>What do you want?


When you kill innocent people, what is it that you want from them, from us?

When you turn a city into a war front, what is it that you want from that city, from its people, from this nation?

When you kill Hindus & Muslims, Indians and Americans, what is it that you want from any of us?

When your weapons do not discriminate between the rich and the poor, what do they want – from those who can give you nothing and those who take nothing from you?

When a wife wails and a mother cries because you killed our men and children, do you rejoice because you have what you want?

When we live with fear and yet we live with hope, how can you achieve what you want?

Edited to add on Nov 28:

It’s no longer about statistics, no longer about people we only watch on TV. It’s personal now. I did not know her, but just that I knew of her, had been part of conversations about her makes this tragedy seem personal now. I read about Sabina Sehgal Saikia in the paper today morning and it shook me. Stuck at Hotel Taj, they fear her suite was burnt down. She texted her friends from the hotel that “they” were in her bathroom.

They haven’t even found her body yet.

How much worse can it get?


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  1. >they want unrest, desperation and lawlesses in our lives. But what they forget is that no matter what life still goes on and we will overcome all that they put in front of us…

  2. >nothing… theyre just carrying out a warning they made a couple of years ago… that they would turn india the us and britain into lands of fear…. theyr succeeding in india only, though!

  3. >Seems like they are out to burn the whole world step by step. We have no answers as to when this will end. Perhaps the end of this world will bring an end to the misery of mankind.

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