>Sunny side up


I’m nothing if not an optimist. And even though the grey clouds of pessimism come over me every once in a while, they can’t block my sunshine forever. I am that proverbial sunny day that will dispel your gloom, the silver lining that shines from behind a cloud.

Jottingsnmusings asked me what kind of a day I am like. I am that sunny day when I’ve shooed the clouds away, when I can strut around the blue sky in all my glory, when I know I can make or break your day with too much of me or too little! I am the Sun that can sustain life and yet scorch you with its heat, that will let the barren trees of autumn flower again but will turn the green grass into burnt blades of dead life.

I am that sunny winter afternoon when you can soak in the warmth I exude. Or that hot summer day when you hide away from my glare, can’t look me in the eye because I’m spewing fire.

I’m all of it – the good and the bad, the perfect and the imperfect. I’m that gentle sunny day you wait for after days of fog and chill to melt the ice, that ferocious sunny day you want no more of when the Earth’s parched and waiting for its first shower after days of soaring temperatures.

I am the sunny day when you can imagine the sheep lazily grazing on a lush green mountainside, the sunny day when the beaches are swamped by fun-loving frolickers.

I am the sunny day when the streets wear a deserted look as the hot gusts of wind make them their playground, the sunny day that make deserts out of land.

In a very cliched way, you can love me or you can hate me, but rarely will you be able to ignore me.

What kind of day are you? Tell me.


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  1. >I can enjoy dark days…sunny nights and everything in between… ..provided I have someone with a sense of humor and a bit of poetry..:)Kaafi din baad aaya…I hope u are doing good..

  2. >@Solitaire: Me too.@Devaki: Thank you.@Ye manzilen: It’s not about what you can enjoy, it’s about what you are.@Sachi: Would love to read that.

  3. >really awesome post ….what day am i? i am the day in which you get up in the morning with a very bad hangover and see that you seemed to have fallen asleep in the bar and all your friends have left you there because they really didn’t want to tell anyone they know you. 😛 …

  4. >@Monika: Yeah, that’s me – lovable and not!@RW: O God! I’ve never seen such a day. Have you?@Dbum: Thank you. And if you’re a dark and quiet night, how unlike we must be…

  5. >hey thanks for the post… u know jus this morning, someone was saying that i was too much of a bother with my attitude of ‘the suns always out there’, when a person is going thru trubl… well, th truth is, i sometimes take it upon myself to remind everyone that the world isnt over yet, and sometimes maybe i do exhibit the EQ level of Forrest Gump… but ultimately the thing is, troubles do happen to everyone. and i am forced to face mine on my own.. and i guess i am proud of it. so i try making other people aware that they too can stand up to problems… and i get complemented beautifully! gosh!!!

  6. >@Avaran: The only thing about myself that I can take pride in is my sunny side always up attitude 🙂 Oh well, almost always.@Chandni: Thanks Chandu.

  7. >Warm breezy day- a day when children happily shriek and play at the beach and sometimes a cool windy day when friends go for a picnic at a hill top singing along the way..maybe drizzle a bit too…hmm can`t confine myself just to one single day..very good post..keep the good work going d..

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