>The sleep-y post


When there’s no place to run to, I take refuge in sleep. It heals me when I’m hurt, soothes me when I’m agitated, takes me away from the realities that I can’t do anything about. If I sound like an escapist it’s because sleep lets me escape temporarily from this world. It’s like amnesia for my overworked mind.

And I seek it whenever I can. It keeps me healthy, pretty, fresh. I can sleep off my exhaustion, boredom, anger, pain. When I’m happy, content, drunk, I sleep fitfully too. I hit the bed, close my eyes and there’s no thought between me and sleep then, not unless I want there to be.

I also seem to need more sleep than other people and studies say that’s a sign of stress. Oh well, I didn’t say I wasn’t stressed, I just said that sleep helped me deal with stress better.

It’s all I could ask for. I’ve seen too many insomniacs battle not just their sleeplessness but also so many issues in life. If I sleep well, I take it as a sign that everything’s alright in my life, that I don’t have problems that will give me sleepless nights, that my mind is getting it’s share of rest and is ready for the next day. And that’s more than one reason to be thankful for.

My grandmother had a strange way of sleeping: at any time in the night you would find her sitting on her bed and dozing off. She felt responsible for every member in the family, never could lie back, close her eyes and sleep like she had no cares in the world. Old age does that to you – takes the sleep away.

But this dozing off in the chair runs in the family. Both, my dad and his brother would invariably go off to sleep sitting in the chair and watching television. Now my husband does that too – dozes off while watching TV. He says it’s his lullaby!

The same uncle and a friend from his college days developed a strange relationship years after they had passed out of college. They would visit each other regularly with their families, and while everyone chatted, they both fell asleep on the sofa. Such comfort it must have been for them to be in each other’s company!

On the other hand, my mum couldn’t go off to sleep without reading something. And my sis still wants to hear a story before she can sleep. When we were in school, I’d let my imagination run free, cook up stories for her only to find out she’d slept off much before I’d ended. (I shall tell you more about the art of storytelling in an upcoming post). And when I was staying with friends during college days, we talked in the night till we could talk no more, stayed up till our eyes refused to stay open! Even now, I love a talkathon before I sleep.

What’s your sleepy story?


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  1. >Nice blog, D! Read ur March 26 post and can’t but give you a hug. Every word you’ve written there is in my mind.And yes, about the sleep: I have a reputation (if I may call it so) in my family for being able to fall asleep anytime, anywhere. But I think I fall asleep more for psychological than physiological reasons. Of course, I don’t mean to say that the melatonin doesn’t count. Once again, lovely words!

  2. >thats a very sweet post.u r one of the lucky ones who sleep as soon as they hit the bed.some ppl(like me) take hrs!my sleepy story is simple..if ive had a hard day i sleep well. but if im emotionally troubled…god help me!

  3. >@Tithi: Lol@your sleep-y story!And thanks. It’s always nice to know somebody can relate to your posts.@Nisha: It’s the same with most of us I guess. Maybe, most of my days are hard days!

  4. >i dream with open eyes and sleep deep with my closed eyes. till the time i don’t get into weird imaginations of sometimes seeing myself as a celebrity, or a rock star or a thinker or a writer giving quotable quotes, hogging limelight, clearing controversies i don’t sleep. everytime there’s a new story with me. earlier when my sisters were in lucknow we had a common room and would talk, talk talk till our eyes grew heavy with sleep. Now that they are back their stories of frns, foes and tales of university makes me sleep. for a while m not taking any such flight of fantasy. ain’t living a celeb nightlife for sometime.

  5. >My entire family was born to sleep and those genes had been passed on to me, I thought, until I came to a doctoral program and realized that I was capable of sleeping only four hours at night and still functioning fairly well!

  6. >@Eram: You have a rocking night life for sure!@Chandni: Sweet πŸ™‚ The Guy refuses to be cuddled :(@Solitaire: I refuse to believe 4 hours would be enough sleep for anyone! I need at least 8!

  7. >Ur a lucky woman! Am not a sound sleeper at all. I dont particularly enjoy sleeping. I dont look forward to sleeping, esply at nights. I’m a complete night owl! And I take some two hours to doze off to sleep after I hit the bed!!! Thats a total waste of the two hours! I can neither get good sleep, nor can i spend it on smthg else. But then , that is the time I do all the thinking. So it sure is good. I NEED my sleep. If i dont get nuff of it, i can stay cranky all day. But then its more like sleeping late ito the mornings. I jst hate waking up in the mornings. And I need 8 hours of sleep to feel fresh. And m cranky even after I wake up, TILL i get my dos eof tea/coffee!

  8. >Hah yes. I also love talkathons before I sleep. It’s kind of sweet, since I’ve always talked a great variety of things before I finally dozed off. :]

  9. >Hey D,Visitef yr blog fairly recently..well i MUST say..the work is more than awesome..and I specially liked the second one..”Last Night I got Killed”..ahaan..thats fab!Do visit my blog soon..and comment!! :)\ChEeRz/Aayushi

  10. >I feel my mind is working its best when I am sleeping. Sleep taks m into a world where I want to be, the situation is how I like it, I am playing the role I want to, th locations are where I want to be.Sleep is definitely my solution to everything too… too relaxed, tired, stressed, crying enough till you sleep, drunk till you hit the bed, just everything! I dont think its an escapist thing, it is just a more satisfying feeling to be with yourself! :DAh!! How peaceful! Make me sleep anywhere, anytime, I’d just be more happy to indulge in my personal act of seeking peace within! πŸ™‚

  11. >@Aayushi: Thanks! Will do.@Nabila: Really? For me, sleep = rest for the mind.@Anil P: That’s so true. Like they say in Hindi, raat gayi, baat gayi!

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