>The Secret

>Seems like a coincidence that just when I was contemplating writing about a book that’s given me a positive outlook in life – The Secret, I’ve been tagged by Chandni to reveal 10 secrets! And that’s not easy considering that I have the most complex kind of open-book personality. Nevertheless, I’m going to try:

1. I’m an outgoing person, love to be with people. The secret though is that I love being alone just as much.

2. I can live without T.V. Yes, I really can.

3. I’m addicted to my husband.

4. I can’t stand the smells of gutka, stinky socks and bad body odour.

5. I want children, but I don’t want to get fat, take a break from my career or give my current lifestyle. If that makes me greedy, I am greedy without guilt.

6. I want to be a writer. Be known for my writings. I want to author a book that’s always remembered even if I never write another one again.

7. I’m falling in love with food. Can’t seem to say no to all the good food around me even though the weighing scale is beggin me to stop this crazy, fatty love affair!

8. Sex is extremely over-rated. No secret that, is it?

9. I had a T-shirt once that said: “When I’m good, I’m great, but when I’m bad, I’m terrific”
So true.

10. There’s something wrong with Facebook today!

And the 10 people I tag are:
Prince Kazarelth
Vinod R Iyer


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  1. >u know wat, i have this crazy ambition of writing a book like no other book ever written…. or wait, i think thats on my blog… now, how do u expect me to come up with 10 more secrets after th 50 something iv just put up?

  2. >@Nisha: The naming 10 people was part of the tag, which is why I did it. And it wasn’t so difficult after all, was it?@Ab: I had the same feeling… Didn’t know there was 10 things more that I could reveal about myself!

  3. >@Sach: Ha! No longer a secret, is it?@Sutta: I didn’t say I was telling MY secret!@Finn & Dbum: I don’t think what I’ve written are secrets either, but whatever!

  4. >Aww you tagged me!! Just found out!I agree with number 8.People are just obsessed over an innate need!Number 7 was me up until last week. Now I suddenly have no interest in eating..so much so that I only had a bowl of cereal in 24 hours! I can live without TV, I know it. I do not have TV for 4 years now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. >WHY?WHY MUST I ALWAYS BE TAGGED? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY?SECRET NUMBER ONE: I *HATE* TAGS. :PFine, fine. I’ll do it. In sometime. *Procrastinates openly*Can I get that t-shirt of number 9 fame? Please? ๐Ÿ˜›

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