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Just read this post by MM. And got thinking about my own girlfriends – girls I love to hang out with, girls whom I can fall back on, girls with whom I can be me.

I’m not “best friends” with too many people. And I’ve always thought there’s something about me that stops people I consider good friends from reciprocating the same emotion for me. I haven’t exactly been the confidante of many people, the girl who friends turn to for help. I really would like to be, have always wanted to be. It hurts to love a friend, seek her company and not have that emotion reciprocated. But that’s not going to stop me from counting the many friends I’ve shared good times with: girls whom I haven’t met in years and yet we can pick up the phone and talk to each other like we were together just yesterday. Shilpika‘s one of them. She’s a tough girl, seen tough times and come out a winner. In school, she was totally missable. But as a friend, she could read your mind like the pensieve. Even before I knew I was in love with The Guy, she did! It was amazing how she predicted even whileI was in denial mode, that we two would end up together. She can see my follies and will ignore them when she can, but will be honest when she gets a chance, scold me, even badger me when the time’s right.

And there’s Vintee: so lovable, so adorable, I could live with her forever. I know that because we stayed in the same PG when in college and it was great fun. She’d take care of me when I was ill like my mother wouldn’t. And let me be weird and wacko without a guilt! We’ve spent countless nights playing silly games when we should have been studying, shared umpteen packets of Maggie and known days when we’d walk from LSR to GK M-Block to save ten rupees on the auto! We’ve come a long way from there and love splurging on each other now.

There’ve been friends at work – we were a whole team of girls, except for the editor – and after sparring and bitching, we bonded like best friends should. Times change, people move on, but with some people you never want things to change. And that’s how I feel for Smita and Anjali – two very different people, very precious to me, girls I love to hang out with, girls I respect for who they are. They will laugh at my shoe fetish and read my blog when they can but never leave a comment! We share little in common, except that something that you can’t put your finger on. Or maybe we can – just how blindly we’ve been in love with one person around us 😉

And then there are my sisters – Nidhi didi, Ruchi, Shachi: my pillars of strength, people I love so, so, so, so, much I can overlook any wrong they do. The fact though is, that they’re overlooking all wrong I do, all the time. I’ve spent a huge chunk of my life just talking to them and I could spent a huge chunk of my future doing that, except that they’re now too busy bringing up their kids. I know I can count on them any time, anywhere. We’re sisters, friends and more. And what I am is so much because of what they are. They’re my girls!

There are girls with whom I’m still forging relationships. They’re special but our friendship still has to face the test of time. And I know we’ll pass.


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  1. >I wrote a similar post about the number of friends a woman needs. Could relate to how you feel. We need many ‘best friends’, not just one perfect all rounder friend 🙂 Blog rolling you.

  2. >sweet post..its always nice to know that u have a few ppl arnd u whom u can always trust and fall back on.and girls make such goooood friends i think!

  3. >I’m glad you sent me the link D and now I’ve got tears in my eyes! Feel the same. But you should also let people know that I’m the one who christened you D!! He, He! Love always,S

  4. >haha… i think even i cud write a post on ‘my girls’… i seem to have more of them than guy friends… 😉 and u dont know how much i identify with yr second para, about how it hurts when yr emotions are not reciprocated… i mean, i know that happens to everyone. but it hurts still! and somehow you feel you could trade the whole world if someone you like would really proclaim you are their best friend!

  5. >@Indian Homemaker: That post is in the making.@Monika: Indeed.@Lover: True. Guys bond at a different level – over beer and football, cricket and cuckoldry jokes that aren’t really funny!@Anonymous aka Chota AC: I wasn’t complaining, only observing! Pls continue reading and leaving without a comment. You’re most welcome.@Nisha: Oh yeah! I’m so into girls right now ;)@Sach: Love that quote.@Smita: Oh yes. I realised later that I should have mentioned that. I’ll edit to add.@Avaran: I nod in agreement.

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