>Totally so.
At work. At home.
As if I never existed.

To know I’m not tied by expectations of being present, physically at least.
To know I can take off, without being missed and that it doesn’t matter.
To know that I don’t miss them either.

To witness what I do not want to see. To be part of what I do not want to be part of. To know what you are thinking.

Of life as it has been led – like Lucky and Pozzo as they wait for Godot.
Of the fact that Godot does not exist and that it has all been futile. And that it no longer needs to be futile like that.


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  1. >@Piper: No, I haven’t seen play. Have only read it.@Sachi: It’s a must-read.@R2K: Just wrote a whole post on it, you know!

  2. >@MM: Will look forwars to seeing you here.@RW: Really? And why is that?@Solitaire: Mine. It can’t be about Godot because nobody knows who or what Godot is!

  3. >were Lucky n Pozzo too waiting for Godot?I think its Vladimir and Estragon no?Fabulous play..someone told me its adapted in hindi and Naseeruddin Shah has done a grt job..Godot is fascinating…are`nt we all waiting for Godot? I love a particular line from the play…The tears of the world are constant-for everyone who stops here someone else starts crying…

  4. >@my space: Aren’t all 4 of them waiting for Godot? I studied the play in college and found it as absurd as the Theatre of Absurd could get. But with the passing of years, I’ve begun to appreciate and understand the philosophy of existentialism better than before. But no, I haven’t seen the play enacted :(@Kazarelth: I guess so. @Avaran: I agree! Wassup? Lots actually. Bad health, house problems and more πŸ™‚

  5. >Devanshi you are seriously a bursary of thoughts….your one piece gives competition to another piece. Sometimes i find my self so ill equipped to comment…and just read thinking ‘one day i will be able to comment on this.’ loved it as it wasshort crisp and rich

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