>Inside the bedroom…


… The Guy is always right.

Because I’m always on the left!

So we can talk about some seemingly banal things here. And surely, my side of the bed isn’t banal. Between The Guy and me, the distinction between his side of the bed and mine is sacrosanct. He sticks to his side, I to mine. And that’s the unwritten rule of bed sharing in our room that’s rarely broken.

Before I got married, I didn’t often have to share my bed with anyone – not even my sister. And I never had to cofine myself to any particular side of the bed because I had it all to myself. But on our “first night” – yes the much hyped “first night” after our wedding – I slept on the right side of the bed. So I don’t know how it happened, but I just got the left side of the bed after we came back from our honeymoon. Actually, I do know why it must’ve happened: a) because the AC is closer to the other side of the bed and because The Guy is always more in need of the AC than me, I gladly let him have the right side of the bed. And b) because the television is exactly in the line of vision if you sit on the right side of the bed and since The Guy is such a television bug, he had to be on that side of our bed. So there we have it: why I am on the left side of our bed.

Anyway, so our territories are now clearly marked. There can be no breach of boundaries. And if for any purpose at all, I’ve spent my waking time on The Guy’s side, I must return to mine before we call it a night. That’s how we are.

Now, just about all the married couples I know of have their own side of the bed. I’ve never seen my mother sleep on the left side of her bed while my sister religiously sticks to the left side of hers. Those are just two examples. From what I’ve observed, the division of the bed between the husband and wife is usually non-negotiable. And rarely do people change sides as far as their bed goes.

People often choose sides that are convenient for them. So a lot of moms I know sleep on that side of the bed that makes it easier for them to access their baby’s cot. But in my case, I seem to simply have an affinity for the left side of the bed. So much so that even when The Guy is gone, I cannot sleep on any other side except my designated left side. And even when we travel and have to sleep in hotel rooms, I invariably end up choosing the left side of the bed! It happens without me even having to think about it. Through ALL our trips to different parts of the world, I’ve always had The Guy on the right side! Queer, huh?

I wonder if you’ve ever thought about your side of the bed… Tell me reader, what’s your bedside story?


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  1. >haha…im not married but from what ive observed this seems to be the case everywhere! My parents are exactly like that! They have to sleep only on their side of the bed! Oh and if in case me or my bro lazily lie down on my dad’s side after dinner – we are very rudely evicted out of his side and pushed to the center of the bed so that he can settle comfortably in front of the tv!!

  2. >It could also be a case of left-handedness versus right. I’m left handed, so I prefer to have someone to my left, rather than right, because it’s more convenient to cuddle up to them. Of course, it’s not written in stone and I have been known to switch, but I certainly prefer right over left.

  3. >hmm never really thought about this..but yes i too sleep on the left side, choose left when out and never ever switch sides!surprisingly if and when i do lie down in the afternoon its on the right!toh zaraa mushkil hain kuch interpret karna 🙂

  4. >LOL! I sleep diagonally on the bed – go figure. But yes, it has to be my bed, my pillow, otherwise I get uneasy. Human beings are creatures of habit

  5. >Hmmm… very curious indeed.But it won’t do.You must and I mean must demand your fair share of the right side of the bed… which is at least 3 of 7 nights in a week. Just to keep matters between you two on a level. Even if it causes you terrible inconvenience or discomfort. Even if it leads to the ultimate breakdown of your marriage.But you must remain equal.Or not, whichever works better for you.

  6. >Hey, I am an exception to your rules. Not totally but in a small way. I change my sides with every new home we sleep in… 🙂 I don’t know why but I just *know* which side I’d like to sleep on in each room! And I am the one who makes the choice of course!

  7. >Why do I sleep on the right side of the bed? Simple…Because the cot is there…The husband can’t possibly wake up at night to tend to the baby,right?

  8. >@Sunshine: So my observation isn’t wrong!@OJ: But both, The Guy and I, are right-handed. So that logic won’t work for us!@my space: Lol! What strange bedside stories we have!@Avaran: Excellent. And welcome back!

  9. >@Ritu: Inexplicable habits indeed!@unsung: This must be your attempt at being funny(?) Ok, so I’ll laugh – ha ha!@Devaki: I think women have a sixth sense as far as bed sides go 😉 Nay?

  10. >@Bones: I get that.@Narcoleptic: That’s a scary phobia to have. The Guy is just the opposite – he feels all suffocated if he has to sleep close to a wall.

  11. >i guess its too much of a habit to change!even we have fixed sides! me on the right and M on the left. its also about which side feels right when you want your head cradles on other person’s arm.actually thats how we chose our sides! i feel terribly uncomfy if i am on the wrong side! :Dcheers!abha

  12. >Haha! Never thought I’d actually read something about the sides of bed people choose to sleep on :P! I’ve always had a single bed…so never had the issue of deciding which side I like more..now that I finally have a double bed, i’m usually found sleeping diagonal..right down the middle :P! Anyway, interesting post!Keep Writing!

  13. >@Abha: That could be true. Since all our dates used to be in the car, I was always on The Guy’s left and are used to seeing his profile from that side, Wow 🙂 It makes perfect sense now.@Neha: Well, we do the unexpected 😉

  14. >D. Are you going to make this one a fem issue too… lmaoplease don’t… [just kiddin]but frankly I used to be in such a habit too… when I was living with my room mate I used to have my side always sorted out…. n he too…

  15. >D, I couldn’t help but chuckle while I read your post. All my friends who hear about this sacrosanct dividing line in my bed always have a good laugh about it. But this is so damn true, and even now when my husband’s travelling and I have the whole bed to myself, I still sleep on the right. Wherever we travel, whichever hotel, and even at our respective parent’s places, we always follow that fine line!

  16. >i too am a left-sider. In fact, i don’t get sleep if i change sides. Even if we accidentally mix up our sides, we always go back to our designated sides because the other sleeping arrangement doesn’t feel right.

  17. >@Tithi: Like they say, there’s comfort in numbers. So we know we aren’t bizarre when it comes to these habits.@Rhett: Yes, of course :)@Chakli: Thankfully, I sleep anywhere I can close my eyes 🙂

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