine the efficacy of our army, doubt their intelligence or make totally baseless allegations about how the attacks were “orchestrated” by “Hindu Zionists”!

  10. >yes sweetheart your anger is justified and understandable…my comments were more to assure you that these particular characters have us up in arms as well (rather than my trying to make excuses for them)…and well as my world continues to implode it is important that people who have been part of my ‘community’ (you) know ‘where we are coming from’.Jingoism on the part of either of us is problematic..as I wrote for Chandni at this stage I would rather the Pakistanis remain apathetic (at one stage I wanted them to speak out) than get riled up and issue such silly statements…but such stupid pronouncements are not exclusive to such misguided commentators…you had French (wannabe) strategists drawing complex matrices at the time of 9/11 and blaming the Americans…conspiracies in NY that the Jews stayed home on a particular day.Seriously, I believe such ill thought statements have come out because of their ostrich-head-in-sand attitude…earlier when the Marriot was in flames these very people thought violence could be wished away if the Pakistanis step out of the Coalition and ask the Americans to go back, when matters are not so simplistic and its just not anti-americanism which keeps the Pakistani terrorist going…even now they cant fathom that some amongst us their citizens can be so perverse and evil and would rather shift the blame to anyone but one of them, if you know what I mean. Its sheer escapism, and it has come back and literally bitten them in their backsides more than once. I just dont fathom why they just cant understand.

  11. >Thank God…you’ve added the edit.most of us Pakistani bloggers have blogged about this tragedy, and i know that condolences, shock and horror out weigh conspiracy theories.:)

  12. >”Peaceful Neighbours”… that had to be a joke. The ‘saffron’ thread was planted to fool the people, the language and accent of the speakers is comepletely pakistani and yes just wanted to know how do people ‘look’ Hindu??? God these people are pathetic.

  13. >WOW – is this for real ??! I mean, this guy is “self-proclaimed” and we had to Wiki him to understand that!So much for the position he is in….oh, self-proclaimed position!!GOD – I cant believe I cant find words to describe my anger and….whats that word….ugh! forget it !!!And that woman asking questions…..laughable beyond description. As a journalist, she should have been neutral to the comments and accusations that those “self-proclaimed” people are doing. Instead she keeps saying ‘sahi hai’ ‘bilkul theek’ etc! And such impeccable language…..bravo bravo!

  14. >@Khizzy: As I said before, it matters to me at least to know that these conspiracy theories are not backed by the Pak public.@GM: These guys seemed to be more concerned with the religion of these terrorists than their nationality.@Avaran: Nope, there’s no limit to such destructive imagination.@Snippetsnscribbles: Yes, that journalist, if that’s what she was, seemed to be adding fuel to fire. Totally useless.

  15. >Its just so stupid. These people by talking whatever nonsense they are, are confirming doubts that the Pakistani government is involved, being so defensively aggressive. No compassion. And they are talking about dignified approach, when they are being so openly hostile.

  16. >I absolutely understand your position. This is just my view point that I am expressing here. If it hurts someones sentiments, apologies in order but the reason we have this space is to express ourselves.People need to be informed even if they agree or they do not. thats the whole point.in addition- I took your post and the others because I agree, well kind of agree with each of those posts.

  17. >i have read rants and raves and some serious dodgy artciles coming from the so called journalists of india and i have decided to ignore them because i have realized that what the people- the ACTUL people of the country- not the media or the polticians- feel is NOTHING of what is portrayed. I dont knwo fo a single person in my country who is not simply horrified by this, india pakistan ki 60 yr old rivalry aside. Just as we were horrified when the bomb truck rammed int our marriott. Or the planes rammed into the twin towers. But this for us all becomes a time to look inwards and stop pointing fingers outwards. SO many of us here have trashed the country for not taking more serious measure to curb extremism but the extremisn is a conspiracy that is being funded by the Big Powers. Its not easy for a country liek pakistan still tottering because of its bad luck in leaders to fight something that is a set up to start with. I hope the people who did this rot in hell because real muslims know that this is not the way fwd- its only these so called muslims who insist that violence and mayhem is the way to go-lastly dont listen to this rubbish. its all bullshit. and it doesnt even represent to 1 degree what the thinking educated pakistani is feeling right now. I promise.

  18. >You see, at the end of it nothing much can be expected. At least nothing as punitive in scale like the retaliation of USA. Why? While both Afghanistan and Iraq had no modes of striking back directly at america, Pakistan and India are both nuclear powers. So, any overt aggression will have to have a limit. And yeah, we all know that ‘limited’ crackdowns result in nothing much. I really dunno if any amount of such wanton slaughter will prompt a decisive and strong action that’ll strike back suitably at terror and yet refrain from reducing us all to radioactive dust . . . Our hands are tied. Given the current blame-game, I don’t think a ‘Munich’ style assassination of perpetrators a la MOssad is also on the cards. Okay, sorry for the tirade. Just … spilled out.

  19. >@Trailbalzer: Sometimes, when I hear our politicians speak, I react the same way!@leaving1302: I understand your point of view. And I agree.@Aruni RC: And that is the saddest bit – that we seem so helpless to do anything about it.

  20. >D,this is just one of the extremist corner of the society… i will not call it even a part society as the person speaks for himself only… he came out of nowhere very recently and propagated himself to be a scholar. he was the one who was fighting the american’s war in iraq… i have a strong conviction that he DOES NOT represent a common pakistani at all…

  21. >And now that I have read all the comments here… I literally wanna cry… I mean it….How the media can affect people’s sentiments, its clear. I wish n pray we all have a broader perspective and understand each other’s problem and bring in more acceptance and understanding.

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