>Let us play that game again –
I’ll be the interviewer and you’ll be the prey.
I will talk to you and you will not hear me,
I will wait but you will not speak.

Let us play that game again –
We’ll call it a conversation this time –
We’ll pretend that we can talk
But you won’t speak and I won’t balk.

Let us play that game again
Because that’s all that we can do.
You don’t have answers for me
And I’ll run out of questions for you.

Let us play that game again
It fills up the silence so well.
The sound of my voice,
It makes me believe we can really talk.


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  1. >Awesome! That’s how some of our relationships are.”PLASTIC”!People say some things on your face and some things behind your back.There is no true communication.

  2. >Well written. Your poem speaks of ultimate truth. The person who is guilty always remains silent with his head down, doesn’t speak up or listens and the other slams with anger.

  3. >now would you care to explain that now? but yeah, i hope i dont ever end up in a relationship wer im doing all th talking…. nice template btw!

  4. >@Solitaire: Yes, “plastic” is an appropriate adjective.@Manasa: That’s one way of interpreting it.@Avaran: Well, it’s verse, and I’m leaving it open to be interpreted as the reader wants to. And thanks, had a tough time finding a template I liked and could upload.

  5. >@Dbum: That’s the problem: people who don’t feel the need to communicate.@Det-res: So I finally compelled you to stop by 🙂

  6. >@Nisha: I hope so for your sake.@Dbum: I’m not referring to meaningless communication. I am not talking of words that are spoken for the sake of filling up the silence. I’m talking about a deliberate, obstinate silence that blocks channels of healthy communication.

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