>Let me be quirky

>So I got tagged to write about my quirks. By Monika and Sue. And I thought this would be a good breather between my passionate posts.

The rules:
1.Link the person(s) who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours…
4. Tag 3 following bloggers by linking them (- says Monika’s blog. Sue’s blog tells me to tag 6. I’ll stick to Monika’s rules here because just about everyone seems to have done this tag already.)
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

Quirk #1
I talk incessantly to myself. Sometimes I talk aloud but usually I talk in my head. It’s like I’m writing in past tense about everything that I’m doing in the present tense. I picked up this habit quite early in life – the first time I read an abridged version of Rebecca and got enamoured by the narrative style used in the novel and tried to replicate it. Sometimes, I have to tell myself to stop recounting my life to myself as if it were somebody else’s. But it’s become second nature to me now.

Quirk #2
I always, always, always throw a tantrum before my meals. Don’t ask me why – I have no clue. Sometimes it’s the way the food looks, sometimes it’s the way the rotis are not done properly, sometimes it’s that the vegetables are over-cooked… It could be anything to put me off just before I sit down to eat. Interestingly, an astrologer once told me I’m quirky like this!

Quirk #3
If I’m on a cleaning spree, I need to be all violently charged up. Angry too. As if I’m upset with all things dirty around me. The Guy can’t understand why I need to get all worked up if I’m cleaning things up. Frankly, I can’t understand either.

Quirk #4
I fold any clothes I pick up from a shelf at a store. I feel guilty if I do not put them back where I picked them up from. Just makes me feel nice about taking the load off the sales force!

Quirk #5
I need a new hairstyle for every New Year’s party! JLT.

Quirk #6
If you give me a pen and a paper for no reason in particular, I will scribble on the sheet random words from a conversation – if I’m having one, or my thoughts. And between thoughts and words, I’ll definitely write the alphabet in cursive writing like they taught us in school. Almost all my diaries and notebooks have a very pretty version of A to Z written somewhere.

Quirky enough? Now it’s your turn:
1. Mystic Margarita
2. Roop
3. Devaki


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  1. >Charged up to clean? That IS strange!But yes, good practice not harassing the sales(wo)men at the stores…Especially if you’re not even buying whatever you had pulled out from the pile!

  2. >hiI’m not here to comment on this particular post but just to say hi and to tell you that you write really well. I’ve read a few of your post..the last 2-3 and it’s pretty powerful stuff. I share some of those thoughts and passion and it was nice to those same thoughts in words.I might be stopping by again. I hope that is ok.Regards A

  3. >@unsung: Quirks are supposed to be strange :)@me!: You're most welcome here.@GM: I am a nice girl, I am :D@IHM: I'm dangerous to be around when I'm on a cleaning spree.@Sue & Jira: Really? Good girls, like me :)@Mystic MArgarita & Devaki: Take your time.@Monika: Go ahead, have fun at my expense!

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