>Why he’s from Mars and I’m from Venus

> Or let’s say I’ve finally understood Coulomb’s Law of Attraction in the way my relationship works with The Guy. We’re perfect opposites in just about everything and that must be the only reason why we are attracted to each other! The only good thing about that is the thought that if were alike, we would repel each other.

I’ve read only a few pages of that bestseller book that gets quoted everywhere these days, so I don’t know if it’s really that men are from Mars and women are from Venus or if it’s just us. You decide:

  • He’s a Piscean and I’m an Arien. I’m the first sign of the zodiac, he’s the last. I’m a a fire sign, he’s a water one.
  • He’s a man of few words, I’m bordering on verbose. He could live in monosyllables, I would die with them!
  • He hates books, can’t read two pages without dozing off. Me? I dream of a well-stocked personal library in my house, children who’ll know Dante from Virgil, Shakespeare from Marlowe..
  • He luuuuuuuuuurves movies – all of them! Those that were made three years ago but reached the cinema halls only after much effort, those with bad music, poor direction and no story line, horror films with patchy SFX, films with Tusshar Kapoor in the lead… Films that have come on TV uncountable times will be watched uncountable times. If somebody’s made a film, he’s made it for The Guy to watch it! No seriously. As for me, well, let’s just say I’ve finally found the most comfortable posture to fall asleep in the multiplex chair!
  • We both love playing games. He loves his football and cricket, I love my Scrabble and Pictionary. I can’t catch a ball to save my life, he’d give his life to get a good catch.
  • He hates pets, hasn’t touched our golden lab except with his toes perhaps. I’m okay even if he chews up my arm!
  • He’s never, ever been to the gym. Will not say yes to jogging even to humour me, hates walks – even the romantic ones. Everything opposite of that holds true for me.
  • He’s always feeling too hot, I’m always cold.
  • He’ll always procrastinate, I’ll always be hasty.
  • He loves children only as long as they are infants, I love children only when they are not infants.
  • He can lose himself in numbers, figures and stats. I can only get lost in them.
  • He’s a beer person, I’m a wine person.
  • He won’t lose his temper till you ask for it, spell it out. I’d have lost and regained my cool ten times over in the same time.
  • He’s tall, I’m just not!
  • Finally, the clincher: I blog, he doesn’t even read one.
I rest my case.

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  1. >@Avaran: πŸ™‚ Thank you for your unconditional support to all my cases! And yes, The Guy does read my blog, only when I read it out to him!@Vinz: Love is blind, so there’s no way we do a reality check when we were getting married.@Bluemist: I should add, fatal attraction!@Mac: You want to add something to that?

  2. >so cute!!Isnt it difficult at timeS?!I mean how can u both be so different yet have so much in common and live together.guess only u can tell πŸ™‚

  3. >hahaha seems like a match made in heaven! Life would be boring if ur partner was the same as u…differences bring excitement!You’re one lucky chick :)!

  4. >trust me, you`re not alone! πŸ™‚ If this was a tag, I`d take it up imdtly! πŸ™‚ Men are really from Mars. And women? They are just down to earth! :)Fabulous post,as always!

  5. >”I blog, he doesn’t even read one.”made me laugh out aloud!! SAME HERE!! πŸ˜€ …. and i have a pic just like that one in the header on my blog too but yours is much more aesthetically done!! :))

  6. >You seem to be talking about me and my husband. Only difference…he is a Leo, and I am the one that loves movies (we hardly ever go for movies because of this)I have 3 blogs, he doesn’t even KNOW about them!

  7. >Lol! You know what, we’re ditto on pets, movies and sports. And obviously, talking which you know is the forte of all women πŸ™‚ By the way, why don’t you like infants – hey you need to like them – they are just wonderful, believe me!

  8. >@Unsung: Oh, he’s a Piscean and I’m an Arien by the book. Any book on sun signs. And if you’re comparing me to an Arien guy, then yes, you won’t find too many similarities there.@Nisha: It’s not easy at all. It sometimes makes me laugh, sometimes makes me cry!@Neha: Yes, our quarrels are pretty exciting :)@Piper: Please, go ahead and do this. It’s going to make me feel better!@Mac: Now I get it!@Roop: Ha ha! And the blog pic, I’m so bad at all this HTML and XML stuff – it’s all Latin to me – that all I’ve managed to do is upload a template from one of the sites.@Solitaire: Yeah right!@Aneri_masi: There are so women like us it’s not funny any more.@Mira’s mom: I don’t like infants because they don’t talk. I love kids when they start talking to me.@Bloggingknight: Is that typo? Or you were just trying to say something…

  9. >@Avaran: Ha ha! Very funny!@Ramby: Oh yes Ramby, this is so painful sometimes and so entertaining otherwise.@globalindyan: Yes, we do complement each other’s personalities.

  10. >lol πŸ™‚ good that opposites do attract!First time here…Saw ur comment on ‘chakli’s reg. Woody Allen! I can be ur nap buddy in watching movies I guess …My friends always worry if I will manage to stay awake for watching a movie(esp after 9pm)and I invariably end up dozing off within the first five mins:):)

  11. >LOL! This was fun! It felt like I am reading about my husband and me..except that we both love dogs, cats,and babies… only he fails to see that babies grow up to be teenagers! And this when I am the Piscean here πŸ™‚ I even read my blog to him, he loves ALL movies and sports (preferably with the remote in hand), if you ask him about a book he asks if it has been made into a movie! He loves Ghazals I love country music.Now you should also list what you have in common.

  12. >LoL!!It was fun reading this…same here..we are poles apart and have yet stuck together for nearly 16 years..Miracles-will they ever cease?? as for blogging-he doesn`t` relate to it at all-forget reading ,I have shown it to him at least 10 times and every time he says “wow! damn good haan-what do you exactly do in this” grrrrrrrrrrr

  13. >@Roop: This is a stock picture from the internet, yours isn’t which makes it so much better!@Jira: Why does God do this to us? :)@IHM: Yes, that does sound a lot like us! OMG OMG – it is about Mars and Venus then.@my space: Lol @ “what do you do in here”And yes, after ten years of knowing The Guy, I do believe in miracles πŸ™‚

  14. >@poor-me: Too spicy, I guess!@margarita: What is it with men and blogs?@Dbum: Yes, love is blind. And when you’re out of love you begin to see the differences!

  15. >D, you guys sound so much like us its scary!Not the gymming bit though, I hate to move my limbs in that direction!As long as it works, no matter how different people are, its all good πŸ™‚

  16. >@lost: Ha! Ask me just how lovely!@chandni: Yes, like The Guy says, the only thing we have in common is that we both love each other.@Monika: Well put!@goofy mumma: What is it with the women of the world and their husbands vis-a-vis blogging?!

  17. >Could relate to a lot on this post. Visited today and spent quite sometime reading your posts. Liked your style.I’ve always wondered what it is about not reading books, wanting to watch movies all the time. Gets on my nerve most times.And ditto – for most points mentioned in this post. πŸ™‚

  18. >D was going through your blog! And I SIMPLY LOVED THIS ONE!!! you have no clue how similar our cases are!!! even to the point of he being a water sign and me being fire!!!!

  19. >on the blogging point.How much crap can he handle?Verbal is enough! Repetition of it and that too poetic..Too much!You want him to keep loving you, no?Then spare him the horror! πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

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