>I’m awfully uncomfortable right now

>You didn’t ask me, but I’ll tell you still – I hate lies. Of all kinds: the ones that come out of my mouth and the ones that I have to hear. I hate those lies even more that come out of my mind. Sometimes it’s the only safe resort – a lie, that is. And even then it makes me awfully uncomfortable. I am awfully uncomfortable right now.

I hate myself more for having told a simple lie than I would hate you if you told me one. No, I’d probably hate you as much. I can look you in the eye and tell a lie, but I still hate myself for it. And I hate what a lie does – the agony it cause me, the heart ache it causes somebody else.

If you could take the truth, I would not bother making up lies. And if you didn’t believe my lie to be the truth, I’d probably feel less uncomfortable right now.


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  1. >Oh! I sooo know wot u talking bout.. even I’m uncomfortable with lies… I ‘plan’ a lot b4 i say a lie. Those spot lies are not my kinda thing.. But then, i hate the agony it causes me!

  2. >its like a catch 22…could relate to every word….happens to all of us I think…But really, if it makes u too uncomfortable…try telling the truth.The assumption that the truth qwon’t be taken well is just speculation. U never know until you speak it!

  3. >Its a truth..a lie makes everyone uncomfortable..but still peple find thrill in telling lies..thnx fr visitng my page..htttp://littlelyrics.blogspot.com

  4. >You lied or someone lied?All of us lie at some point or another. sometimes, not to hurt another person, sometimes to protect our egos, sometimes to protect a loved one.

  5. >hey that was good…. now, some people are dead allergic to certain things… I dont mind lies as much as i detest gossip, or anything said behind someone’s ears… ill lose every good impression i have abt u, if u come and tell me somethign of that degreeas to lies, sometimes, lies just come out of my mouth, even without wanting to… and i usually get into trubl bcos of that….

  6. >@Pointblank: Same here.I rarely come up with spontaneous lies. They’re usually planned.@Soiltaire & Arunima: Yes, I did.@Chandni: Oh, if I could I would have told only the truth.@Tomz: For me at least, there’s no thrill in lieing!@Ab: I’m okay with gossip as long as it’s not a lie!

  7. >oh i can never lie on someones face! when i was dating n i had to go out..i wud tell my mom im going out with a friend..the best thing abt my mom is she wont ask which friend!that was always so relieving!neway…the worst thing abt lying is that once its caught u cant trust the other person or vice versa.

  8. >@Tomz: I hope this was that one time.@IRS: Yeah, that’s why it’s so important to keep a lie under wraps.@Dbum: We were talking about lies. Or were we?

  9. >@Dbum: You do always manage to read between the lines, don’t you? Well, you’re right – there was a lot of ‘hate’ there. But there’s no moderation in my emotions: I either love or hate.

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