>7 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers

>Cut out the “effective”. Cut out also the plural “bloggers”. So “highly” doesn’t fit in there anymore. Okay, this is just about me and my blogging habits.

Blogger Habit 1:
I will look for something to blog about in the middle of a party, in the middle of my work day, even in the middle of a conversation – mentally, of course! I’m afraid that at this rate, my life will soon cease to be anything more than a blog!

Blogger Habit 2:
I will not try to de-addict. Period.

Blogger Habit 3:
I will talk incessantly about myself on my blog. Not about current affairs or news or politics or anything else that does not affect me.

Blogger Habit 4:
I will be nice to you if you vist my blog. And I’ll drop in to say hello at yours. Howzzat for courtesy?

Blogger Habit 5:
I will visit half a dozen new blogs everyday. Just because I have so much free time on hand these days. And there are so many great blogs around.

Blogger Habit 6:
I will log in ten times in a day to check the comments space. I admit, I dig the attention. And the reactions.

Blogger Habit 7:
Something I picked up from I-don’t-know-where recently: a penchant for long titles.

Like this: And other reasons why I think I must be growing old.
And this: What I write when I’m feeling low
And more: Why he’s from Mars and I’m from Venus
And the one that takes the cake: Finding a title for this post is as difficult as finding a suitable boy. Or girl.

What are your blogging habits?


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  1. >hahahaApplies to me for sure, specially the part about checking the comments space :p! I have an exam tomorrow, and where did I go first thing in the morning? Of course, my comments page :P!Rightly said! Hehe!

  2. >@siropdevanille: No, since you’re on my blogroll already.@Monika: I can’t imagine. I think I would have been really bored. And the blogging helps me keep in touch with my love for writing.@Metrosexual monk: Yeah, I’m with you totally.@Unsung: :)@Neha: Happens to me all the time!@dimple: Indeed.

  3. >:) Agree with all except the last one. I really cant seem to think of interesting captions for my posts! But yes, I check my email a thousand times a day for comments :-)) Everything I do, everything I see, I keep thinking if I can ,in anyway,put it up as a post! I dont necessarily talk about myself, but definitely not about social issues and politics etc. On second thoughts, I do always talk about myself :-)) and no matter what anybody says, I`m not ready to de-addict :-))Here`s to us!

  4. >@goofy mumma: Welcome here :)@bluemist: No. Just funny us!@Piper: I think my blog post don’t have titles any more. They have sentences. @sansmerci: Merci!

  5. >Hey, points are really fantastic! 🙂 I was thinking m the only one having schizophrenic mind 😀 Good, you removed the tension from my mind!Glad to be here! Nice blog….

  6. >i used to keep chkin my comments every two hrs earlier wen i was new…..but now its reduced a bit thankfully…..but yeah i love to read those comments..:Dbtw..blogrolled u…liked ur blog:)

  7. >i don’t think i have any habits in the first place, i just lurk around i guess. but then, we are talking about “highly effective” bloggers here. gee, i forgot that bit 🙂

  8. >@Roop: Thank you :)@sunshine: Love me, love me do… Go ahead, make my day!@neilina: I just wrote them down here to make sure you I wasn’t the only one!@pj: Do you think one year of blogging makes me old enough yet?@dbum: Oh no! Remember I removed the “highly effective” bit?

  9. >Lol! I too have been bitten by the blogging bug..Last 2 days have been busy with Ganpati, but still keep thinking,planning as to what my next blog will be all about!

  10. >You caught me on this one over at Finn’s blog! I wanted to say hi and I loved the habits, I find myself doing some of those each day. Some days it’s just general thoughts that I want to get out..Great post!

  11. >:)one habit of mine…my laptop contains almost 100-110 word files with incomplete stories..whenever some concept strikes me i jot down two three sentences and leave it for some time later for the creative mind to get refreshed…then, that remains as just another word document in my laptop..!!:)

  12. >@Mira’s mom: Yes, high time!@Abha: Ha ha! Does M know you so well as to read your mind or do you think aloud?!@my space: Ganesha is the flavour of the season. So why not about it?@donna: Bloggers of the world unite on this post, I think.@insane: I’ve lost track of the hours. I need to start rationing my blog time!@nisha: Yeah! I’m lovin’ it!@ms cris: Thank you.@pseudo: Thank God! I was beginning to think all bloggers were made in the same cast :)@vinz: Interesting. I’ve just begun to do that too. Not sure how many of them will materialise.

  13. >Lol anything strikes me, makes me angry, happy, worry, sad and I think I must share this with and find out what the blogging world thinks about it 🙂 I only wish I had some more time to spend in the blogosphere, though my family thinks I spend too much time here!

  14. >@Devaki: I thought as much. But except for vinz, no one’s added to that list of habits!@IHM: Oh, I think The Guy thinks that too. But he’s so glad to have me off his back, he suggests I go blog any time he thinks I’m encroaching on his space 🙂

  15. >the first time i’m commenting on any blog…I don’t know how i reached your blog!!!the blog title just caught my attention, i guess…!nice post by the way.Liked it.:)

  16. >:)My habits include 1,4 and 6..I am becoming an addict,but i need to control myself for many reasons..”I will log in ten times in a day to check the comments space. I admit, I dig the attention. And the reactions.”.. ha ha,very true..I too do login many times,to see if there is a commnet.I love comments… 😉

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